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Surge (Noriko "Nori" Ashida) is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Universe, one of the student body in the Xavier Institute, and a member of the former New Mutants squad therein. She maintained her powers post M-Day and is the leader of the New X-Men. She first appeared in New Mutants (vol. 2) #8 (January 2004).

Noriko Ashida was born in Japan (possibly in Tokyo where her family still lives. ) She was close to her brother, Keitaro, but she ran away from home when she was thirteen years old after her powers manifested; she claimed that her father "doesn't believe in mutants." How she came to the United States is unknown, but later, she was living homeless on the streets of Salem Center when she went up to the X-Mansion gates to plead for assistance. She was chased away by the student Julian Keller for being homeless. Noriko would later accidentally injure the young owner of a coffee shop the Mutants frequented, though the woman would recover from her injuries.

Led by Wolfsbane, Josh gathered the rest of the group to try and find Nori that night, and they reluctantly went to try and keep her out of trouble. They eventually found her buying drugs, and assuming that was what was causing her to go out of control, Sofia blew the capsules away. In reality it was the other way around, and without the pills, Surge completely lost control of her powers. Between Laurie's powers, and the fact that she was mostly discharged by that point, they managed to subdue her and take her back to the X-Mansion. There, Beast designed gauntlets that could regulate her absorption of ambient electricity and could discharge through/into as required to prevent further mental overloads — to her less-than-complete gratitude.

Nori became a student of the Xavier Institute and, when the school adopted a squad system, was assigned to the New Mutants squad led by Dani Moonstar. She reluctantly was required to share a room with Dust; the two young women disagreed upon the accepted role of women and the Muslim traditions that Dust wanted to follow. Much tension arose from their disagreements.

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