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Lina Inverse

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is a fictional sorceress and the primary protagonist from the light novel, manga, and anime series Slayers.

Lina was born in a small village in Zephillia, the second daughter of merchant. Her parents owned what was in effect the town's general store, which helped build up Lina's love of food and money. Her elder sister, Luna Inverse, was the darling of both her parents and the town, excelling in martial studies and quickly beginning to make a name for herself.

At some point in her childhood, Lina concocted a plan which resulted in her deciding to seek a life abroad. Though it's unclear of her reasons (whether for profit or just childish mischief), Lina set up a magical device that projected an image over the entire town of her sister while she was in the bath. Luna's wrath was so great, that Lina quickly fled from the town and has been terrified of even the mention of her sister ever since. (In Slayers Try, Lina built an entire pyramid complete with tunnels and a sarcophagus to hide from a letter sent by Luna. )

This was likely Lina's push to attend a prestigious magic academy far away from home. Lina apparently did very well there, well enough to be assigned a color. In the world of Slayers, mage of great power or importance are awarded colors rather like titles, and most make a great deal of this, dressing in the color and introducing themselves with the full title. (Such as Rezo the Red Priest.) Lina, however, was completely embarrassed by the color she was awarded, and attempts to keep it a closely-guarded secret that her entire title is actually "Lina the Pink"

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