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Morgan Stark

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Morgan Stark is a fictional character appearing in American comic book published by Marvel Comics and a relative of Tony Stark.

Morgan Stark first appeared in Tales of Suspense vol. 1 #68 (August 1965) and was created by Don Heck and Al Hartley.

Morgan Stark is the cousin of Tony Stark, the nephew of Howard Stark and Maria Stark, and the son of Edward Stark and a relative of Arno Stark.

Morgan believed growing up that his uncle cheated his father out of the Stark company fortune; Edward actually asked Howard to be bought out because Edward didn’t want a part in the Stark family business. Because of that, Morgan has always tried to take Stark Industries from Tony. Having returned from Ireland, Happy Hogan resumes work at Stark Industries, and Tony gets a letter from his cousin asking for help. Tony doesn't realize is that Morgan is under Count Nefaria's employ hoping to use Morgan in a plot to destroy Tony, although Morgan would do this "for free". First traveling to the United States to pretend to seek Tony's help, Morgan is introduced to Stark Industries' staff and shown around the building while Tony is on the way to a party that night and happens to spy a rocket and decides to investigate as Iron Man and finds a bomb inside. Iron Man rushed back to Stark Industries and Tony calls a bomb squad but the field is found empty (this whole episode is part of Morgan's plan). Morgan (hiding in the bushes) uses a visio-projector to make his cousin hallucinate and think of seeing aliens. Morgan begins to make everyone doubt Tony's sanity, and causes Senator Hamilton Byrd (a skeptic) to accuse Tony deliberately of being a spy for Communist and to demand that Stark Industries be stripped of the US Army's defense contracts for fear of a threat to national security. Iron Man (believing to not insane) returns to the original location of seeing aliens and scans the area, unaware that Morgan has followed there as well. Just before Morgan can blast Iron Man with the visio-projector, real aliens from the planet Froma arrive to investigate Earth and spot Iron Man and attack, discovering Morgan during the battle as well. Iron Man fights off the aliens and saves Morgan's life. Afterwards, Morgan is forced to tell everyone that Tony is sane, and Senator Byrd's demands are retracted as well. After everything is sorted out, Morgan is taken back to Europe for Count Nefaria's punishment for failing.

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