Nathan Moebius

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Standard

Agility: Weak

Mind: Superior

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 3


Yeah, it's pretty much what you'd expect, except that my Method of Entry wasn't so much being sucked or pulled into Khazan as it was being Thrown Out of wherever it was I came from. I tried to mess with the system, ya know, and that never goes over well with the Creator. I myself wasn't picked - due to a string of mediocrity in Character Creation, or so they tell me - but my Sister was. This must not be. Too many sickos in Khazan, and that's only counting the other members of the COMING. I tried to stop it, I really did. Grabbed Kit's feet as she was being pulled into the computer, hollered my lungs out. No use, she was too far gone - and what's worse, I made a mess of things moreso than I knew at the time. When she landed in Khazan... ah, but that's another story. Suffice it to say that They (capital T) were displeased, and I had little choice in what happened next. I've actually been in Khazan for quite a while now, doing pretty well for myself - I've found out that the Market works the same no matter what the venue, just gotta find out what the consumer wants, and a way to get it to them. I even managed to wrangle a viable business out of the mix - not bad for someone who's new to this particular Multiverse. I guess I just haven't run into the guys much over the course of my stay. I'd have to say, in retrospect, that it was probably for the best, considering our first encounter consisted of the group wrecking my Movie Theater. So, due to a few unfortunate incidents with a rather irksome bucket of popcorn (remind me to fire the boy who was supposed to clean that popcorn machine every week) I've lost my livelihood, and thus my savings, my home. Since I know I won't be able to get any damages out of these guys, I figure I might as well crash at Landon's place for awhile, as a down payment on that Movie Theater they owe me. Now all I need is to find Kit, and a little bit of starting capital to get back on my feet. Oh, and I joined the FPL too: I'm taking my winnings in the form of stock in the company! Hmm, I wonder if there's a big enough market for fatality insurance...

Well, I think of myself as a pretty straightforward kinda guy. I'm a little business minded, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the finer things in life. The one thing I can't stand in Khazan is all these megalomaniacal wannabes that seem to think they've got Superpowers. What a joke. Getting inside their skulls and stirring them up a little bit is certainly a nice little perk to doing this whole FPL thing. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I have a big brother complex. A fairly large one. Chances are if you've seen me around Kit you know what I mean. And NO! you cannot date my sister. Bah!

"Amulet of Protection...

     Force Field: Supreme

  • Reinforced Defenses


I picked up this little trinket somewhere along the way, and I have to say it's saved my keister on more than one occasion. I was into tabletop games in my youth, and a bit of this interest appears to have spilled over into my Khazanian self. Designed by some random genius inventor and forged in the fires of Mount Something-Impressive by one of those, you know, Forging Gods, this amulet gives me protection against all those who would try to date my sister! If one thing is for certain, it's that there will always be people that simply don't listen to reason.


...vs. Twinks"

     Polymorph: Supreme


A small but signficant twist - the Amulet is designed not to work against Physical Attacks, not against Mental attacks, but against Attacks of Twinkery. You know, like the guy who has the Ultimate sword of Destruction that cuts through adamantium like a hot knife through butter. Or the gal who uses the inescapable, always-first-initiative Mind Bender of Doom. If you attack me in a normal, rational manner, like with a shovel (that doesn't sing and dance), or a .45 (that doesn't shoot homing bullets that explode like grenades), or just your fists (provided said fists don't have the ability to bust their way through concrete walls) then chances are you'll be successful. Other acts of twinkery simply vanish as they approach, fail to affect me at all, or bounce back harmlessly. The Amulet doesn't distinguish between those who have acquired these twinkish abilities legitimately, and those whose very existence is defined by min/maxing and godmoding, so even if you have a Very Good Reason ® for being able to warp-space-and-time-with-grisly-results, don't expect the Amulet to cut you any slack. You just can't take me out that way.



     Paralysis: Supreme

  • Area Affect


Another little trick I picked up through years of Self delusion and Denial is the ability to temporarily suspend the inevitable. That is to say, occasionally when things aren't going my way, or some pitiful fool tries to gain access to the Date, I'll simply yell "NO!" and things stop, just for a bit. You should try it sometime - it's a good multi-purpose answer, not nearly as trite as it sounds. Everything and everyone close to me - people, bullets, paper airplanes, rain - pauses for a moment, including myself. It just gives me a chance to think things over, and generally freaks my opponent out. It's also useful for disrupting the rhythm of attackers who rely on speed, and a chance for me to decipher the bad guys' strategy. It's a temporary fix at best, but I'm working on it.


Friend of Man?

     Beast Master: Standard


Well, I don't know if I can really call myself as an animal enthusiast, per se. I do know that I get along with them, and they get along with me. It's a mutual respect thing. They tend to be more patient, if not more clever, than most upright walkers I know. That's actually a good thing, otherwise a lot more people would be a tough sell. Four legs good, two legs bad! Or something like that.


Yon Faithful Hounds

     Beast Master: Standard


Okay, so they're far from attack dogs, and Kit can pretty much charm them away from me at will. They're still loyal to me, and not quite as unintelligent as they look. Wally's the "alpha male" of the two, with golden hair and a large mane-like coat, Wolf being a bit more whiny and such, as a slightly smaller mottled, dark mix. They're both Australian Shepard mutts, and that has to be a good thing. How they ended up here with me I'll never know, I just turned a corner shortly after arriving in Khazan and there they were, tails wagging as usual. They don't seem to get along with Landon's cats very well - both parties seem rather offended that the group would deign to allow the other to exist in the same apartment, but I have confidence we'll all be one big happy family soon enough. In any case, I certainly appreciate their support whenever I go into battle - they're the most vicious of creatures, but they're faithful and diligent, and that's what counts in the end, right?


Pithy Platitudes

     Emotion Control: Superior

  • Auto-Hit Attack


I'm a walking storehouse of political, historical, philosophical, and literary trivia. I've taken a Rhetoric course or two. Heck, I just like arguing - I'm a born BSer. I've learned to read people fairly well over the years, and as necessary I can placate or condescend, calming or frustrating my opponent into harmlessness. Sure, it isn't always effective, or even ethical, but even if I'm wrong I can usually manage to get the other guy's goat. It's always fun to make a grown man cry.


Immunity: Paralysis

     Immunity: Standard


Nathan grimaced. All this "Oh My Landonness" business had really gone too far. First that creepy little girl, then that OTHER creepy little girl, then this whole Shadow business. He didn't so much mind Tanrei... but now even Nyght seemed... "involved?" The would be businessman could feel a headache coming on. "Maybe Josh wants to go get a bite to ea-" His train of thought was interrupted by Breaker, idling by with a smile. "Okay, maybe not. Well, let's see if Michael-" Abruptly, he heard the bathroom door slam and lock itself. Nathan sighed. Well, that's right out. He looked around one last time. Hell, it's best not to be paralyzed by the actions of others, or even oneself. He felt a smirk creeping on as he closed the door the Landon's apartment gently on his way out. Besides, there's always money to be made.



     Force of Will: Standard


Sometimes I think I've succeeded, you know. In not thinking anymore, that is. Where have I settled, then? Perhaps on the wings of trivia, the trivial, perhaps on the compost heap that forms the remains of my self-constructed laurels. What a strange taste comes to my mouth, when I find someone even close to myself. Someone who so painfully wants/wanted to find things out, but has a head that's too big, and too small. Sweet, dry, acute. Are they at the top of the "montagne russe," are they plummeting? Are they at the bottom, coasting for those few fractions of a second when we can dream that it's over, all over? Have they decided they're ordinary, or have they decided to fake it? Compassion, frustration, condescension, disgust, pity. I wish I too could decide to fix my problems by declaring myself simple, shallow, humble. I wonder how long it'll last. Bet it's fun until it winds down. Oh, what a fool am I.