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Johnny Test

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Johnny Test is an American/Canadian animated television series. It premiered on Kids' WB, on The WB Television Network, on September 17, 2005. Five months later, it was introduced to Cartoon Network UK in January 12, 2006, first, as a sneak preview on Saturdays, and then on June 5, 2006, added to its daily lineup. Despite the merger of the UPN and that programming block's parent channel into The CW Television Network, the show still continued to air on Kids' WB, on The CW, with its second and third seasons, through October 28, 2006 to until March 1, 2008. The series currently airs in the United States on Cartoon Network, as of January 7, 2008, and in Canada on Teletoon, as of October 28, 2006. International airings include Teletoon in Canada, Nick Germany, Disney Channel Spain and on Cartoon Network in Latin America, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden. The show was produced by Warner Bros. Animation for the first season, and later by Cookie Jar Entertainment for the second, third and fourth seasons.

A fourth season of the show debuted on Teletoon on September 10, 2009, and on Cartoon Network in the U.S. on November 9, 2009. The show is to be continued with a fifth season renewal, as revealed and announced on August 24, 2010.

On February 15, 2005 , The WB Television Network announced Kids' WB's new Fall schedule for the 2005-2006 television season, featuring its returning series Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, The Batman and Xiaolin Showdown, with the inclusion of four new series introduced and to be added to its weekly Fall lineup. Among the former three shows, Loonatics Unleashed, Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island and Transformers: Cybertron, was none other than Johnny Test. The aforementioned schedule was announced by The WB/Kids' WB Entertainment President David Janollari, Kids' WB Senior Vice President and General Manager Betsy McGowen, speaking to advertisers and media during the Kids’ WB upfront sales presentation in New York. Johnny Test was created and executively produced by Scott Fellows, the creator of the two Nickelodeon live-action series Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and Big Time Rush, and the head writer for The Fairly OddParents. The show premiered on September 17, 2005 on Kids' WB's Saturday morning lineup, alongside Loonatics Unleashed and Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island.

The series was developed for television by Aaron Simpson, with a brief, slightly longer pre-existing pilot short produced by Simpson as well, before the show was picked up as a full series by Kids' WB. Based on Episode 1A "Johnny to the Center of the Earth", the pilot episode was animated roughly in Adobe Flash, but retaining the same plot, and used the same, similar color schemes as the aforementioned episode, and was recorded with an American voice cast (retaining James Arnold Taylor, as the voice of Johnny Test) instead. The original production design (including character designs, prop designs and background designs) was created, provided and contributed by Matt Danner , and then later worked upon by producer Chris Savino and art director Paul Stec. Fellows, the creator of the series who had interested the network to the series' premise, based the titular character on himself when he was a young boy, with Johnny's twin sisters, Susan and Mary, being based on his own two sisters, also named Susan and Mary. In the original pilot and early promotional material of the show, Dukey was referred to as "Poochie".

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