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Tyson Granger

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Tyson Granger, known in Japan as , is the main character of the anime and manga series of Beyblade.

Tyson is a strong-willed kid who is not afraid to speak his mind and in so doing, he seems to get into more trouble than most kids his age. He is a very emotional person, and quite often worries about his friends, causing him to become angry when they are harmed in any way. Tyson isn't a born leader, yet because of his magnetic personality and self-confidence, many seem to gravitate toward him. No situation is too risky for Tyson, and he often relies on nothing more than luck in a beybattle. His style of playing is aggressive and offensive.

In the Japanese version of G-Revolution Tyson (Takao)'s nickname was "The Champ". This can be seen in Episode 10 of the start of the American arc.

Tyson was voiced by Motoko Kumai in the Japanese version, and is voiced by Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin in the English version.

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