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Little Mac

CBUB Wins: 4
CBUB Losses: 8
Win Percentage: 33.33%

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Punch-Out!! is a series of boxing video game created by Nintendo's general manager Genyo Takeda, and his partner Makoto Wada. It started in the arcades simply as Punch-Out!!, which was followed by a sequel (Super Punch-Out!!). It has since spanned home consoles, including the NES (Punch-Out!! / Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!), an SNES sequel (Super Punch-Out!!), and a Wii sequel (Punch-Out!!). In November 2009, Platinum Club Nintendo members received a code to download Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!, which features a fight between series protagonist Little Mac and his mentor Doc Louis. The series also had a spin-off called Arm Wrestling which was released only in North American arcades, and was Nintendo's last arcade game they independently developed and released.


Playing as a diminutive boxer called Little Mac, the player must climb the ranks of the World Video Boxing Association. Gameplay differs slightly between each game, but generally, the player can attack with his left and right fists, at the head or the body, and can also dodge and block to avoid the apponents attacks. Many games in the series give the player a powerful uppercut ability; its use is limited, and must be earned during matches.

The key to defeating each opponent is to learn their fighting patterns, avoid their attacks and respond with a counter attack. Opponents will often give a visual or audible cue to signal their attacks. If the player successfully dodges an attack, the opponent will be left vulnerable for a while, allowing the player to strike back. The player can defeat enemy boxers by knocking them down for a count of 10, downing them three times in one round for a TKO, or by a referee's decision.

Little Mac Little Mac

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Regular play Record:

Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Happy Gilmore 31 to 65
Loss Captain N 34 to 41
Loss Muhammad Ali 35 to 67
Win Balrog 61 to 50
Loss Apollo Creed 29 to 64
Loss Rocky Balboa 44 to 75
Win Special Ed 62 to 31
Loss Clubber Lang 36 to 61
Win Iggy 62 to 36
Loss Ivan Drago 10 to 15
Win Ippo Makunouchi 15 to 6
Loss Scott Pilgrim 9 to 11