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Within the fictional alternate history universe of Westwood Studios' and Electronic Arts' Command & Conquer real-time strategy video games, Kane is the seemingly immortal mastermind behind the ancient and secretive Brotherhood of Nod society. Little is truly known about the man; many of his followers draw a direct connection between him and the Abrahamic figure of Cain, which Kane does not go out of his way to confirm or deny. Considered a charismatic and brilliant sociopath by the outside world, Kane's followers as well as Kane himself instead see him as a holy figure, even going so far as to refer to him as the Messiah.

Portrayed by Las Vegas-based actor Joseph D. Kucan, who also directed the FMV cutscenes for all C&C games except the most recent installments by Electronic Arts, the character has consistently remained highly popular and icon to fans of the Command & Conquer franchise since the inception of both in 1995, to the point Electronic Arts Los Angeles launched a promotional website for C&C dedicated entirely to the Kane character, and made the decision to devote the storyline of the expansion pack to Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars exclusively to expanding Kane's background, history and motives; giving the add-on the title of "Kane's Wrath". The character of Kane earned third place in online entertainment magazine DoubleViking's "The 15 Most Badass Bald Guys", ranking higher in the magazine's list than such popular fictional characters as John McClane (Die Hard) and Lex Luthor (Superman). In addition, Kucan was inducted in the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2008 as the longest recurring actor in any video game franchise to date for his portrayal of Kane.

Although Joseph Kucan reprised his role as Kane in the recent C&C installments, the directing of their cutscenes was instead handled by EA in-house cinematic director Richard Taylor.

Since the inception of the Command & Conquer franchise in 1995, the storylines of the successive video game have consistently been portraying Brotherhood of Nod characters who are holding both Kane and the Brotherhood to be thousands of years old. This in holding true with the tradition of equating the man with the figure of Cain; the eldest son of Adam and Eve, the first human who was born out of the Garden of Eden and also the first murderer according to the scripture of the Abrahamic religion. As the character doesn't appear to age, and this despite the fact that his activities within the modern to near-future settings of the C&C games are shown as spanning at least an entire century, there somehow appears to be a possibility of this claim being legitimate.

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