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Gabriel Yulaw

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The One is a 2001 action film directed by James Wong and starring Jet Li, Delroy Lindo, Jason Statham and Carla Gugino.

A superhuman criminal named Yu-Law, once a member of the organization policing interdimensional travel (via detecting wormhole openings, which can be predicted like the weather), seeks to hunt down and kill variations of himself in alternate universes to absorb a common life force that connects them all. By killing his other selves, (becoming the last version of himself) and absorbing their power, he thinks he will become a god.

The only one who can stop him is the last of his alternate selves (MVC: MultiVerse Counterpart), Gabriel Law, who works in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department who was unaware of the multiverse. In the attempt to kill Law, Yu-Law starts a fight where he is hiding in an airshaft. After shooting where they believed he was hiding, the Sheriff's Department attempts to move in, but Yu-Law bursts through the metal and takes out the entire team, single handedly. He then has to flee on foot when more troops move in. He is seen running down the streets from the police. In the end, Law was the only one who could keep up with him, not to mention barely jumping the tall fence. Law then sees Yu-Law who is identical to him in appearance. Law is assisted by a member of the Multiverse Authority that Yu-Law once worked for, with the concern that if only one version of Yu-Law is left there will be catastrophic results for the entire multiverse. Yu-Law murders Gabriel's wife, T. K. and frames him for the murder. The film climaxes after an epic battle between Gabriel and Yu-Law, with both of them being transported back to Alpha Universe, along with MVA agent Funsch. Yu-Law is transported to a prison colony universe (where he was to be sent in the beginning of the film) after attempting to switch places with Law. The MVA then prepares to send Gabriel back to his own universe where he will be arrested and put in prison, but Agent Funsch against orders from his superiors, instead sends him to a utopia-like universe where Los Angeles is hailed as "America's Cleanest City" and he ends up in the same situation where he met his wife in his home universe. Meanwhile, Yu-Law ends up in the Stygian Penal Colony, a prison planet in the Hades Universe, and immediately begins fighting all the inmates.

As part of the promotion for the movie, there was an official website for the fictional Multiverse Authority called the "MVA Mainframe". The site, which is now defunct, provided detailed background material on the storyline and some of the characters, including some that were not in the film. Below is the information from the site.

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