Fenrir Swordsmith

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 Wins!


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Standard

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 3

Mr. Kite

I've always been what you'd call a "free spirit." Since I was a child I always looked to the sky. But it was always so dirty, you couldn't see the stars, and it only served to remind me how close to the earth I really was. Most people never set their sights beyond the boundaries of what they can see. For a while I had given up on life. I was a petty, low-life, ordinary thug. I worked Lowtown for the few scraps it's worth. And really, I guess you couldn't say I hadn't made something of myself even then. The name Fenrir was synonymous with a quick end. It didn't matter who, I took on all comers. They said I have a death wish. Well...yes and no. There's a certain rush in cheating death...to stare it in the eyes...it's the greatest rush of your life. And, to a certain amount...it's a turn on. But, I need to talk about why we're here, not *ahem * other things... Dano Sforza saw something more in me than some random lowlife, and I saw something in him, a way out. It didn't hurt that they offered me my baby, The Flying Ace. My whole life people had always told me that I came from Lowtown, I live in Lowtown, and I'll someday die in Lowtown. But I've escaped the depths of hell. Then they told me they wanted me to get some stone. They call it "The Heart of Dios." It has some awesome power, so they say. I say I've been gypped. Here I had a way out of this two-bit death trap, and I've been given a chump job. I screamed, as I'm given to do, that this is a job for some rookie, not a person of my obvious skills. Then he told me that I'm not the only one after it. That, as we speak people are gathering from all over in search of it. Also, though I doubt he meant to, he hinted at some great danger about this mission...almost certain death lay for anyone who even tried. I probably would have done it anyway, if you had seen the plane he gave me you would have made the same mistake I am. So, I'm off to get some crummy stone or something. Now I have my wings, and I can fly amongst the stars, as I've always wanted.

I have a certain flair for the more devious acts of mankind. You know, those things you dream of doing in secret but never get a chance to in real life. I've done them. All of them. It's left me feeling...bored. I'm a high intensity kind of girl. So, as I've gone down the line, I've just been more and more extreme. You know I was the first person to jump off of The Fallen Tower. Oh sure, it's easy to get in to, but let's just say they weren't all too thrilled when a grunt breached their security and made a jump off of it. That goes up there with the greatest rushes in my life. Let's just say it brought a..smile to my face.

The Flying Ace

     Vehicle: Supreme


So you found The Flying Ace. I think people are kind of drawn to it, like a magnet. It's a piece of machinery whose beauty shines radiantly. This bad girl is easily the fastest regular plane in all of Khazan. There's nothing supremely fancy about it or anything, but it flies with the agility of a bird and the speed of a cheetah. When you're up there, above it all, everything feels so...serene. Like you cares are melting away. Even Khazan, the city part I mean, looks peaceful from a few hundred miles up. Far away from the noise and the clatter and the hate... If it didn't need gas every now and then, or if I didn't need a certain amount of maintenance myself every so often, I think I could live up there...



     Acrobat: Superior


A wise man once told me, "The best offense is a good defense." Come to think of it, that may have been my high school Gym coach, but it's still wise words. It's not the easiest thing in the world to tag an attack on someone who's doing back flips across the room and jump over your head. I love it when those big hulking brutes swing their swords around, and can't hit me. The look of utter frustration that cross their faces never fails to amuse me.


Personal Death

     Slicing Attack: Superior

  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


I have a rather impressive set of daggers hidden just under my cloak. They range in various sizes and weight, but all have been sharpened to a keen point. They're the assassin's choice of weapons, after all. I find them much more personal than a gun or some other automatic weapon. With killing machines like these you really get the feeling that you offed the person yourself. It was all you, no whistles or bells.


Long Range Death

     Thrown Objects: Superior


Of course, it's just hard to get to some people. These people who hide in the treetops or behind walls sicken me. They're cowards. When all else fails, a dagger tossed just right can be a savior. A quick one right in the eye always gets the job done. The people in The Fallen used to call this my "deranged William Tell trick." It also makes for an interesting torture device. Never knowing when or where I'll strike...that fear is just delicious.


The Lovely

     Pheremones: Superior


Now, some say that it's all well and good to be able to soar amongst the clouds, to be as nimble as a fox crossed with a frog, and to slash and throw with the nimble precision that most men could only hope for, but I pack something a bit more. I'm not naive, I know what loves means. It's in the dictionary, you can look it up. It's somewhere between ignorant and stupid. I don't care for love, don't believe in the stuff, but oh, what some men have said. They love men, they need me, they'll give anything for me. You know I've been promised the moon and the stars? I've yet to collect on that little number, but I'm sure I will someday.



     Blending: Supreme


So it's not enough to be able to soothe the savage beast, sometimes the beast just doesn't want to be tamed. That's fine too. Me and the shadows, we're like this. Now of course, I understand in words it's hard to understand that, but trust me, my fingers are quite close together. It comes with being a low timer in lowtown.