Grizzled Old Prospector

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3

J-Sherl Headlock

Waaaaay pu in them thar mountains lives on old fella by the name o' Ol' Jebediah Wik-Nik Cornpone. Ol' Jeb, he's one of your hermit types, who got real dang tired of society and technology and all that dad-blamed noise! So, he staked himself a claim to them whole dang mountains and just shut himself off from the world. Ol' Jeb knows the way of the forest and the ways of the animals. They're like his kinfolk. Ol' Jeb shore is the Looooord of the Mountains!"....or so Mr. Gramp McGoo down at the produce stand says. Whether this is all true or not, Jebediah IS real, and he's mean too. He was wandering the backwoods of his property when he fell through a rickety ol' mineshaft. What came out on the other side was Khazan. Well, Jeb figured this should be counted as his property too. Mumblin', reeking, and complaining of "Gall-Dang SMOOCHERS on my property!"(your guess is as good as mine...maybe his land was a hot makeout spot or sumthin'), Ol' Jeb wandered around Khazan for a while, eventually takin' on what he saw as the biggets threat to his solitude and silence: the large amount of superhumans at a place called the FPL. Once there he got duped into fightin' with some good ol' boys, the boys in question being Devin and the rest of the League of the mentally unstable. Jeb's story may sound a bit trite, but, well, were you to hear the REAL story you'd be caught off guard when he started firin' at ya.


     Marksman: Supreme


Ol' Jeb can shoot the deedlybobbers off a flea on a dog's forehead from 3 miles away.....this was the common measure of marksmanship back in the ol' days. Jeb can hit anythin' he aims ta uh, aim for.



     Fire: Superior


Ol' Jeb is never without his trusty shootin' stick, Ol' Bessie. Ol' bessie is an indestructible weapon he gained from the legendary hunter Gary Odin. It is given the power of infinite ammunition and has withstood dang near ev'rythin'. It's ammo, the purest form of concussive explosive, leave huge fireballs scarring his huntin'ground for long after he's gone. And he'll shoot darn near anythin', too. He's a mean ol' cuss, that Jeb is.


Communicate with Animals

     Communicate with Animals: Superior


Ol' Jeb shore does know the ways of the animals. Knows their talk, too. Jeb can talk with most critters he comes across, and they stick to him like fatback to a tin roof. With a standard grumble-mumble or a growl or a chatter, they snap to, boy; even though normal folk can' make out a word that feller says!


Beast Master

     Beast Master: Superior


Ol' Jeb can call all the animal folk to his control...all the critters from the backwoods of his property. The buzzards attracted by his foul stench, the vermin after the same, the snakes and gators after the vermin, the mosquitoes everpresint in swampland areas, and even a mother Kodiak and her cubs(he pulled a sequoia out of her paw). His favorite loyal companions are his ol' hounddog Ol' Blue( are ALL hounddogs named Ol' Blue? Is there some form of legislation for this?) and a rabid maneatin' beaver what lives in his left leg.


Armor Skin

     Armor Skin: Standard


Ol' Jeb 1st went inta the mountains dang near a hundrit years ago, an' he ain' come back since. Well, not takin' to a bath in a hundred years and runnin aroung in forest and swamp and being a folk legend and such, a fella'll get a mite dirty. And a hundred years of filth has built up on Ol' Jeb to where he's pretty filthy. So filthy he can survive a rifle shell point blank, like the crud was some kinda shield or sumthin'. It's stood up to most anythin' in the forest, but he hasn't been in Khazan before, so we'll just see.