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Zelgadis Graywords

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This is a list of major characters from the anime, manga and novel series Slayers.

is the primary protagonist and the only character that appears in all incarnations of Slayers. She is an adolescent but very powerful sorceress, with a great love for money, treasure (especially the magical sort) and food. In the anime and manga (but not the light novel) Lina uses overly destructive magic recklessly (but comically), often with little provocation. She is reputed to be an evil, powerful, destructive, diminutive sorceress (the evil part is arguably not true, though one may consider her greed and general lack of concern for others unless they are in danger of being killed can be considered "evil"). She has an older sister, Luna, who is a powerful swordswoman. Although Lina has faced down dragons, monsters, and even Dark Lords with little fear, the mere mention of Luna's name sends her into terrified hysterics. This fear is caused by the fact when Lina was a child, she sold pictures of Luna naked in order to earn money, and in turn, Luna punished Lina so severely that Lina's feared her ever since. Another one of her biggest fears is slugs.

Lina has many different nicknames, including "Bandit Killer" and "Dragon Spooker", neither of which she's very fond of, though to her, her most embarrassing nickname is "Lina the Pink" which is her official title amongst the sorcerer's guild. By the current point of the series anime wise, Lina's accomplishments include the destruction of a piece of Shabranigdo and having a hand in the destruction of Flaredragon Gaav and Hellmaster Phibrizzo, as well as kicking out Darkstar from their world. Because of these accomplishments she is increasingly piquing the interest of the Mazoku race and has become a frequent target.

In the first episode of the TV series, she introduces herself by destroying a gang of bandits known as the Dragon Fangs. She steals a large portion of their treasure, then sets off towards the nearest town to cash it in for a sizable profit. On the way to the town she is ambushed by the remainder of the Dragon Fangs. However, mere seconds before she would have blasted them to bits, Gourry Gabriev valiantly comes to her "rescue" and they begin their adventures together. She and Gourry have traveled with each other ever since then and have been both featured in every form of Slayers media that takes place in the timeline after they met.

Zelgadis Graywords

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