Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 Wins!


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 4

High Templar

Even the many circles of Hell have their heroes. There is Beelzebub, master of pestilence and disease. There is Leviathan, the great demon of the murky deep. There is Asmodeus, who can make himself invisible. But there is also one demon, at least just as powerful as these champions of man's downfall, whose lack of fame is to its eventual advantage. And that is the demon, Ignorance. Ignorance was omnipresent during the tragedy of the witch-hunts, wherein old women and even animals lost their lives in trials they could not win. Ignorance fueled the inflexible hatred of the Ku Klux Klan. Ignorance assaulted science, causing so many false prophets and miracle-cures to pop up that it became impossible to tell science from wild guessing. Ignorance even planted its seeds of discord in Earth's many religeons, whispering words of intolerance and turning faith against faith, all while bringing worshippers unknowingly against their own gods. And with its power spreading, it is no wonder that Ignorance eventually found its way to the Nexus of All Realities. From there, the force of Ignorance realized that it could penetrate even deeper into the countless worlds it had the tips of its black tentacles prodding into. And so, with valiant heroes fighting frantically to stop the growth of the cancerous tumour of Ignorance, the universe prepared itself to retreat backwards from the day of light and reason into a strange night of Ignorance.

Subtle Presense

     Invisibility: Supreme


Ignorance is more like a force than it is a physical being. As such, it is completely invisible. This intagibility, coupled with attacks who strike their victims without them even knowing their are under attack, allows Ignorance to have its way without anyone knowing that it does.


Whispered Words

     Emotion Control: Supreme

  • Weakness: Limited Uses - Multi-Use


Ignorance's main strength is its incredible sway and power over emotions. Although almost anyone you ask would say that to have emotions is to be human, Ignorance is living proof of the downsides of having dreams and passions. It can transform aspiritations into obsessions, mild fears into phobias, and small-scale bigotry into bloody genocide. A madman's dream of world domination may become so clouded that he makes a fatal mistake, or a knight's noble quest for justice may become mired in pettiness, dishonor and depravity. Ignorance may exert this blasphemous abuse of emotion only ten times. After that, the victim's mind has become so hopelessly mangled that there are scarcely any emotions left to control.



     Mind Control: Standard


With its victim's mind so twisted and fogged by storms of uncontrollable rage or other emotions, Ignorance finds controlling their actions more specifically to be a simple task. Exerting a small amount of mental suggestion and influence, Ignorance can force one to perform simple actions. If its victim has proven to be useless as a pawn, Ignorance will make them stand before it, and rend them to pieces with its claws. If their body is too strong to destroy on its own, Ignorance will simply cause them to kill themselves. If, however, the victim seems useful, Ignorance will begin to cause direct commands to take shape out of the whirling chaos of their emotions, spreading chaos and turning browther against brother. Mentally adept individuals may repress the strange urges, but will still be just as vulnerable to having their emotions controlled.


No Escape

     Force of Will: Supreme


Ignorance's influence is powerful beyond imagination. Anyone, from a street bum to an extraterrestrial, finds their mind bending like a tin can under a 100-ton weight. The mind is Ignorance's domain. Although its influence started with humanity, Ignorance quickly found other races of beings just as easy to minipulate. Its profound knowledge of the workings of the brain (which Ignorance sees as weak and predictable, with good reason) have even given it the power to influence beings previously thought not to have minds, like robots and similar beings. There is no escape from Ignorance.



     Empathy: Standard


Ignorance's power is amplified even further by its ability to gauge emotion in mortals. This allows it to monitor how its emotional control is affecting them, and respond accordingly. Ignorance's physical brawn would make even a lesser demon snicker, but it has no need for strength. What Ignorance leaves behind is always the same: A shivering, whimpering wreck which has destroyed all that it once held dear, and may have once even been human.


Resistance: Avatar

     Resistances: Supreme


The power over the mind held by Ignorance is so powerful that it can disrupt the piety of the most faithful worshippers. The religeously faithful find themselves drifting away from the god or gods which gave them their power, and made their lives worth living, all the while not even realizing how far they have strayed. And when locked in combat against a god itself, Ignorance can generate in them rare self-doubt and worry, weakening the divine powers which would ordinarily bring a swift end to Ignorance's reign of terror.