Glethen DelMura

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Supreme

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


The Council of Knives spoke out to the Vampire families a millennia ago. The 99th unblooded son to be born to our kind would bring about our doom. Cursed with the dying breath of the traitor Heshktet Rap-Et at her execution, that child would rise in power, belying his own untainted, mortal blood, and signal the end of the night's children. The Council deemed that every family would keep records of every unblooded child born to their families, and that upon the birth of the 99th child, they would take the child and slaughter him in defiance of the fate placed upon their race. Centuries passed. The Vampire families dispersed across the cosmos. The Council of Knives found it increasingly difficult to tabulate the births of the unblooded sons. Some families even forgot the curse altogether. I would have never known my curse had it not been for my journey to the Council's home world. I visited the Oracle of Shadows to see what the fates had commanded for a mere unblooded son such as myself. The Oracle smiled when she spoke of my fate, as if she took pleasure in revealing me to be the fabled 99th Son. And... I smiled with her. With my destiny revealed, I found the inner peace that so eluded me due to my cursed birth. I returned to my home world to smiles and open arms. I greeted them with death. I slaughtered my family, and stole my father's crown as the head of the DelMura family. My mother... she lies dormant in my laboratory, her blood essence the source of my attempts to ascend this pathetic mortal shell and to vanquish my blooded brethren. I am Glethen DelMura, the Oedipus of my kind.

I whisper to my mother every evening as we conduct my tests. I tell her of the bliss of knowing one's fate and of knowing that your short life will fulfill some purpose. I speak of The Oracle of Shadows and her quest to resurrect Heshktet Rap-Et. I speak of my Mistress Ravenna and her quest to revive The Way of Mystra. I speak of the forgotten Age of Apathy and the coming rebirth of that old War. I speak of the doom of our kindred, and the joy I feel knowing that I will outlive those who once looked at me as nothing but a mere speck on their window of time. I speak of the quiet pleasures that come with revenge and angst. My mother's eyes once quivered with blood tears of sorrow. Now... I think she yearns for the end days, just as I do.

Immunity: Bio Vampire

     Immunity: Standard


Blood of human. Blood of vampire. Blood of demon and blood of angel. It all flows through these false veins stretching across my body. The foul taint of the thaumaturgical mechanics built into my body fuses bloods never meant to mingle into an ichor beyond the consumption of any creature of the night. I dare you to taste of my stolen blood, for what gives me the power to destroy you is nothing but waste upon your lips.


Programmed Fealty

     Animal Transformation: Ultimate


Fret not, though, mother. You shall not be the only one to bear witness to these end days. Each and every one of our kindred lies within this hollow shell you birthed. The circuits and tubes lining my chest cavity each contain the soul of one of our dearly departed family members. With a thought I can become any one of our dead family members, if only in spirit. Hathen DelMura the Abomination. Cinlinne DelMura of the Bloodied Wing. Fon DelMura the Dragonkin. Even my beloved father rests right next to my withered heart in a special computer chip made of obsidian and platinum. So, dear mother, you are not truly alone. While I cannot take his face, would you wish to speak to father? I need merely unlock him for you.


False Beast Of Nature

     Weather Control: Superior

  • Area Affect


Our kind sits atop the cycle of life. We attain sustenance from those beings that are considered the pinnacle of evolution: sentient beings. We are destined to be above the trifflings of mortality and ascend to become forces of nature. A vampire is like unto the earthquake or the typhoon, it does not care who it kills in its wake for it is above such concerns. It is our destiny to be one with these natural forces and to become their master for not only do we rival their might, we also possess the awareness to transcend the mindlessness that is inherent to nature. Since I am not a true vampire, by mimicking our kind's nature through my own efforts I am even higher along the cycle than our brethren. I control the forces of nature not through birthright but by my own determination and invention. Are you not proud, mother? Are you not proud to see your son rise above his kind and evolve to something even greater?


Thaumaturgy Engine

     Bio Vampire: Ultimate


Yes, mother, I am every bit a true vampire now as our kin. My youth was spent in that endeavor. Toiling away underneath the Mystran Chantry on the grounds of Inusaka I meticulously rebuilt my very internal workings to mimic that of a vampire's. To do so I acquired one of the lesser-needed students among the Covenant who was of our breed. I believe his name was Damien, a member of one of them bastard families that refuses to acknowledge the Council of Knives. His screams as I dissected him only served to inspire me in my endeavor. The endless nights I spent keeping him alive so I could see the inner workings of the vampire body, watching him writhe in unending pain are some of my fondest memories. The information I gleamed from his inner workings was far from perfect, but through my own superior ingenuity I turned his imperfect lesser vampire form into the model for my own current Thaumaturgy Engine. Alchemy and engineering replaced evolution and magic as I crafted my own body into the perfect replica of a true vampire. Eons of evolutionary perfection were distilled into mere months of my own craftsmanship and I emerged as you see me now, mother. Do not cry, mother, you should be happy I am finally your equal.


The Knife

     Elongation: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Armor Piercing
  • Multi-Attacks


An equal, yes mother, but I was never satisfied with merely being an equal. The imperfection of the modern vampire is that it requires itself to drink the blood of its victims, touching its lips upon its prey and merging into an intimate bond with a lesser creature. I would have nothing like that. To rise above our kind I had to distance myself from such petty romantic ideals. Any appendage upon my body can act as a feeding device. Watch as I extend this blade from my palm. Upon the tip of this blade lies a feeding device. I can extract the life of my foe from any point upon my body merely by extending such a blade from my form and penetrating their mortal vessel. Gone are the idealized fantasies of our kind. gone are the notions of being close to one's kill, smelling their fear as you drain their life away. All that remains is the Hunt and the Kill. Are you not jealous of me, mother? Do you not wish that you were so fortunate as I to contain such potential to rise above your destiny and mold it to your whims? Do you not see the glory that will come with the demise of our people at my hands? I am Perfection. I am our kind's Savior. We have achieved our peak just as the world enters its final days. The final War is coming mother, relish this moment with me.