Miria Maximoff

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Standard

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


Ooh what to do, what to do. Why does life have to be so difficult all the time? I know my duty as a priestess of the Snow Goddess requires me to destroy creatures of darkness.. but this one isn't anything like the rest! He's considerate, polite, and that face of his is just so.. so... *wistful sigh* Ooh stupid temple laws, this is the first polite guy I've had the luck to meet in months and he's a servant of evil.. this sucks! *pout* No wonder everyone thinks we're a bunch of ice queen types. Stupid laws, stupid pops selling me to the temple to feed his fat face, stupid Anubis being evil, stupid goddess, stupid me for falling for him! It's all so.. so.. grrr..... stupid! Why couldn't I have gotten a normal father you know? Someone who wouldn't sell his only child off to a temple for something as paltry as a half dozen icefish, is that too much to ask? Would have made my life a lot simpler to.. damn stupid old man. Well I have no choice then.... I shall win over Anubis and turn him to the side of the heavens!

Forgive me Goddess for I have allowed one of my own to stray. *sigh* You may remember Miria Maximoff.. well she took her frost blade and ran from the convent this morning. I should have been watching her more closely given I knew how impulsive she is.. I just hope that impulsiveness and her temper don't disgrace us too much.

Immunity: Sword Master

     Immunity: Standard


Among the gifts bestowed upon the warrior-priestess' of the Ice Goddess Ayanamy is the Blessing of the Sword Grave. Swordsmen opposing a priestess will soon find a chill penetrating to their very soul, robbing them of their skills for as long as they seek to harm the priestess. This will leave even the greatest swordmaster completely bereft of his abilities, allowing a priestess to more easily incapacitate or kill him.


Immunity: Cold

     Immunity: Standard


As one might expect priestess' of the Ice Goddess are granted an immunity to even the most bitter cold. A priestess could quite literally stroll through even the most bitter and cold blizzard without a stitch of clothing without the slightest chill penetrating her skin. This power is one of the reasons the priestess' are able to wield their legendary frost-blades.


Resistances: Energy Conduit

     Resistances: Standard


Those who worship Ayanamy are all sworn to battle the creatures of the Darkness wherever they may be found. However even the strongest warrior may encounter something beyond their ability to handle, thus the Ice Goddess placed a blessing upon her servants to shield them from the supernatural abilities of those horrors they were sure to face. This effectively leveled the playing field between human and demon and is part of the reason the servants of the Ice Maiden have their rather respectable reputation as dark-foes.


Sword Mistress

     Sword Master: Ultimate


Each warrior of the goddess Ayanamy must choose a weapon upon their elevation to priestess so that they may recieve formal training in its use. Some choose polearms or axes, others bows or boomerangs. In Miria's case she selected the sword, and since that day has taken to it like an icefish to a glacier. Despite her young age she is already one of the foremost fighters in the temple.. much as those who rouse her ire have discovered to their discomfort.


Frost Blade I

     Cold: Superior

  • Area Affect


The blade of Miria's sword is commonly referred to as a Frost Blade. Though the term is generically used to describe the sharp portion of any Priestess' weapon, the name itself originated with swords of its type. Each of these mystically endowed and blessed weapons is razor-edged filled with a supernatural chill, as well as...


Frost Blade II

     Mind Blast: Superior

  • Auto-Hit Attack
  • Area Affect


..a charge of mystical energy. The resulting wound is not only subjected to an extreme temperature change, but the soul of the target is treated to a powerful surge of eldritch energy, the spiritual equivalent of the blade's physical cold. This allows the frost blade to damage even incorporeal demons and greatly increases its effectiveness against more mundane foes.


Terrain Familiarity: Frozen Wastes

     Terrain Familiarity: Standard


Each servant of the Ice Goddess who hopes to advance beyond the level of priestess must first pass the Trial of Purification. A priestess in the Trial must go out among the icy tundras and glaciers of the Ice Goddess' domain with nothing more than their vestments and weapon. There they must survive, communing with the ice and snow until she knows the snowy places as surely as they know her. Once this is done only then may they move further up into the temple ranks.


Terrain Familiarity: Mountains

     Terrain Familiarity: Standard


It's almost like home this place. High up, plenty of cold. *sigh* I hope I can find Anubis-sama soon.. the temple may be boring but all my friends are there.. of course then Asuka would know where I am so maybe I could stay out here just a little bit longer....