Arthra Dimiourgas

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Ultimate

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 3

Lord Thayer

I am the Dawn, and I am the Dusk. I am one who brings peace, and I am the keeper of war. I control all, and yet all is nothing to me. Time shall pass like a flowing river yet cannot touch the one who created it. Thus is me. Dynasties will fall, Kingdoms will burn, Governments will revolt, and only I am the one true constant. I am that which was not created, that which was before the concept of creation. I am, though I don't have to be. I choose to be. I have chosen this form and though like all things I have created they change with time this is my constant. I created you. I can destroy you at my whim. My word doesn't bring about destruction though it can and has before. Why would I want it so, since it brought about life such as this. Though I am beginning to wonder why I have done so much...

She is God, A God, Goddess, Gaia, Whatever you wish to call her just know that this is what she is. She has created all therefore is extremely tranquil for all has been created to her liking. She has chosen this time to survey her creation only to find how it has been ravaged by battle, scorn, and suffering. She is still calm though for she has realized that her coming is to fix that which should be.

Idrysi Exousiazo

     Mind Control: Ultimate

  • Auto-Hit Attack
  • Target Seeker


I have created you therefore I control you. If you are worthy of living I will grant you time to show me just that. This is your judgement. Use this time wisely for it could be your last. Hmmm, you wish to fight and take no heed to my warning, well then I guess you didn't understand me. Fine, just know that you will come to your end by way of your own doing and you will be sent to join he that was the first to disobey me.


Agios Episkeptomai

     Phasing: Ultimate


So, you wish to repent now that you know that physical harm let alone any sort of contact is impossible against me... You're far too late. I could see your evil ways far before you even thought of me as a threat... In this form nothing can touch that which had created you. I don't feel that the destruction of other things is needed in my visit, For if it needs not my judgement then tis good. As is most of the land and all constants in the world. I am not to be feared. If I am, you will be an easy judgement...


Immunity: Mental Defense

     Immunity: Standard


Your "will" shall be broken. Nothing can hide from your creator. The power of the mind is something I granted to you therefore will always have control over. I am neither evil nor good for I came before the concept. Know this, the harder you fight the more volatile you shall be and thus the more painful your death...


Ptisi Dynami

     Flight: Ultimate


With surveying vantage shall I take to the skies, and see all that needs being seen. This world I built as such needs my power everywhere and yet nowhere all at once and I have chosen this as my form of travel. My work is fast yet not as fast to overlook those who still need to see the full strength of my power. Eyes like a hawk have I and my business can now be done with haste in the high altitudes of what you call this planet as well as on the ground. My heavens I can now reach and do with what I wish. I wish it therefore it has be done and done well.