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Jean-Luc Picard

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Captain Jean-Luc Picard ( ) is a fictional Star Trek character portrayed by the actor Sir Patrick Stewart. He appears in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and the feature films Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek Nemesis. He also made an appearance in the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Depicted as deeply moral, highly logical, and cerebral, Picard is a master of diplomacy and debate who resolves seemingly intractable issues between multiple parties. Though such resolutions are usually peaceful, Picard is also shown using his remarkable tactical skills in situations when it is required. Picard has a fondness for detective stories, Shakespeare, and horseback riding. He is frequently shown drinking Earl Grey tea and issuing his famous taglines "Engage" (when going to warp) and "Make it so" (when giving an order).

After the success of the contemporary Star Trek feature films, a new television series featuring a new cast was announced on October 10, 1986. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry named Picard for one or both of the twin brothers Auguste Piccard and Jean Felix Piccard, 20th-century Swiss scientists.

Stewart, who has a background of theatre at the Royal Shakespeare Company, has been appreciative of his role, but pointed out he is not nearly as serious or brooding as his alter ego. Stewart also stated, "One of the delights of having done this series and played this role is that people are so attracted to the whole idea of Star Trek... several years after the series has ended... I enjoy hearing how much people enjoyed the work we did... It's always gratifying to me that this bald, middle-aged Englishman seems to connect with them."

Jean-Luc Picard Jean-Luc Picard Jean-Luc Picard Jean-Luc Picard Jean-Luc Picard Jean-Luc Picard Jean-Luc Picard Jean-Luc Picard

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