Mr. Majestic

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Mister Majestic is a fictional character, a Wildstorm Productions superhero created by H.K. Proger and Jim Lee. He first appears in a backup story within WildC.A.T.s volume 1 #11. One of the most powerful heroes in the WildStorm universe, he bears a strong, deliberate resemblance to DC Comics's Superman.

Lord Majestros was stranded on Earth along with his fellow Kherubim thousands of years ago as a result of a run-in with Daemonite in Earth-space. At the time of the crash to Earth, Majestic was a great and powerful warlord and commander of all Kherubim forces on the ship with him. Once on Earth, he devoted his life not only to the battle against the Daemonites, but to the fight against evil in all its forms. Majestros has fought on the side of good for so long that his exploits have been the basis of many myths and legends. He was seen defending Christians from lions at the Roman Colosseum when the WildC.A.T.s went back in time and he was also a member of The Big Three (along with The High and Maximum Man), a team that fought during World War II. Though he has been a hero for thousands of years, he only became a (costumed) superhero in the 1940s, and he is best known in the Wildstorm universe for his adventures in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Majestic has a secret base of operations inside Mount Rushmore, analogous to Superman's "Fortress of Solitude".

As Mr. Majestic, he was a member of International Operations' super-secret Team 1 in the early 60s but he left the public eye after the team’s first catastrophic mission. A Daemonite named Helspont made a move against humanity. He tried to start a nuclear war between the most powerful nations on Earth in order to get humans to destroy themselves so the planet would be empty for the Daemonites. Lord Emp (going by the name Saul Baxter at the time) persuaded the head of I.O. to make a super-powered team to combat the growing Daemonite force on US soil. As a part of Team 1, Majestic fought alongside Zealot, John Colt (the mind of Spartan), Think Tank (Henry Bendix), Slay, and Isaiah King (father of Battalion. As soon as the team was formed, they were sent into battle against Helspont, who had already seized control of a US missile base so he could get access to a nuke. Since Helspont wasn't acting alone, he was more dangerous than they had expected. Along with some Daemonites he had working for him, Helspont had also allied with a man that was known as Slaughterhouse Smith. Smith was a super-powered human that could shoot lasers from his eyes and hands as well as fly. He ran a large gang that pretty much owned New York. Helspont thought he would be good to have working with him so he recruited him and his men (one of which would go on to become Pike, a member of Helspont's second Cabal) to help him. As Helspont got ready to launch the missile, Team 1 arrived and a fight ensued. Team 1 was vastly outnumbered and things quickly got out of hand. Various Team 1 members paired up with named and unnamed villains on Helspont's side, but Helspont himself was locked in battle with Mr. Majestic. Helspont was winning and he launched the missile while he fought Majestic. Things went awry and Majestic had to kill John Colt and couldn't stop the missile from being launched. Fortunately, one member of the team (Regiment) jumped on the missile and destroyed it as it flew, possibly dying in the process. After the disaster that was Team 1, Majestros spent 30 years keeping a low profile somewhere above the Arctic Circle, away from the problems of the world.

Majestic’s return to Earth and its struggles came when Zealot and the WildC.A.T.s went to battle against an old enemy, the sorceress Tapestry. Savant called him in as backup for Zealot, who was planning on facing Tapestry by herself. If she lost, she would have turned evil and gained the power of a god, and Savant knew that Majestic was the only one who could stop her if that happened. Zealot won and since he wasn’t needed, Majestic left.

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Mr. Majestic
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Loss Black Adam 28 to 37
Loss Superman 19 to 94
Loss Shazam 28 to 84
Win Apollo (Wildstorm) 51 to 36
Loss Hyperion 41 to 61
Loss Lobo 9 to 24
Win Shazam 33 to 32
Win Cyberforce 13 to 5
Loss Beta Ray Bill 11 to 14