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Chauncey (Wonder Showzen)

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A list of the prominent characters featured on the dark sketch comedy Wonder Showzen.

Chauncey Darlington Butler's role is more prominent than the other puppets, serving as host of the program and frequently addressing the child-filled audience. Chauncey is sarcastic, offensive and often displays deviant behavior such as violating Mother Nature's left-over private parts when s/he undergoes a sex change (Episode 105: Nature) or humping a copy of The Bible during a 19th century trial (Episode 204: Justice) or even puking blood on Him (Episode 206: Cooperation). The "Chauncey" street stop in located in Brooklyn, on the MTA.

His middle and last names may be a reference to Kazuo Ishiguro's novel The Remains of the Day, in which the protagonist is a butler at "Darlington Hall." His middle and last names may be a reference to the two-time Medal of Honor recipient Brigadier General Smedley Darlington Butler who wrote the famous anti-war book War Is a Racket. Voiced by Vernon Chatman.

Clarence is a funny sounding blue puppet. His videos include him talking to the people of New York City, constantly trying to push them over the edge. His rants are continuous as he repeats everything the other person says. He also asks or says very irrelevant questions or comments to people. There is typically one Clarence movie per episode. One possible exception is the 1st season episode "Patience", which features a lengthy film in the first half of the episode of Clarence asking people to look into the camera and say "Hey kids! It's important to be patient", and repeatedly interrupting them. In the new second half of the episode, titled "Speed", there is a short clip of a Clarence movie, depicting Clarence asking a toothless mason "What do you eat?". The entirety of the second season finale was dedicated to him as he asked New Yorkers to make compelling television, before "committing suicide" at the conclusion, being thrown from a helicopter into the depths of the ocean.

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