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Dr. Thaddeus Venture

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"Dr." Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture is one of the main characters on the Adult Swim show The Venture Bros., and parodies such adventuring scientists like Dr. Benton Quest and Doc Savage. He is voiced by James Urbaniak.

Dr. Venture is the son of the late, great Jonas Venture, the premier scientist of his day and leader of the original Team Venture. Although he seemed to relish the adventuring life as a child, in his current middle-age (45-46 as of Pinstripes & Poltergeists; Brock had mentioned a year had passed since season 3 and in Twenty Years to Midnight, it was established he was 44), he now despises it and constantly fails to live up to the legacy of his father and the expectations the world had for him. He hallucinates of his father at times; and, in a manner both amusing and depressing, still manages to be one-upped by these hallucinations (Careers in Science). These hallucinations may have something to do with his 'diet pills' and withdrawals from them.

In addition to the original Team Venture, Jonas and Thaddeus had several other affiliates, such as Jonas' bodyguard, the middleweight boxing champ Swifty and Thaddeus' childhood friend Hector, a young Mexican boy. Despite recently re-learning of their existence, Venture fired both of these men from their long-time jobs at Venture Industries (Powerless in the Face of Death).

Thaddeus raises two of his sons Hank and Dean. Recently it was revealed he fathered an illegitimate son (Dermott Fictel) when he was in his 20's when he slept with Nikki Fictel the 15 year old chairman of the Rusty Venture Fan Club (he claims she said she was 20). His approach to parenting is charitably described as self-centered, relying heavily on his bodyguard Brock Samson to keep the boys out of trouble. Despite Brock's formidable abilities, the boys have died 14 times (as of Season 2 Episode 1: Powerless In the Face of Death). Thus, Venture has developed 'clone slugs' to regenerate the boys' bodies and uses audio-suggestive devices in their beds to record their memories nightly. Despite his ridicule and negligence, he does seem to love the boys at heart, or at least possesses a sense of responsibility for them; he keeps re-cloning them (and hides this information from them, in order to protect their sanity), once tried to protect Hank from possibly being shot by Richard Impossible (Ice Station -- Impossible!), has expressed concern for the boys innocence in regard to sexual affairs (The Trial of the Monarch), and expressed concern and regret when Dean began to have serious testicular pains (Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean). While his true feelings for his sons is debatable, the fact that he consistently neglects them or forgets where they are is balanced by his constant cloning, moments of paternal protection - one memorable moment is when he tries to convince Hank to shoot him should he try and harm his sons in his mutated caterpillar form - and brief periods of paternal affection (such as taking Dean under his wing in the sense of a shared future in super-science, reassuring them both that he has gone through what they are going through in the hands of villains himself, and even bantering with them when he is pleased with them). It's possible that Venture does possess overall some sort of paternal connection, but due to his own poor father model and little patience, he simply is not a good day-to-day father. When offered the opportunity to become a successful arch-nemesis to his brother thanks to Dr. Henry Killinger, Venture declined, showing at least some semblance of morality and concern for whether he is "a bad person".

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