Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Standard

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


The city of Khazan has had its share of criminal masterminds and megalomaniac would-be world conquerors, but, little did the city know, they hadn't seen a true outlaw. Outlaws are more than just men and women with the power to take from others. They are a special breed of warrior that think with their fists and powers the same way a scientist would think with his brain and his neural synapses. In their coloured world, everything is boiled down to simplistic motivations. In fact, Outlaws are more a driving force of destruction than a mortal human in search of some specific objective. Khazan's first glimpse of an Outlaw came just last Saturday afternoon. The sun was just falling from its highest peak of the day when a man strode down 8th Street with a flame slowly broiling beneath his shadowed eyes. When a small boy crossed his path, the figure didn't stop but still managed to walk around the child ignoring him completely. After all, the boy wasn't part of the Outlaw's world. Where the bank was swept away in the brilliant colours of the Outlaw's vision, the boy's glow faded into obscurity. He wasn't important. After the Outlaw walked calmly into the bank, a restless quiet folded over the street outside. Onlookers who had missed the imposing figure walked casually down the sidewalk not expecting what was about to happen. All hell broke loose when a young woman stopped to take a look at her hair in the reflection of the bank window. She had a few seconds to pray before the window exploded outward and eviscerated her instantly. Inside the bank, there was utter quiet as fire engulfed the entirety of the building. There were people inside, but everything had happened so quickly that there was no time for them to scream. Luckily, the girl at the window was the only casualty outside. At least, till the Outlaw walked through the flames at the door of what used to be the bank with a bag of unmarked bills in his hand and grinned a slimey, sickening smile that made a nearby man vomit in disgust. There was a sudden stillness in the air before another man made the fatal mistake of running in front of the Outlaw. Raising his arm as if aiming a gun, the Outlaw clicked an imaginary trigger with his fingers and spread his diseased smile even further. The man was later found dead with a self cauterized bullet wound to the head. No bullet was ever found at the scene. Then... Things got REALLY bad.

The Outlaw did not have emotions the way a normal person does. His heart contained only filth and greed that held sway over his actions and decisions. Although he was not an automaton, the Outlaw seemed... cold in a way. Cruel in many others.


     Empathy: Standard


Sundown channels pure sunfire from nowhere. There is no source. He is not gifted by a god. He just thinks and things catch on fire. It may very well be that he's the strongest pyrokinetic Khazan's seen in the last century.



     Fire: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Multi-Attacks


Each Outlaw has a method to their madness. This Outlaw was born with the innate ability to project fire with his mind. Wherever there were two molecules to rub together, fire was his to create and destroy. He utilized this in the fight by creating 'bullets' of heat that bordered on temperatures even Earth's sun could not encompass. These virtual bullets of superhot air set aflame went through the officers without stopping to say hello. Then, when he got bored, he just lit the cop cars on fire. The entire block was engorged in a fiery circle of destruction. This was about the same time the police realized they were in way over their head.


Thermal Vision

     Thermal Vision: Standard


The battle was still going strong in the middle of the night. Police officers were falling by the dozens and had to start wearing night vision goggles. The whole time, the Outlaw's eyes burned with flame and no officer was safe in the dark. Everything was lit aflame in his vision. And so he made it a reality.


The Outlaw's Eye

     Marksman: Ultimate


There's something I forgot to tell you about Outlaws. They never miss. As engines of pure destruction, their skill is less mental thought and more primal reflex. No one has ever captured an Outlaw, but it's said that their sensory neurons don't go to their brains. They go straight to the trigger finger and back again.


Resistance: Empathy

     Resistances: Standard


When the police brought in a SLJ telepath, they thought they had the situation finally covered. The mentalist tried to reach into the Outlaw's mind. All she saw was flame. There was nothing she could do to the flame. Her fingers could only pass through it and harm her astral self. When she returned to the material plane, the honor guard of police around her were dead. Then, so was she.


Coronal Aura

     Damage Shield: Ultimate

  • Area Affect


Whenever a cop would get within a certain distance of the Outlaw, their entire body would melt to so much gel just from the raging heat surrounding the strange figure. The heat had intensified late in the battle so much that the mere presence of Sundown began to melt the concrete around him into magma. Yet, the man himself stayed untouched. He walked through the destruction of his own making and layed ruin to the police around him by just being. Seeing a man get burnt to death by the meer presence of this... monster was unbelievable. Nothing I'll forget for a long time to come.