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The K-Collective
Played By: red

The K-Collective by red

TEAM: Sentinels


KIT CLASS: Overlord

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 10 wins!

Fight Record
League Wins: 10
League Losses: 2
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 0
Total Wins: 10
Total Losses: 2
Digory Scott - Win 16-7
The Great Crypto Hunter - Win 12-9
Ulric Van Godwen - Win 15-10
Turbulence - Win 13-8
Baker's Dozen - Win 14-6
Master William Albright - Win 14-7
Lexington Miles - Win 13-6
Johnny Tuppence Divine - Loss 9-10
Persephone Coullion - Win 8-7
The Divine Order of Bob - Win 11-6
Victims - Win 10-7
Johnny Tuppence Divine - Loss 13-27

[Regular Khazan] Throughout all time and all space, and through all modes of exploration both known and foreign to man, the present scholars and epistemologists of our age have concluded that the universe is not as its name would suggest. That is to say that the Uni/verse implies a singularity that, with a single notable exception, has been entirely disproved by scholars on Khazan. Instead, terms such as "The Multi/verse" and "The Omni/verse" have arose to distill our understanding. The term multiverse allows for many expressions of similar, exact, near exact, and insanely different single universes to co-exist, while the omniverse speaks for the exact same thing, though taken as a whole. Mathematically, we can express these differences through a numerical sequence, Variation (v), that expresses their position in relative probability. Only at the direct center, somewhere deep in the heart of Khazan, is there a lack of variation. This rumored location, Variation Zero, is the only place in all the Omniverse where no variation can be found. There is only one of it, and were a person to enter that said Variation, all other occurrences of that said individual would cease to exist....[T]he most notable feature of [the phenomena of variations] is the regulatory function of time in each individual Variation, not just as a charting function within regards to its own universe, but also as a relative positioning in regards to other Variations as a whole. For this reason alone, The so-called Avatar of Time is, perhaps, the busiest and most alien of all the Powers. Due to the fractured nature of the Omniverse, perhaps an infinite spectrum of Variation, the Avatar of Time itself, or rather themselves, are fractured. Each individual variation among the time strands has its own Avatar Mind, a mere fraction of the overall Avatar of Time. Even alone, this mind is nearly infinite in power because it is inevitably connected to the rest of the Avatar mind variations. For this reason, the Khazanian Avatar of Time is sometimes referred to as the K-Collective (literally, the Chronos Avatar Collective of Minds), and each decision any one mind makes is brought before the entire spectrums of minds. Each mind has influence of another of its kind depending on its overall Variation value. For this reason, as well as the scope of its knowledge, understanding, and double-mindedness, The K-Collective is at times brilliant and quite insane. – From the Notes of Omnifish Relington, former Librarian of the Fallen. Edit--Note Fragments retrieved possibly from something called the Shallow Guild (at least claimed so in the appendix), though no documentation on this group can be found. While this Fragment is obviously a forgery, as I, Dr. Fanderous Fish of the Khazanian Scholarly Society was in fact Omnifish Relington, the information here was obviously planted, and may be a reliable source-FF.


Personality: A later page in the fragment--Not much can be said about the personhood of the K-Collective, except that there is a decisive mindedness within the Collective, and that the Collective Mind can make selfless decisions as well as selfish ones. Furthermore, there is, somewhere, a definite physical form upon which all of these minds rest upon. While the K-Collective as a whole can be erratic, and refuse to act upon global scale events, the collective continuously "blesses" Khazan with fits of continuity, especially within the KDP Forensics lab. While this seems like an odd distinction, Khazan itself is a swirl of timeframe. Being the nexus of all reality, Khazan itself ought to have a Variation value of zero (rendering the whole place Variation Zero), but because of the constant influx of individuals of varying variations, the Value of the Variation is only approximately zero, causing dubious inconsistencies within Khazan itself. Most Variations have a set value, however, Khazan's value is always in slight flux. Most Variations have a value set for the entire universe of that Variation, while Khazan's value is approximated by averaging each individual's Variational value....At times the variation value of Khazan breeches multiples, causing a temporary second Khazan, and forcing one or another to perish, as seen with The Prince of Never Phenomenon. Mostly, such vairiation branches splinter away and die rapidly....[T]hat The K-collective artificially sets a no variation zone in the KDP presents an odd paradox, that while the K-Collective ignores the global events, its very interested in the local and individual events; by setting the variation at an artificial zero within the KDP, it insures that none of the perpetrators will venture off to a temporal nonexistence, a pocket of time if you will, disallowing them to be held for the crime. As unusual as this phenomenon sounds, in practice it happens fairly often, to a degree of one occurrence in every five thousand over the course of a year, affecting millions of Khazanians, though virtually unnoticeable. –Edit: Mr.Raynes, the mathematical analysis is stapled to the back of this copy, enjoy. Having said that, and knowing you won't be able to make heads or tales of it, let me just sum it up by saying that some of the assumed mathematical constants have no apparent source. Basically, we are not sure why they are there, or what they do. Without knowing how those values work, we can't say much about the truth of the mathematics here. It might be garble, it might not.




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Weak BELOW normal human agility.
Slow and uncoordinated.


Weak BELOW normal human endurance.
Goes down easy and stays there.


Superior Highly educated and ingenious.
A smart cookie.

KDP Reply

  • Power: Invisibility
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Overlord
Re: Preston Raynes. Nothing to connect the two, so far, except strange circumstance. We could do a lot more if you could give us more info, Mr. Raynes. Dr. Fish, our top theorist on variations within the omniverse, cannot account for any "black dot" found on top of the nexus, something he didn't even know about. Neither are we sure exactly where that collection of notes came from, though it was mailed from inside our own KDP building, you say. No leads, no one knows anything on the subject. That aside, Dr. Fish does report that this nexus would not be the variation zero mentioned in the notes, that it is definitely describing a physical location. He also reports that "If something were wrong with this K-Collective, assuming that it of course were a real thing, that might account for the black spot on the nexus. It might even be that the K-Collective is causing it for whatever reason that it has. That Mr. Raynes reports that the black spot is located directly where Khazan ought to be is disturbing, but may in fact represent any number of things." He also expresses an extreme desire to study this nexus, sir, though I would hardly allow such a thing if I were you, given his previous connection to the Fallen. Personally, I cannot give credit to any written source that just "mysteriously appears," lest we be taken for fools.

Fragments from Correspondence

  • Power: Matter Animation
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Kit Power Link: Overlord
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Ranged Attack Attack usable at a distance (only).
Anti-climatically, the K-Collective generally does not affect the time flow, at least not in any serious regard. The changes are immense, but subtle enough that it works out over eons of whatever universe the changes were imparted upon. A slight acceleration of time or deceleration of time in relation to other time lines would not affect anyone in any significant regard. The fuller purpose, interestingly enough, is to "fill in the gaps of time," or in other words, to align the individual universes within a relational multiversal correspondence. Edit—Interesting theory at best. According to the notes penned under my alias, it would seem that this vague conception of an Avatar would have in some senses nearly infinite power, but one that would hardly affect day to day living. The ability to control these gaps would, I assume, control the interconnectivity of Khazan and the rest of the Omniverse, a control that could affect immigration, resources, and dimensional availability. Something of that nature was alluded to later on in one of the fragments—I'm not sure which at the moment. As to the nature of this "correspondence," archived information exists about such a creature as "The Dark Lady of Night," both humorously macabre and elusive as the name suggests. I am beginning to think that this was not only penned underneath my alias as correct information, but may have even been penned by another "variation" of myself, as it definitely uses the same types of tone and approaches I am comfortable with. If that were true, it would take months of careful conceptualization to figure out the ramifications.

Confidential Material Enclosed

  • Power: Polymorph
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Overlord
From the Desk of Selah, Sentinels of Liberty and Justice: To confirm what your status reports have said, yes: we have a Dr. Fanderous Fish working within Weapons Development. When inquired about this theory of multiple "variations," he happily went off on a few theories that he had been putting together on his own. Enclosed is a picture of the said individual. If he matches your same Dr. Fanderous Fish, we would be very interested to hear a fuller expository of the situation. Our skilled telepaths did as you requested, and after very close examination, he did appear altered by something in his past, much like yours. He has no memory of being this "Omnifish Relington," as your apparently does. If it would please you, Mr. Raynes, Dr. Fish would very much be interested in meeting you and this other Dr. Fish, to discuss this theory, and their own circumstances, as well as something in your possession called "the nexus."

Immunity: Matter Animation

Variations: End Report. After having collected over six different occurrences (or variations) of ourselves, we have concluded that the textual fragments were, in fact, not a forgery. They were penned by a variation of ourselves we have yet to encounter. Though the idea was thrown out, we are not the K-Collective, though we do share traits with said individuals. In fact, we believe that those that are affected by temporal and interdimensional anomalies would inevitably share similar qualities with the K-Collective, by virtue of time's necessity. Never-the-less, our present situation seems to be that sort of special occurrence. From what my colleagues and I (each of us being nearly the same person) have figured out, we were living on the outer probabilities, a region of the Omniverse that branches at extreme rates, and due to an experiment of some kind (we are still trying to figure that one out), we were bound as a single unit, an artificial Variation Zero point, thus the signature name on the documents of Omni-fish Relington. We were, at some point a part of him, comprising him of his over all content. At some point, he became fractured out back into his variations. Whether or not this was the work of the so-called K-Collective is uncertain, but what can be said about them(it?) is that the K-Collective is highly resistant and antagonistic towards rewriting physical events, such as our combining variations. Perhaps it views that work as its own. Our conclusion on the matter is that the K-Collective is not, overall, an evil or amoral force, but a regulating force that has consciousness. In that sense, it is not, perhaps, an Avatar, as we do tend to see around Khazan. An Avatar is very much a representing force, a personification. The K-collective, however, has no need nor desire to represent. Instead, The K-Collective can be seen as merely a conscious force.

The Missing Fragment

One possibility is that the K-Collective is only partially aware at any given time, or rather, only acts against forces that are corrosive or detrimental to its given providence. Time itself. That would implicate a number of rather odd possibilities. A whole new set of questions would arise, such as why I have lost variational fragments of myself due to this force, or why the K-Collective is so interested in the KDP forensics department. During the whole escapade of the last several months, the only notable blip in continuity there was the disappearance of their head mortician, Arick Heubris. The significance is entirely lost upon me, though it may be connected to what I can only describe as a black mist that currently infects time within the Khazanian surroundings, the very reason I have written to you. The only contact that I have had with the K-Collective, in person, has led me to believe that it may not be entirely in control of all of its members, so a deviant mind among them may be running amuck. It is, however, looking everywhere for the source of this mist as well. Whatever is happening, time itself is getting eaten away at by this mist. Rest Assured that the K-Collective is likewise working to iron out the wrinkles. I only hope that our combined efforts can thwart this, Preston Raynes, as this mist is a threat to the entire well being of Khazan, should cause and affect deteriorate.—Fragment never received.