Spartan Maks The Lone Wolf



Captain: Maks206


Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 2


Alignment: hero

Location: Washington Dc under ground of white house


Maks The Spartan Works Alone


Even Though Spartan Maks Killed The covenant doesnt mean he wants to fight villans and bring them to justice


Spartan maks retired from the war with the covenant and done with the avengers he decided to do some under cover and adventuring things



2013-06-09 07:01:11 - Ultra Skull lost a match vs. Chihiro 1 to 8

2013-06-08 21:54:48 - Ultra Skull has left the team

2013-06-02 21:01:21 - Ultra Skull lost a match vs. Skylar Ray 1 to 8

2013-05-20 21:32:02 - Ultra Skull has joined the team

2011-02-04 11:21:02 - Nok lost a match vs. Entelijan 5 to 8

2011-01-28 14:23:06 - Eminem has joined the team

2011-01-28 14:22:55 - Nok has joined the team