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Next Time Hang One Of Those Trees On Your Mirror

No real criminal activity involved here, but this one from the International File in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, contains plenty of Bozo. Apparently our unidentified bozo felt that his car smelled funky so he sprayed a large amount of air freshener inside. Good plan, right? Wrong. After spraying, he got inside and immediately lit a cigarette. Witnesses said they heard a “tremendous bang” and saw the car’s windows shatter and nearby buildings shake. Miraculously, our bozo escaped with only minor injuries, but the car is a total loss. But at least it smells fresh.

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  • Kingsnake says:

    I wonder if the Bozo looked like Yosemite Sam after smoking one of Bugs Bunny’s cigars?

    January 8, 2020 at 1:54 pm

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