The New Warriors

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The New Warriors is a Marvel Comics superhero team, traditionally consisting of young adult heroes. They first appeared in The Mighty Thor #411 (December 1989).

The New Warriors first appeared in issues 411 and 412 of the Marvel Comics title The Mighty Thor. The team was compiled by writer/editor Tom DeFalco, consisting of the young superheroes Nova, Speedball, Namorita, Marvel Boy, and Firestar, all of whom were once featured in solo series or were supporting character in more established series. To this mix DeFalco added Night Thrasher, an original character to serve as the team's founder and leader. The New Warriors were not sidekick, as some prior teen superhero teams had been.

The New Warriors were featured in an eponymous series from 1990 until 1996, written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Mark Bagley. Nicieza wrote the series for the first 53 issues. The series lasted for 75 issues and four annuals, spinning off a number of titles, including mini-series featuring Night Thrasher and Marvel Boy (by then renamed Justice) and ongoing series with Nova and Night Thrasher.

A short-lived revival was launched in 1999, lasting for ten issues, and a mini-series followed in 2005. In the mini-series, the New Warriors agreed to star in a reality television show to fund their team. A fourth series was launched in June 2007, spinning off of events in the Civil War crossover.

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