Immortal Raven

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 10 Wins!


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 10

Personal Losses: 2


God is love. God is mercy. God is kind. God is just. God is holy. God is pure. The Bible says all these thing, so they must be true. The problem is that the Bible does not distinguish meta-physical concept from actual physical fact. For example, Noah and the flood was a tangible, physical thing. I saw it and take my word for it, it was a sight to behold. Now you're probably wondering how old I am, what my origin is, and if I'm even from planet Earth. Well, the fact of the matter is this. I am a raven. When I was created, God came to me and said, "I have chosen you for immortality. You will enjoy the splendor, majesty, and glory of my creation until I return to bring all people to heaven." I thought this was an excellent idea and thanked God for his generosity. After all, perfection in any shape, form or manifestation is an awesome thing to behold. But then it happened. Adam and Eve sinned and plunged the world into darkness and bleakness that only imperfection can bring. I felt the joy that God had given me for being immortal suddenly be ripped out of me by a force that I came to know as sin. I went to God and asked him if I was still immortal and if I would have to endure this suffering at the hand of sin until Judgment Day. I even begged him to take it from me. He told me plainly that he had no such intention of helping me, and that I must live all of my days in this world in sin. I reminded him that I had done nothing wrong, but he paid me no heed and simply left me. There I was, shattered, broken, all belief in God's goodness gone. It took me a great deal of time to come to terms with what had happened. I don't even know that I fully have come to accept it. Over the years I have heard marvelous stories of God's great love for the world and its inhabitants. He gave a drought stricken land rain. He gave famine plagued lands grain. He saved children and elderly alike from death. But to the one creature who had done nothing to incur God's wrath or deserve a punishment, he could show no mercy. I still have no explanation for this punishment that God gave me, but at least I've come to terms with it. I'm here, I'm always going to be here, I figure I may as well do something that I enjoy. What do I enjoy? Anything that is the direct antithesis of God.

Hate, the exact opposite of the word love. Hate is the one thing that keeps me going I think. I hate God and I hate anything that pleases God. In some cases though, I think I've transcended beyond hate. I've seen example of the word in modern society. Some crimes are known as 'hate' crimes, but they don't really do the concept justice. Pure hate, unadulterated hate, insatiable hate is what I have. This is the kind that won't let you rest until your nemesis, the source of your hate is lying dead and broken in front of you because you killed him. I haven't found a way to kill God, but I will not rest until one of us is done. Either way I will gain some measure of peace. If I kill him, I will have accomplished my goal. If he kills me, I won't exist and that seems like a very good concept right now. With that in mind, I will not rest until one of us has fallen.

Wings of Fury

     Flight: Supreme


Anatomically speaking, I am different from humans. Yes we both have heart, lungs, and breathe air, but that's about as far as the similarity goes. One difference are my wings. I can fly, pure and simple. Just flap and go. Flying does give me a different perspective of creation. It doesn't change my mind about God and what he did to me, but it gives me the chance to observe from all angles and decide how best to go about ruining God's creation. For example, I stumbled upon a medical lab in the United States where they were researching cures for the common cold. Judging by the behavior of the doctors, they appeared to have found a cure or at least made a break through. I couldn't have that. I flew in, grabbed the vials of the supposed cure, and flew out the air vents. Then I went to the Andes mountains and dumped the vials into an active volcano. I can't have people living longer and healthier lives when I am miserable. Sure I set medical science back several years, but I'm past the point of caring about the human race. They've never done anything for me. Most of them are on God's side and any friend of his is an enemy of mine.



     Natural Weaponry: Standard

  • Multi-Attacks


Another difference is talons. Sweet, curved, rigid, sharp talons. They're nothing out of the ordinary because all ravens possess them. I just happen to use mine in a more particular way. Other ravens use them for food. I do too, one of the few things that still gives me the faintest amount of pleasure. I use them to hurt people, cut electrical lines, anything you can think of to cause general mayhem and chaos. As I mentioned I flew into a science lab. I used the claws to tear of the grate from the air vent. And if you were thinking I flew in unnoticed and simply took the vials of antidote, you would be sadly mistaken. I flew in and was spotted by several of the doctors. And it's amazing what people can and can't do. Those particular doctors can deal with lethal viral agents and needles, but a raven flying around slashing at their faces was a bit too much for them to handle. They screaming like little children and dove for cover under operating table and file cabinets. I would have stayed to torture them a while longer because that was more entertaining than most things I do, but I felt that robbing them of their precious cure would be more important.



     Toxic Touch: Superior


I must admit, those doctors were right to hide their faces. Not because they might be scarred. Big deal, God scarred my very being with immortality. Any scars that others have simply do not compare. But the real reason they were smart is because I coat my talons with toxins. It's mostly snake and spider venom designed to give the victim a slow and agonizing death. Before I go and attack a human, I will usually attack a snake, a spider, or anything else venomous so that I can coat the talons. Then when the victim wonders why a simple scratch from a raven can cause so much pain and suffering, I laugh inside. It's a small laugh, but any measure of satisfaction I can get is worth it. I don't care who I do it to. It could be a king. It could be a common child. They're all the same to me: enemies who must be dealt with.



     Communicate with Animals: Standard


Human beings have voice boxes. Most of them use these to speak and communicate with each other. Being a raven, I do not have the luxury of a voice box, so I can not communicate with humans. I can however talk to my fellow ravens. It's not a huge accomplishment. After all, any being can usually communicate with its own kind. I am no different. I caw, other ravens caw back. It's very simple. My range of communication extends to all members of the avian race. Condors, eagles, and even lowly pigeons all understand my calls and I understand theirs. I also understand the English language that humans use, I just can't speak it back. No matter, talking to a human would probably only frustrate me. They would talk about how good God is and what a great world we live in. Then I would kill them out of anger. I figure why have an extra step in there. I prefer just killing them without a reason. It makes sense, that's how I was taught. God cursed me without a good reason, so I curse other people without a good reason.



     Beast Master: Standard


Ravens are the outcasts of society, even among the bird community. Most birds if you'll notice, get along with other parts of society. Parakeets become pets of humans. Pigeons eat bread crumbs out of human hands. Chickens and turkeys submit to being butchered so that humans can live in luxury and eat in splendor. Ravens are different, ravens and crows. And the only reason crows are in our league is because we're both black. That's as far as the comparison goes. They hang out on farms and eat corn. We ravens live in the most remote places on earth, scavenging food from anywhere we can get it. Some days it's tapeworm, other days bring a rotten apple. This is much the same diet that a beggar in the slums of a large city might eat. I'm not trying to associate myself with them, but being an outcast does have its tougher points. I'm fed up with getting a bad reputation. Sure my deeds deserve it, but I was getting this reputation before I had even done anything and all because I'm a raven. Well, if we're going to get bad press for being who we are, I believe we may as well earn it.


Murder of Ravens

     Beast Master: Standard


My murder, my ravens. I gathered these ravens from the far corners of the earth. They are hand-picked by me for their resourcefulness, cunning, and toughness. Before you speculate on how smart they are, I can answer that for you. They're not intelligent at all. They do not share my vision of wanton chaos and destruction. All they understand is that by working together, they can have better food and life. I demonstrated this to each of them when I recruited them. I would take one of them and go hunt some small mammal such as a squirrel. With two of us hunting it took no time to kill the beast. Then we enjoyed a meal and rest. During the meal I told them about being in a group and getting better food with less work. Now the murder is large enough to take down bears and fully grown men. I would explain how we do it, but I believe Alfred Hitchcock has already done a splendid job of it. For a visual aid of what a murder of ravens does, watch his move entitled "The Birds".


Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon

     Tactician: Superior


Fate seems to be a fickle thing for most humans. For instance, they wonder why their dog died or why their grandma contracted cancer. It was genetic, there's your answer. A more difficult question is why were so many people throughout history bent on world domination. Hitler, Khan, Napoleon, Mussolini, Stalin, and Caesar are just a few of these men. I know the answer. Hell, I am the answer. It was my influence and key staging of events in their life. I made sure Caesar's ego stayed big enough so that he believed that he could rule the known world. I made things go bump in the night so that Stalin was constantly paranoid and untrusting. All of these power-mad dictators were influenced by me. Whether it was placing a key book in a spot for them to read or causing a life-changing event to happen, I did it so that they would become power-hungry and mad. However, to be fair I also caused their downfalls by doing the same things to the people that stopped them. Why would I play both sides of the fence? The answer is quite simple. War is the greatest source of catastrophe, chaos, destruction, murder, suffering, and carnage that humanity has ever known. If I were to let these dictators win, there would be a semblance of order and I can't have that. By keeping war going indefinitely, I have caused more havoc than one of my prodigies ever could. To the victor go the spoils and I was the victor, using my puppets while letting them think that they were doing all of these things themselves. After all, the best puppeteers don't use strings.


Resistances: Avatar

     Resistances: Standard


Powers and dominations have never held much sway in my mind. Kings, queens, monarchs, emperors, and the like have all come and gone in my time. The same could be said for priests and avatars. Priests die, so they don't really concern me. Avatars are powerful indeed, but the fact is that they just hold no sway with me. I don't care if you're the avatar of time, of the universe, of a country, it makes no difference. I'm going up against God himself and you think a puny little avatar, a symbol, is going to scare me. Face it, they're just second rate next to the power of God. I hate him with a passion that will never end as long as I live, but I must admit he is the most powerful being I know. No priest, king, or avatar could have done this to me. Those hacks are a mere shadow of God's seemingly limitless power. I'm not admitting defeat, I just admit that God is the only one I have not defeated, yet.


Resistances: Sorcerer

     Resistances: Standard


I hate God first and foremost. Then I started wondering who I hated next. I hate most everything, but there has to be a hierarchy. I thought about it for a great while. There are all types of people; rich snobs, gangsters, kings, etc... After a long wait, I came to the conclusion that magicians and sorcerers are the epitome of fa├žade and phony. At least with God there is real power. None of these pansy fake magic tricks designed to trick and deceive people into believing that you're better than you are. God may be a phony, but he's a phony who backs it up. Not so with a diviner. In fact, that's one of the few things that God and I agree on. He hates them too because of their deceit. The problem is that he used to strike them down in the Bible, now he just let's them go on. Just another example of him shirking responsibility and being callous toward the goodwill reputation that he does not deserve. They both make me sick, but at least I can do something about the sorcerers. One visit from my murder of ravens and they will be sorry for every trick they ever pulled. And after I kill them, God denies them entrance to heaven and sends them to hell with the rest of the vermin. I love them going to hell, but I don't want to cause God pleasure any more than he has granted me mercy.


Immunity: Force of Will

     Immunity: Standard


People always picture their heroes as strong-willed or stout-hearted. Martin Luther endured persecution from most of the known world. The Apostles like Peter and Thomas were killed for believing in God's love. That alone should be proof that God is not benevolent, just, or loving. The point is, these were strong-willed people and they're all dead and gone, their bodies rotting beneath the earth. Their wills do not matter and why should they. I'm still here and they're not. Hitler was hell bent on world domination and I stopped him. It doesn't matter how much you want something or how much heart you put into it. It doesn't matter to me. You will fall before me because I am immortal and I am the one who can and will stop you. So stop trying to thwart me, your attempts will fail no matter what you do. If you're smart you'll steer clear of my anger because I will break you and humble you. I will teach you the true meaning of power and clarity. Your heart will crumble and your will shall fade because no one but God has been able to stop me and he is not intervening this time.



     Iron Will: Supreme


Go ahead, just try to stop me. I dare you. Many have tried before, all of them indirectly except for God. He doesn't seem to intervene much. I suppose he thinks he's doing some bit of justice for me by allowing me to plague humanity with all of my wretchedly wonderful, vindictive plans. That's what he thinks, but it's a load of bull to me. If he was really just, he'd have taken the immortality away when that fool woman ate from the tree. Damn it. God is one big asshole. ~All those others who tried to stop me didn't even know they were hindering me. I guess that means I should be lenient and show them mercy right? Wrong. First off, no one has ever shown me any mercy whatsoever, so I'm not inclined to show anyone else any. Second, ignorance of my situation only serves to piss me off even more. Not that I wasn't already mad, but this is like throwing gasoline on a bonfire. You know what's going to happen, but it really doesn't matter anymore. Those mortals and their concepts of peace and order. What fools! Take my word for it, those people who try and stop me are only chasing fairy pipe dreams. Chaos is the only absolute. Chaos is what matters.