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Emmet Brickowski

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Emmet Brickowski , later known by his alter-ego Radical Emmet Xtreme "Rex" Dangervest, is a Lego minifigure character in the Lego Movie franchise and the protagonist of The Lego Movie (2014) and its sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019). He starts out as an everyman construction worker in his home city of Bricksburg, and later, unexpectedly, becomes "The Special" Master Builder. He is the mascot of The Lego Movie franchise.

Emmet is basically a regular, mediocre guy, kind, humorous, and very light-hearted (up-beat). To him, everything in the world, even the negative things, are "awesome", which is the purpose of the song "Everything Is Awesome", which is his favorite song. He lives in an apartment with no one to hang around with except for "Planty", a potted green plant that Emmet claims as a pet, along with other junk objects. Nevertheless, Emmet still has some nice friends; his neighbors and co-workers in his job of construction, though he is mostly unrecognized and ignored. To satisfy himself, he follows what appears to be a very long, almost endless, list of instructions that show him how to fit in with everyone in the world and always be happy.

Emmet eventually and unexpectedly discovers that he was chosen by the prophecy of "The Special" Master Builder, proclaimed by wizard Master Builder Vitruvius, to find the Piece of Resistance to save the Lego World and stop the evil Lord Business. In addition, he meets his future girlfriend, Lucy (aka "Wyldstyle").

At first, Emmet is stubborn and constantly fails to do things right when they have to be, being used to following instructions, unimpressive to the Master Builders. But when he discovers that everything in the Lego world is from the imagination of a child with amazing creativity, he finds his own inner power of creativity and becomes a true Master Builder. He is sent back to the Lego world where he makes a speech to Lord Business and saves the world celebrating with his new friends. Wyldstyle becomes his girlfriend at the end of the film.

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Loss Hobbes 4 to 10
Win Glen Ray 8 to 1
Win Major Chip Hazard 9 to 0
Loss Bo Peep 4 to 7
Loss Geno 4 to 6
Loss Jessie (Pixar) 2 to 5
Loss My Pet Monster 2 to 5

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