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Garganta is a fictional comic book character published by AC Comics appearing in several of their titles, most commonly Femforce the title in which she debuted in 1990 (Garganta, the Woman, Femforce #30). Originally appearing as a one-off antagonist, she proved so popular with readers that she re-appeared two issues later and eventually became a regular character. In 2001, Garganta appeared her own comic book Garganta's Thrilling Science. A live-action movie entitled Gargantarama, starring Brenna Barry as Garganta, was released on DVD in February 2006. A sequel, Ghost of Garganta, will be released soon.

Storylines have exploited Garganta's size-changing ability as both a blessing and as a curse. Although she can usually regulate her size by mental effort, she sometimes experiences uncontrolled growth and causes havoc (This tends to happen when she becomes angry). She is for the most part gentle and friendly and uses her giant size to help others. Because her powers would destroy her normal clothes, she wears only her Span-XX bikini.

Garganta's name was given to her by Ellen McFarland, a reporter who had a minor supporting role in Femforce and was covering her initial rampage. It comes from the adjective gargantuan (meaning "huge" or "vast") which is in turn derived from Gargantua, a fictional giant created by Fran├žois Rabelais.

Garganta's real name is Dr. Carol Heisler. Born in Yuma, Arizona on January 12 1919, she became a biochemist and later worked as a U.S. government research scientist working on the V-47 formula that gave Miss Victory and her daughter their powers. Carol took the formula herself and destroyed the complex where she was working and began to rampage out of control because she could not control the energy in her. After being knocked out by the second Miss Victory (who was leading the team at the time) she grew to gigantic proportions and continued her rampage, eventually being stopped by a combined attack that knocked all the energy out of her. Carol again grew to a giant and rampaged after unwillingly being subjected to an electro-stimulation experiment. This time she escaped to the sea and displayed a new ability to adapt to her surroundings becoming a giant whale-like sea creature. Miss Victory was dispatched to kill her with a special gun, but after Garganta telepathically told her how peaceful she was, she faked Garganta's death for her. (Femforce #30 and 32)

Garganta Garganta

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