Jeremy Reed (Powder)

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Powder is a 1995 film directed by Victor Salva, about a boy, nickname "Powder", with incredible intellect, telepathy, and paranormal powers. It stars Sean Patrick Flanery in the title role, with Jeff Goldblum, Mary Steenburgen, Bradford Tatum, Lance Henriksen, and Brandon Smith in supporting roles. The film questions the limits of the human mind and body while also displaying their capacity for cruelty, and the hope that humanity will advance to a state of better understanding.

Since its release, the film has grossed approximately $31 million worldwide.

Jeremy Reed, whose nickname is Powder, is an albino who has incredible intellect and is able to sense the thoughts of the people around him. Jeremy's mother was struck by lightning while pregnant with him; she died shortly after the strike, but Jeremy survived. Because of the lightning strike, Jeremy's body possesses a powerful electromagnetic charge, which causes electrical objects to function abnormally when he is around them, as well as when he becomes emotional. Also, because of his electrical charge, no hair can grow on his body. Because his mother is dead and his father disowned him and left him with the hospital where he was born, he grew up with his grandparents. They kept him in a basement and would not let him leave the house, so he turned to books for solace. He was taken from his home when his grandfather was found dead. Child Services agents took him to a boy's home because he was now effectively a ward of the state.

He is taken to high school and encounters physics teacher Donald Ripley (Goldblum) who finds out that Powder has supernatural powers as well as the highest IQ in the history of mankind. While his abilities mark him as special, they also make him an outcast. On a hunting trip with his schoolmates, Powder is threatened with a gun by John Box, an aggressive student who views him as a freak. Before John can shoot, a gun goes off in the distance and everyone rushes to see that Harley, a sheriff's deputy who is hunting with the boys, has shot a doe which is now dying. Anguished by the animal's death, Powder touches the deer and Harley, inducing in Harley what the students assume is a seizure. Harley later reveals that Powder had caused him to feel the pain and fear of the dying deer, and he cannot bring himself to wield a gun anymore because of this, although he hates Powder for doing this to him.

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