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Dogbert is Dilbert's anthropomorphic pet dog from the Dilbert comic strip. According to creator Scott Adams, the character is being based on, if not a member of, the beagle breed.

The character of Dogbert is a megalomania; one of his dreams is to conquer the world and enslave all humans, and he has actually achieved this status several times through methods such as hypnosis and masquerading as a space alien or a prophet. However, he often quickly relinquishes his post due to boredom, someone foiling his chance, his conviction that people do not deserve to have him as leader due to the ongoing peace that results, or his desire to go nap on a soft pillow. In both the strip and TV show he ended up the ruler of Elbonia, although he quickly relinquished the title. He has also run for President of the United States on at least two occasions as a third-party candidate, apparently losing. (At one point, a Virtual Vote poll sponsored by the fast-food chain Jack In The Box featured him, the two real candidates, as well as the mascot for the chain, Jack. Jack beat all of them, with no recounts.)

Despite this dislike for humans, the character of Dogbert is known to protect and help Dilbert when he falls victim to sinister motives. Indeed Dogbert has no problem playing jokes on Dilbert or even being mean to Dilbert, however Dogbert, like any faithful dog, will not tolerate anyone else being mean to Dilbert but him. Dogbert often rescues Dilbert from others. For example, he has prevented Dilbert from being executed by Catbert and has rescued Dilbert from the troll in accounting several times. He often sits on Dilbert's lap or walks in the park with Dilbert. Dogbert often gives Dilbert advice on how to solve his problems and is generally shown to have at least some level of respect for him. Adams writes in Seven Years of Highly Defective People that "There's no explanation of why Dogbert chooses to live with Dilbert, except that he finds him amusing. Once in a great while we'll see some glimpses of affection. And if Dilbert gets in deep trouble we can count on Dogbert to bail him out."

Dogbert has made many ventures into the business world, often as a consultant who hypes new trends to the Pointy-Haired Boss, which he enjoys because of the opportunities for conning and insulting people (Dogbert refers to this as consulting). In these positions, he typically takes advantage of stupidity and gullibility. For instance, when hired as a consultant to create a new company logo, Dogbert proposed using a piece of paper with a circular stain from his coffee cup as the Brown Ring of Quality, and then charged a large consultancy fee (The ring may have borne a certain sneaky similarity to the Lucent logo). He has also been a tech support employee, a supermodel, a substitute teacher, a lawyer, a cult leader, a billionaire, a talk radio host, a United States Supreme Court nominee, the leader of the FBI, and many other occupations. He wags his tail when someone falls for one of his schemes.

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