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Galvatron is the name of several fictional Transformers, most often the recreated version of Megatron, the Decepticon leader.

With vast strength but questionable sanity, Galvatron's primary weapon is his particle accelerator cannon, mounted on his right arm, which can fire blasts of assorted types, including electrochemical energy and particle beams. He transforms into a futuristic laser-cannon emplacement (similar to a Howitzer) and can, on rare occasions, assume the form of a laser pistol, shrinking as he does so to allow other beings to wield him (an ability never used in the animated series, although it was occasionally used in the UK comic series).

Galvatron's toy tech spec identified him as a city commander, much like the Autobot toy Ultra Magnus. The bio fails to indicate whether or not he is a recreated Megatron, instead mentioning that he is both "determined to lead the Decepticons" and that he "plots against his allies".

Galvatron's convoluted Marvel Comics career began in the United Kingdom, where a weekly Transformers comic was published, reprinting its American counterpart title. However, given the greater regularity of the UK comic, it soon began to run out of material to reprint, and took to producing its own stories that fit in between the gaps of the US tales. With the release of The Transformers: The Movie, writer Simon Furman had a whole new playground to enjoy as he cannibalised the most popular elements of the movie, freely using its unique cast and writing a series of time travel arcs that crossed the movie future over with the present day comics stories. As outlined below, a significant proportion of original UK stories revolved around Galvatron, from the future, and Ultra Magnus, from the present.

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