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Starbrand (Ken Connell)

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The Star Brand is the name of a number of similar fiction comic book objects of power all of which exist in the multiverse created by the shared universe of Marvel Comics. Two of these Star Brands have been prominently featured in two separate series published by Marvel.

The original Star Brand is a star-shaped tattoo-like mark that first appeared in the comic book series Star Brand, published by Marvel Comics as a part of its New Universe imprint from 1986 to 1989. All of the other Star Brands are alternates of this original version.

The Star Brand gave its bearer infinite, god-like powers, limited only by the wielder's imagination (see below). The name Starbrand was also originally applied to the person holding the power. After the end of the series and the New Universe imprint, the Star Brand made appearances in Marvel's main shared universe, the Marvel Universe.

The second notable Star Brand is a glowing glyph, shaped like the original Star Brand and giving identical powers. This Star Brand is featured in newuniversal, a series featuring a universe that is a reimagining of the original New Universe. This series began publication in 2006.

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