Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 3 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


Kaas is one of a long line of Dark Ones, quite preditably the polar opposites of the Legendary Heroes that everyone seems to fixated with. However, Kaas himself holds a special place among the Dark Ones as he is the Avatar. He is the direct "mortal" representation of the Darkness of the Universe, the champion fighting against the Light. Kaas, more than fifty thousand years ago, was a simple farmer on an alien world composed mostly of grasslands and savannas. It was when a dark figure in charred black armor and a frayed violet cape entered his home that his life was changed forever. In a creaking voice that sounded older than mountains, the figure told Kaas about himself, about his struggles and battles with the Light. He told Kaas of the heroes he slew, the children he burned and the women he raped. He told Kaas of worlds devastated by the invading darkness and the slow but sure advancement of his patrons' influence. Kaas, of course, was rightfully horrified. After finishing what the figure needed to say, it collapsed and began to quickly dissolve. After merely five minutes as Kaas looked on fascinated, nothing remained but a singular black sword. Kaas looked at it and was quite afraid to touch it, but he was more afrad of leaving it in his house, so touch it he did. Upon grasping the handle of the sword, his mind was flooded with visions, with the True Knowledge of the Omniverse. He discovered there were FAR more worlds out there than his own. Each world has its own Legendary Hero, whose entire reason for existence was to fight the Darkness and prevent it from invading. As long as a Hero remained in a world, it was assured that the Darkness, though it may come awfully close at times, would never ever win. A land without a Hero, though, was ripe for conquest by the Dark and when a Hero was slain, that was almost always what happened unless a new one could be born in time. Sometimes it swooped down like an owl, taking the world before it knew what was happening. Sometimes it was like a cancer, spreading slowly but surely and the victim knowing it cannot do a thing to stop it. The purpose of the Dark Ones was to find the Hero, face it in combat, slay it, and pave the way for Darkness to invade. Dark Ones were born all over reality, to fight with Heroes and possibly win, possibly lose. Whenever a Dark One did not exist, Darkness was always in danger of being completely destroyed on that world until a new one was born. However, Kaas realized as the sword's energies began to twist his mind, he held a special posistion among the Dark Ones. As the Avatar, his responsibility was to move from world to world, star system to star system, galaxy to galaxy, universe to universe, plane to plane, and slay every single Hero that existed in that that plane of existence. That was exactly what he did for fifty thousand years, starting with the Legendary Hero of his own world which had slain the Dark One. He began a systematic cleansing of his entire reality, slaying every Hero he could find, the ones bound by destiny to protect their homes from the Darkness. Some were difficult, but many he slew effortlessly. By the time he was done, his entire home plane had become a stronghold for Darkness. He moved on, plane to plane, cleansing each world he came across of all Heroes and letting the Darkness move in. Sometimes he would simply move in an kill the Hero himself. Other times, he would aid the Dark One of that world in accomplishing his goals. Many times, though, the Dark Ones didn't recognize the posistion Kaas held and Kaas was often forced to slay his own when attacked. In the thousands of years Kaas has been fighting Legendary Heroes, he has moved towards Khazan where he knows the final battle of his life shall begin. Khazan draws hundreds of thousands of Legendary Heroes each day, strong enough to match even his own considerable power. Still, their deaths will mean little in the grand scheme of things until he finds the one. Kaas has come to Khazan, desperately searching for the One True Hero, the Legendary Hero of Khazan and by extension all reality. He searches for the Avatar of Light so he can challenge him to combat and slay him, fulfilling his purpose. Once the One True Hero is dead, the power of all other Heroes shall be invalid, for when the Avatar of Light is slain Kaas shall move with impunity from world to world again, using Khazan as a jumping off point to every single facet of reality, knowing that now no one will ever be strong enough to challenge him.

Kaas is the Avatar of Darkness, the ultimate and total epitome of the force, the apotheosis of atrocity. It is he who had been selected to be the direct representation of the forces of Darkness, for one never comes across such a position by sheer accident as Kaas may have once believed himself to have been. Unlike his counterpart, Dragoon T, Kaas has never had the luxiry to collect friends or form strong bonds. He has a few aquaintences across the Spheres, some rivals, a few allies, hundreds of enemies, but no friends. As such, he is not a cheerful guy. He is wholly and utterly dedicated to the cause of darkness and while he may let off a dry, sarcastic joke every once and a while, one can be sure that he is deadly serious. A true professional, he rarely lets his emotions get the better of him, instead concentrating solely on the goal at hand. His entire being has been finding and slaying True Heroes, and has had little room in his life for anything else.


     Avatar: Standard


You know all those Legendary Hero types, who save the world with a magic sword and a plucky band of adventurers? Kaas eats those guys for breakfast. Still, to do so on a regular basis takes some sort of power and Kaas has that power in abundance. As the Avatar of Darkness, he draws his strength from the powers of Darkness itself, being its direct representative. The powers of the Dark fill his every being as he slays all who stand in his way.


Dorchadas Laan

     Disintegration: Supreme

  • Armor Piercing


Scotch Gaelic for "Darkness Sword", the legendary sword of the Dark One, it is the both the symbol of the Dark One's power as well as his tool for destruction. An artifact of immense power, each and every single Avatar for the Dark has possessed this legendary blade just as much as this legendary blade has possessed them. It is said that at the beginning of all creation, when the Darkness first found itself opposed by the Light, the blade was created. Pure darkness crystalized into minerals, which were then collected by the servents of the Dark and melted down. Before being hammered into being, the molten liquid was mixed with the blood of a thousand fallen angels who were wounded in the Great Rebellion, including a singular drop by the Lightbringer himself, Lucifer. The result was the darkness blade, its craftsmanship nearly unrivaled in all of creation. Those struck by the terrible blade rarely live to tell of its awful effects, but witnesses know that all armor, magical or no, have not been able to stand long against it before reducing soft flesh to dust then nothing as it unravels the foe's connection with his or her very own lifeforce. By the time Kaas is finished with his opponent, very little ever remains.


Evil Feeds Upon Itself

     Reflection: Ultimate

  • Reinforced Defenses


One of the worst ways to fight Kaas is by using force. Kaas has existed as the Avatar of Darkness for thousands of years, hunting down and slaying heroes by the hundreds. Heroes are not the most easy of prey to bring down, and in his experience he has learned their ways, their tactics as well as enhancing his own. His control over the innate darkness of his sword has allowed him to not only parry nearly all blows with pinpoint precision but to counterattack and turn his opponents' aggression inwards unto themselves nearly instantly. The more aggressively you fight him, the more you are in danger of losing! Do not let your anger betray you! Bows and arrows, swords, spears, missiles, all will be turned back unto you should you use them, batted back by his mighty blade. The intensity of battle, the constant search for the One, has increased his ability to turn his opponents' aggression against themselves. His parrying is now nearly unstoppable and his ability to counterattack far more fierce.


Evil Feeds Upon Itself II

     Energy Absorption: Standard


Kaas is a being that feeds off of negative emotions like anger, hatred, and blind fear. The more one uses these things against him, the more powerful he becomes. The harder you fight the more difficult he is to defeat as each blow he receives from an energy source adds to his own vitality (Body stats). Beware to not let your anger betray you, as when you have finished leveling energy blast after energy blast in anger, a desperate attempt to defeat your opponent, you will find him a far more implaccable foe than ever. Still, such negative emotions are everywhere and to prevent overload, and until recently Kaas needed a ring to control this power. When removed, the ring enacted a magical safety system which shuts off his ability to transfer force into vitality. However, Kaas has gained far more control over his unnatural absorbtion and no longer needs the ring to prevent overload.


Millinea of Experience

     Tactician: Standard


Again, he has spent thousands of years combating heroes whose skills are supposedly legendary. He has learned the way of the hero, their methods, their attacks, how they will attack and when. Because of his vast experience, he has learned battle tactics that rarely fail. He can anticipate the enemy with some degree of success and has learned to sufficiently counter their attacks. His tactical mind tends to focus more on one on one battle tactics than any large scale war plans.


You Will is Mine

     Psychic Vampire: Standard

  • Auto-Hit Attack


The fight seems to last forever. How many times has the sun and moon risen and set since you began the duel with Kaas? You know you can't give up, for if you do Darkness will consume your home whole. Still, you can't help but notice that your mind is becoming a bit sluggish while his is as sharp as it was since it started. It's almost as if the longer you fight, the less will you have. With each blow you parry, more and more of your will slips away. The first time was barely noticable, but by now each time your will slips, you fight to stay awake. To keep fighting. A sharp pain that is entirely not unlike pain tells you you have failed.


Innocence Betrayed

     Animal Transformation: Standard

  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Steel Cage


Not so much animal transformation but rather shape shifting. He can be anyone, at anytime, which makes him very difficult to track down in a crowded area full of innocent bystanders. He can be the innocent looking native in the jungle or the entertaining street performer in the city. Shuold the assault fail, Kaas has no qualms about retreating to try the same trick again, as a different person. And again. And again. And again. He particularly likes it when his opponent kills an innocent bystander mistaken for him. In a steel cage, since there's only him and his opponent, such a trick logically wouldn't work.


Amulet of Theandra

     Hyper-Senses: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Urban


His awareness is such that he can hear the most subtle of whispered nuances. Taken from the slain hero Theandra, his amulet lets him hear everything from the crawling of the cockroach to the moving of glaciers. Still, in an Urban environment there is too much to hear at once and this power becomes useless.


Evil Feeds Upon Itself III

     Counter-Attack: Standard


Your anger betrays you. You fight the way he fights: with force, to kill, to beat, to cripple and maim. Don't be a fool, for it is the Dark that has always performed violence best and it is the Avatar of the Dark that knows its secrets like no other. Should you give in to aggression and attack him like he would no doubt attack you, then you shall find yourself first the victim of your own foolish force, as Kaas sends your attack back to you, teaching you that your anger merely provides fuel for his attacks. It is after you feel the bite of your aggression that you feel the bite of his own. Dorchadas Laan strikes immediately afterwards, the sound of it against the wind like a million blasphemous choirs. You would be wise to not fight at all.


Jeremy Raptor's Pendant

     Iron Will: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose


Jeremy Raptor, fifteen and growing up poor in a working class neighborhood in Chicago, was quite amazed to find out that he was destined to save the world from the forces of darkness. An early adept to the ways of magic, the boy used a magical pendant given to him by his mentor and guardian, to focus his will and fuel his spells. Training in the magical arts while still attending high school, the job of the Legendary Hero was not an easy one, but it was one that Jeremy felt up to the responsibility for. Many smaller conflicts prepard Jeremy for the real thing when a full scale invasion of dark forces from another dimension began. Using powerful spells, good allies (both human and magical) and an iron determination helped him save the day. By the end, he came out a much stronger person and a master mage to boot. When Kaas came, however, things were quite different. Kaas first hunted down Jeremy's friends and former allies one by one when they were alone and slew them effortlessly. This was done to enrage the teenage archmage, which pretty much succeeded. The mage finally faced Kaas in battle. They fought and, much to Jeremy's chagrin, Kaas was victorious. Kaas took from Jeremy his fabled pendant, the focus for his will; it became the focus for Kaas's will, as it does have the mystical ability to increase the resolve and willpower of its wearer. Kaas has only just begun unlocking its true powers.