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Johnny Sorrow

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Johnny Sorrow is a fictional character that appears in publications published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in Secret Origins of Super-Villains 80-Page Giant #1 (Dec. 1999) and was created by writers Geoff Johns and David Goyer and artist Phil Winslade.

Debuting in the Modern Age of Comic Books, the character has appeared in both comic book and graphic novel, and other DC Comics-related products such as trading card and toy.

First mentioned in the storyline "A Knight in the Circus" in Starman #8 (June 1995), Johnny Sorrow debuted in Secret Origins of Super-Villains 80-Page Giant #1 (Dec. 1999), and was, according to writer Mike Conroy, "...a continuity implant. While purportedly a Golden Age villain...around since the 1940's, Sorrow didn't make his first appearance until more than 50 years later."

After an initial defeat, a greatly changed Sorrow reappeared with a new version of the Injustice Society in JSA #9 - 10 (April - May 2000), and makes a brief appearance in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E #13 (Aug. 2000). The character returned in a storyline that detailed the origin of his new powers in JSA #16 - 20 (Nov. 2000 - March 2001), and then the graphic novel Virtue and Vice (Jan. 2002), battling both the Justice Society and the JLA with ally Despero. Johnny Sorrow and another version of the Injustice Society appeared in JSA All-Stars #1 (Feb. 2010).

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