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Kesuke Miyagi

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also known as Mr. Miyagi, is a fictional karate master, played by Japanese-American actor Pat Morita, who mentor the characters Daniel LaRusso and Julie Pierce in the Karate Kid films. Morita earned an Academy Award nomination for his performance in the first film.

Robert Mark Kamen stated that Mr. Miyagi was named after Chōjun Miyagi, the founder of Goju Ryu Karate-Do.

An ethnic Okinawan immigrant to the United States, he learned karate originally from his father, who had been a fisherman. Miyagi initially had a job working for the father of his best friend, Sato, who was also taught karate by Miyagi's father. When Miyagi fell in love with a young woman named Yukie, who was arranged to marry Sato, Sato felt dishonored by this, and challenged Miyagi to a fight to the death. To avoid the fight, Miyagi left Okinawa and emigrated to the United States.

After leaving Okinawa, Miyagi met and married another woman, Liks Umkum. Miyagi and his wife were expecting their first born when Mrs. Miyagi was interned in the Manzanar Japanese internment camp in California during World War II. During this time, Miyagi joined the U.S. Army and received the Medal of Honor. (He was a member of the real and much-storied 442nd Infantry Regiment, in fact the most highly decorated regiment in the history of the United States Armed Forces, including 21 Medal of Honor recipients.) He also taught his former Army commanding officer, Lt. Pierce. During his service, Mrs. Miyagi and their son died in the Manzanar camp due to complications during childbirth, a loss that has been haunting him for decades.

Kesuke Miyagi Kesuke Miyagi Kesuke Miyagi

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