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Bartholomew "Bart" Allen is a superhero in the . Allen first appeared as the superhero Impulse. He would later go on to become the second Kid Flash and the fourth Flash. Allen's first cameo appearance was in The Flash (vol. 2) #91, while his first full appearance was in issue #92. He starred in Impulse (1995–2002) and The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2006–2007). Allen was a member of the superhero teams Young Justice and Teen Titans.

Born in the 30th century to Meloni Thawne and Don Allen, Bart is related to a number of superheroes and supervillains. His father, Don, is one of the Tornado Twins and his paternal grandfather is Barry Allen, the second Flash. His paternal grandmother, Iris West Allen, is also the adoptive aunt of the first kid Flash, Wally West (Bart's first cousin once removed). Additionally, Bart is the first cousin of XS, a Legionnaire and daughter of Dawn Allen. On his mother's side, he is a descendant of supervillains Professor Zoom and Cobalt Blue as well as the half brother of Owen Mercer, the new Captain Boomerang. In addition to these relatives, he had a supervillain clone known as Inertia. Allen was absent for nearly two years after his apparent death in The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13, but resurfaced again as Kid Flash in 2009's Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds.

As depicted in a Legion of Super-Heroes story, Barry Allen's children—the Tornado Twins—were arrested in 2995 A.D. by the government of Earth, which was under the covert control of the Dominators. Following a one-day trial on trumped-up charges of treason, the Twins were executed. According to a Daily Planet news report, Don Allen is survived by his wife Carmen Johnson (how Meloni Thawne and Don Allen's relationship ended is unknown), his mother Iris West Allen, and his 2-year-old son: Barry Allen II.

This timeline was wiped out by the events of Zero Hour. However, a parallel set of events occurred on Earth-247 (the Earth of the post-Zero Hour Legion), with the Tornado Twins and their families having travelled there from New Earth.

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