Chick Magnet

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 3 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Reavers


Strength: Weak

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


There is no love like that of a woman scorned. It's enough to cower the forces of hell itself with its furious intensity and determination. We learned that a few weeks ago when Hannah Ilander just... snapped. Even now, nobody knows what to make of it. Just that it began several months ago, and that it's high time it be nipped in the bud. Something happened. Delinquency was at an all time low, more students were passing their exams, and there was a general air of justice served all around. Even the Elite and the downtrodden were kinda sorta getting along, and it was all thanks to the Angel of Justice, Otomo Otojiro. Then it all went to pot, just like that. Something happened. Overnight, OTO! became Grand Theft OTO! Now with GTO! on the loose, the Academy faces its greatest crisis yet. Something happened, and Hannah Ilander was one of its casualties. She was an Elite, but she was also of the Cult of OTO! When he changed, she couldn't handle it. The stress was too much, and her Nelke resurfaced. She became Chick Magnet, Mistress of Magnetism and one of our few lines of defense against the OTO!calypse. Something happened. We don't know what. We know it started around the time of the Tournament, and we know we can't let it happened. To detention with paradox. Whatever happened, it has to be stopped before it started. Temporal Inverter is ready to go. You've got to stop it Hannah. You've got to save him... Chick Magnet!

Hannah's always excelled in general. When you keep doing better at everything than others, pretty soon, you start thinking that you ARE better than others. This might not sound like a particularly good trait, but it gave Hannah the confidence and the bearing to rise to the top of the Academy's pecking order, the Elite. It also gave her a real attitude problem, and putting it quite bluntly, until OTO! came along, she was a real Queen B!tch. Then he started doing his thing, delivering justice and all that rot. Doing it his way. Something happened along the line, whatever it was, it was off the record, but Hannah changed. Oh, she still stayed a b!tch, but you couldn't really consider her b!tch royalty anymore. Then he changed. Then SHE changed. Now she's Chick Magnet, Mistress of Magnetism, and you've guessed it, the Queen is dead, long live the Queen.

Mistress of Magnetism

     Magnetism: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Chick Magnet used to be Hannah Ilander used to be Magnetta. The Elite never really bother with aliases, so Hannah's old Magnetta monicker was more of a nickname among the peasants of the Academy. She always thought it was rather catchy, so refrained from destroying the lives of any who called her that. That was back when she used to flaunt her uniqueness. After all, being a super powered being as opposed to a mere drab mortal was nothing to be ashamed of. The Nelkere have an illustrious history of shaping the world. It meant she was destined for greatness. Enter OTO! His acts of justice had her thinking. Hannah always fancied herself a sophisticated lady, more mature and responsible than others her age, but his selflessness mirrored her selfishness, and suddenly she saw herself but a child. A child too immature and irresponsible to wield the raw power at her disposal, so she sealed that power away, vowing that if she couldn't use her talents justly, she wouldn't use them at all. That's when she became just plain mere drab mortal Hannah Ilander. Until all hell broke loose. OTO! became GTO! Nothing would ever be the same again. Hannah Ilander would never be the same again. She'll be Chick Magnet, Mistress of Magnetism.



     Magnetism: Standard


The magnetic field that governs us all, surrounds us, envelopes our world and traverses the span of the universe itself. Manipulating the field, its nature to attract and repel, making use of the magnetic forces of her own body, gravity can be defied and Chick Magnet is able to break away from its binds to gain freedom that is envied by even the birds.


Environmental Awareness

     Magnetism: Standard


There is metal in virtually everything. Wood, flesh, even the air is permeated with metal. Zinc, copper, iron and even gold. If not metal, then electricity, and a multitude of other elements, all under the gaze of magnetism. As the Mistress of Magnetism, Chick Magnet is aware. What is under the gaze of magnetism is under the gaze of Chick Magnet. Yes, Chick Magnet is AWARE.


Mind Control

     Magnetism: Supreme


Like it's been said, there are elements subjected to magnetism in basically everything. Living things like animals have it just a bit worse, they have electrical impulses and the flesh is stimulated by it. Manipulating the body, even the mind is all part and parcel of mistressing magnetism.


Resistances: Inventor

     Resistances: Standard


It should be obvious here. Machines, molded under man's hands, crafted from the most part, metal. No, no machine will even be able to approach the Mistress of Magnetism, much less work against her. Her rule is absolute.


Terrain Familiarity: Steel Cage

     Terrain Familiarity: Standard


Left and right, up and down, backwards and forwards, she is surrounded by her minions. On all sides, there is steel. Malleable under the will of the Mistress of Magnetism. All eager and ready to serve the whims of Chick Magnet.


Sidechick Snoops

     Detective: Standard


No, they don't hang together, but they knew each other since kindergarden. At least, they knew about each other's existence and she's proned to making googly eyes at Hannah. On the other hand, Hannah sort of forgot about her existence. What was her name again? Ah, joking, joking. She's so easy to rattle sometimes, Lisa, Lisa Murphy. Snoops. That's her nickname. Guess what she does. She snoops. Very useful for what's on hand. If they're going to save OTO! from himself, they'll need to find out why he changed. That's where Chick Magnet's Sidechick companion comes in, to snoop around. They've gotten this far, let's see if they can get further.



     Magnetism: Supreme


Via a variety of methods from concentrating magnetic elements in the air around her and increasing the its density therein, to enveloping herself with multiple dual magnetic layers of differing polarity that immobolize and even deflect foreign intrusion, the Mistress of Magnetism makes well sure to protect herself from harm.



     Magnetism: Standard


Mother... thank you. Thank you for your love, the way you embrace and care for me. No matter where I am, no matter what I'm doing, you're there for me. Nurturing me, giving me strength and the will to go on. Mother Earth, Mother Space, Mother Nexus, whoever you are mother, thank you. The aura of love, the field of magnetism you let off... I love you mother.