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Eric Masterson is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe acting as a superhero under the aliases of Thor and later Thunderstrike. His son, Kevin Masterson, takes the alias of Thunderstrike in the MC2 Universe.

Eric Masterson first appeared in Thor #391, as a supporting character. Thor #408 featured the merging of the character Eric Masterson with Thor, Masterson being utilized as the God of Thunder's alter ego until issue #432. Thor #432 featured the character assuming the role of Thor, and appearing as the title character until Thor #459.

Following Thor #459, Masterson was introduced as "Thunderstrike" in the eponymous series starting in June 1993. The series lasted approximately two years. Thunderstrike ran for 24 issues, the series canceled in September 1995. DeFalco has often claimed that the book outsold Thor and The Avengers combined at the time of its cancellation; although this has been shown to be extremely unlikely. Masterson also appeared in the mini-series Thor Corps as Thunderstrike, and appeared as a guest star in the Thor series.

The character was featured in the Avengers from issue #343 until issue #374, and crossover series Operation: Galactic Storm. Masterson also appeared in the mini-series Infinity Gauntlet. Outside the many appearances in Thor and Avengers, Thunderstrike was used to launch an ongoing series Blackwulf, and a limited series. Code: B.L.U.E.

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