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Det. Robert Goren

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Det. Robert "Bobby" Goren is a fictional character featured in the NBC-USA Network television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent, portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio.

Goren is a detective investigator first grade for the Major Case Squad in the New York City Police Department (NYPD). As created by executive producer René Balcer and interpreted by D'Onofrio, Goren is an intense, extremely intelligent and imposing man who uses his intuition and insight into human nature to size up suspects and pick apart the details of crimes. Goren's diverse background frequently supplies him with information he uses to solve cases. As of April 6, 2010 the character has appeared in 133 episodes total.

Criminal Intent highlights Goren's abilities as a profiler and an interrogator. He is able to elicit confessions from calculating killers with his insight into their minds and his imposing physical presence. However, Goren shows a sensitive side as well, particularly directed at his mother, his partner Det. Alexandra Eames and female victims of the crimes he is solving. His badge number is 4376.

Robert O. Goren was born on , and grew up in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn, near The Rockaways. A phenomenally bright young man, he took the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory in his senior year of high school and was sent to speak with the school counselor and school psychiatrist as a result. He played basketball as a youth and was the power forward on his junior varsity basketball team, but quit when he "lost [his] love for the game."

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