Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Reavers


Strength: Standard

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


"Superman? You're Kidding me right? What am I supposed to... Oh. OH! Superman, Him. You mean that Freak that's been using Khazan Academy as his Staging Grounds for the past Five years? That little Urchin that wears that White Makeup (That Is white makeup, right?) and the Shades all the time, not to mention the Trench coat and that stupid shirt? Yeah, Sure, I can pull up his records on the computer, just gimme a second. *Click-Clickity-Clickclick* Here we go. Says here his real name is Mubwin DiaDane, keep in mind that the reason we switched over to keeping the Perminant Records on a computer database is that it's harder to burn... Before we did this he'd already burnt Nine of his own PR Files so it's likely half the stuff in here is just guesswork and otherwise false. Nothing on his actual past in here, unfortunately. He came to us as an Exchange student, we haven't heard word on where the other student who we traded off for him went. Otherwise we really don't have anything on him. No Parents. No Guardian. Nothing. Heck, there's even a rumor he's killed people. Not that he's ever been caught at anything... it's like we're always too late... or he's never been there in the first place. He's a master at what he does, that being making trouble for us. Most of us Teachers hate him, there are a few who are indifferent... and I hear that that nutjob of a Librarian actually likes him. Anyway I think I've said enough." - KA Geometry II Instructor. Name Withheld for Security Purposes.

"Mubwin? Yeah, I know the Kid. Hangs out at the school all the time. When I say that I do mean All the Time. Oh, sure, He's got a home... a really really nice one too. I followed him home one night after I was finished up here. Anyway. Yeah, he's a Punk. Bastard. Jerk. You name it, Rebel Without A Cause. Heh, That's a good one. Yeah, He likes his Bad Boy reputation. That and the one that comes with his Nickname. Not like he's ever really helped anybody, but he does put a hurting on the local bullies every now and again, I guess He just doesn't like to see Big People taking too much charge over Little People. Whatever." - Mr. Mackey, KA Head Janitor.

Sogo Delinquency Do

     Acrobat: Standard

  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Great Sewer


"You ever seen the Matrix? Heck yeah, wikked movie with da Effects. Anywho, you've got to see Mubwin in action to actually Get the Matrix. No, No, Nothing like that. He's more Simplistic. He can jump and wedge himself between two walls, you know... to Hide and Junk. Oh, and Don't get me started on his Mad Spray painting Skillz! He's the BIIIZAMDIIZOMB with a Spray Can and a Blank Wall. Chinese Dragon in Five minutes Flat. WITH Details. And then he can run off and toss the Cans without looking and find the perfect hiding spot. Of course, there are some places that you don't even want to think about trying to find a 'hiding spot' in..." - Charles Mardigan, Rook Rank in the KA Chess Club and Closet Superman Fan.


Master of the Vandalisim Arts

     Concussive Attack: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


"From what I can see here Mardigan has it about right. He's rather skilled at evading us to say the least. But we don't mind most of his smaller acts of Vandalism, like the Dragons and other Graffiti upon the school walls. No, those don't bother us as much as his acts of destruction do. Windows. Chairs. Doors. Even Walls stand no chance around him. We call Supreme Acts of Vandalism and Destruction of Public and Private Property. We don't know what he calls it. It doesn't matter. We've lost two of our boys when attempting to apprehend him, not that we really had anything on him, we were just chasing him for exercise. Unfortunately he hadn't seen it like that. He turns around and hits a Pillar with a baseball bat that apparently came out of nowhere and next thing we know the Ceiling collapsed on us. It's not Right, I tell you. It's like he's got some kind of power to make stuff fall apart... on top of you!" - Thomas Joseph Ambercor, Head of the Student Justice Enforcement.


The Big S

     Force Field: Standard

  • Reinforced Defenses


"Reputation is everything around here. Look at Mayfeild and Vega. Hell, them in and of themselves make up for about roughly Two Thirds of the current Classes Reputational Memory. Mubwin has the other Third all to himself... and has had it for the past three years. Ever since he got that Shirt. Oh, I hear tell that he's been 'bulletproof' and 'fistproof' since before he got the shirt but I think that the shirt just exacerbated the whole rumor mill around his invulnerability and whatnot. It is where he got his Nickname and all. Technically I just say the boy's hardy, unlike most of the youth today. But that's just me." - KA Physical Education Instructor. Name Withheld.



     Invisibility: Standard

  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Hall of Mirrors


"Mubwin doesn't go looking for trouble. Nor does Trouble find him. No. He Is trouble. He comes and finds those who want trouble, and of course nobody sees him coming either. Half the time he'll be standing against the wall doing nothing while we're looking for him, the SJE will be out looking for him rather, and we'll see him on the Monitors but the SJE can't find him at all. It's really annoying some times. Those boys are sometimes just plain stupid. Of course, it's got to be hard to comb your hair like that..." - Jennifer Maddison, Second in Command of the SJE and head of SJE Operations.


Sunglasses at Night

     Environmental Awareness: Standard

  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Steel Cage


"Those Sunglasses are what always get me. How can he see with those things on? I mean, from what I can tell they're solid black. Even in Hallways lit with Sevenhundred Megawat Overhead Bulbs it's got to be black as night out there. Sometimes... I've seen him walking Backwards down the hall. Backwards! Bobbing and weaving as if he Knew where he was going even though he wasn't looking. It's Disturbing I tell you... Disturbing! I'm just glad he's not in my class. I don't think I could handle somebody who sits backwards in their desk. That's what I hear he does anyway... If he even attends his classes. Then again, I don't see why he'd need to Wear his SUNGLASSES in the CLASSROOM!" - KA Psychology I Instructor. Name Withheld.



     Necromancer: Standard


"I hear he killed a girl once. On accident, that is. Yeah. No, worse than that... It...well, it's best not talked about. I hear she still hangs around him as a Ghost, not realizing she's dead and all either. Well, heh, I guess if that's how I died I'd stick around the guy too. Hehehehe... Oh? Yeah, Some people can see her sometimes... Not alot tho. She's a ghost and all... No, I really don't know that much about Ghosts. I can tell you about Werewolves and Fey tho! I'm an Expert on those! Hey, where you goin?" - Amber Kushkir, Member of the KA Preternatural Studies Club.



     Necromancer: Standard


"Her? Yeah. I've seen her. Know her name too, Liddia. She was a student here at KA when Mubwin first came over from supposedly Italy. If you ask me I say it's all a crock, that, He doesn't even have an Accent. Anyway, Liddia, yeah They hit it off real good the first week he was here. Then she vanished. Not that nobody noticed. Including Her. She's his Girlfirend for Eternity now. Heh, Unlucky bastard if you ask me. Oh, sure, she's pretty and everything but she's a wraith, not to be confused with a ghost, and she's very protective. She's successfully fended off every attempt to seduce Mubwin thus far and I doubt she'll be stopping any time soon. She can do some rather awesome things if she feel Mubwin is significantly threatened. Blood on the walls, Voices, flying objects. Yeah, nothing you haven't seen already but still. Being Haunted by a late girlfriend has it's ups and downs I guess. Now if you'll excuse me I have papers to grade." - KA Art Sciences Instructor. Name Withheld.


Resistances: Empathy

     Resistances: Standard


"Authority? Don't make me laugh. This boy has no respect for any sort of Authority outside of his own. Nothing can even so much as Phase him when it comes down to attempting to get to the 'deeper problems'. Hell, we've even had some of the more prominent Psychologists attempt to talk to him. Psychics, Empathists, Mentalists even. Poof. No use. He's still Superman and we're no closer to getting him to stop... Oh well." - KA Guidance Councilor. Name Withheld.