Gretta Angelina Augustine

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 3 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


To know one's destiny can mean one of two things: it ca bind you to a set fate and cast you into despair, or it can set you free and send you into bliss. The latter tends to apply to me. It was like something from a storybook. A wisen-looking woman approached me as I played alone in my backyard. I tended to play alone during my youth. She smiled at me. A simple smile. Unagressive. Unassuming. It frightened me, the expression on her face. The total ease and peace that was personified in her smile. She only spoke a few words to me before vanishing from my site. "To love and die is a far greater fate than living in total solitude. Die for one you love. Die for the child." At the time, even at that tender age, I understood those words. On some level, at least, I understood. As I grew older, I prepared for my fate. I prepared my soul to die by living my life to its fullest. I did as I pleased. I still do as I please. I will do as I please until the day I die for you Annalise. You are the child I was told to die for, and I will die for you on my own free will. My own power may be meek, compared to the others. My own prowess may not be able to defend you from those that would kill you, but I will gladly die for your sake, for in my selfless abandon, I have found true meaning in an otherwise chaotic and meadering life.

Oh? Why do you always ask about this, Annalise? You're far too young... ok, ok. Yes, I love Sacriel. Why? Something within me draws me to him. I do not attempt to understand this feeling. I do not wish to spend what little time I have left in this world questioning my emotions. I simply act. Jembres though... I love him as a friend. I'm probably closer to him than I am anyone... besides you. Isn't that love, you ask? Being close to someone? I guess it is, but my inner being doesn't call me towards Jembres the way it calls me to Sacriel. Oh, I know, Jembra is far more polite, and receptive, and caring than Sacriel... oh, hush! I do not love Jembres like that. Silly girl.

Birthright, Destiny, Control

     Necromancer: Standard


Did the woman ever come to me again? That woman that I came to find was Destiny itself? She did come to me one more time after she revealed my fate. Shortly before I met you, she approached me. She only comes when one is alone, from my experience. She came to you when you were alone as well? We should ask the others about that. The second time she came, she came brandishing a sword and attacked me with it. The sword struck me in the shoulder, biting into me as if it were alive. Then... the sword spoke. He told me a rather interesting tale...


Vestian, Fey Soul Blade

     Necromancer: Standard


..Care to hear the tale, Annalise? Good. There was a time when a great evil ravaged the ancient lands of the world. A meciless swordsman was pillaging the countryside, slaughtering peasants, nobles, and any other living thing that came in his path. All fell in the wake of his blade, a staggering sword cast of bronze. His rage continued on unabated for many months, until a small fey boy stepped in his path. The boy was far smaller than the swordsman, and posessed nothing but his wits to guide him, but he stood in the path of the swordsman, defiant of the titan's might. The boy smiled at the giant and spoke a few words. "Strike me down, and forever will your might be mine." The swordsman ran the boy through, but the boy continued to smile, even as his own precious blood flowed from his body. As the boy started to pass on, the swordsman started to quiver. Within moments of the boy's passing, the swordsman was on the ground in convulsions, writhing in agony. Soon after, a bright eruption engulfed the area around where the swordsman and the boy lie on the ground, and all that was left was the bronze sword. The sword was named after the young fey boy that gave his very essence to vanquish the swordsman... yes, the blade does look rather tacky with this outfit, doesn't it? I don't choose my methods, I merely accept what was given to me by my destiny. I even accept the fact that this blade has feelings. Feelings for the blade of Sacriel. Perhaps that is why I am drawn to him.... no. A sword cannot guide my inner emotions. It cannot sway me so...


Feed The Soul, Feed The Child

     Psychic Vampire: Standard


The soul needs nurishment. Such nurishment comes in the form of the bonds with other people. Cherished friendships, bitter rivalries, any sort of human contact gives the soul something to feed upon and sustain its life. A truly interesting idea, don't you think Annalise? Friendship, betrayal, love, jealousy, they are all needed to sustain the soul as if it were food. Such pleasures are witheld from some souls, though. Souls bound to objects, or otherwise kept from being able to gain their sustenance through the basic human emotions. The fey child within this blade has faced this prospect. He must feed upon pure mental prowess in order to sustain his own lifeforce within the blade. Being in my possession gives him this energy, and he syphons off what he needs to survive from me with my permission. But he also is able to take the mental prowess from others more directly and in a more forceful manner to further augment his abilites. As his bronze shell bites into those he attacks, he is able to directly syphon off their energy in a most blatant and painful manner, taking away mass quantities rather than the small tastes that he takes from me, thus empowering himself even further, and thus making his bite all the more dreadful. He also speaks of tasting the soul of Sacriel's blade. Most disturbing...


Your Blood Betrays You

     Detective: Standard


Some say the soul lies within the heart. Some say it lies within the mind. I say the soul flows through your being within your blood. Your desires, your faults, your strengths, your fears, they all run through your body, ever-present. They aren't locked away in some heartbeat, centralized and set to a perpeptual rythym. They aren't stored away in an unfeeling mass that sits atop the body in a state of contemplative solutide. The self is active, just like one's blood. Within your blood, lies everything. Keep this knowledge with you, even after I die, Annalise. The soul is an active being, and as your blood spills, it is set free into the great beyond.


Your Blood Never Lies

     Bio Vampire: Standard


I really do hate to tell you such dreadful things, I really do. But this you must know and keep with you for the rest of your life. I have killed in your name. I have killed so that you could live on and fulfil your destiny. As my blade cuts down and tears into the flesh of those I kill, I discover things. Their blood coated my blade, and their histories flowed from their blood to the blade, from the blade to my hand, and from my blade to my soul. I learned their desires, their dreams, their hatreds, everything, as their life left them. As they lay lifeless on the ground, I discovered everything about the pathetic wretch before me, and I regret taking their life for a brief moment. Just a moment, though. Any longer and I would be questioning my duty. That is something I can never allow. I am truly sorry you must know that, but I cannot truly care for you like a daughter if I continually shelter you from the truth...


Shifted Planes, Invisible Wing

     Flight: Standard

  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Steel Cage


As I've told you before, my fey lineage is weak at best. My powers are so pitiful that the birthright to most fey, their wings, cannot even sustain themselves in this reality. They exist... in some other existence... on some other plane of existence... but not on this one. They can expand their majesty on that plane, and allow me to take to the air in this plane... but never will their beauty be seen in this realm. I hope they're as beautiful as the ones of Sacriel...


Mother's Caress

     Emotion Control: Standard

  • Auto-Hit Attack


If I had not been chosen to protect you. If I had not been chosen to give my life to see that you lived on. If my life were my own to waste away. To be a mother. Holding my child in my arms. Whispering to him. Telling him everthing is ok. No need to cry. I'm here. That's all that you need. If only... oh, I was I talking out loud? Sorry, Annalise, sometimes I loose myself. Yes, sometimes I do regret things, despite claiming to have thrown myself into destiny, and despite my oath not to question destiny. More than one person says I would have made a good mother. They say my pressence puts them at ease, and makes them forget, just for a little bit, about their problems. Since I cannot totally devote myself to my own child, even though I try to do so with you, I guess the rest of that pent up emotion finds its way out into those around me. I'm happy to know my life isn't totally a waste. I'm not the greatest warrior or protetor, but at least I make those duties a little less burdensome to the others.


Awaken The Cantrips

     Matter Animation: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only


Watch this, Annalise. Watch as the glass on the counter falls over. Oh, you think it won't fall over? Too far from the ledge? Then why is it starting to tilt over? Why is it crashing to the ground? Why is it shattering on the tile? I did that. Simple cantrips. I can make things move about, take a life of their own. Nothing elaborate. Lights could blow out on my command. Rocks could fall from a cliff. The blanket in your lap could come to life and wrap you in its warmth. Simple actions. All things have souls. I simply have the ability to ask those souls to act in my favor.


Awaken The Heritage

     Fire: Standard

  • Area Affect
  • Double Damage to l4v:Cyberware


I've already told you that long ago a fey prince and a young woman fell in love and formed the beginings of my family line. Did I ever tell you what sort of fey the young prince was? He was what they call a Salamander. No... not a lizard, but he certainly had certain qualities of such when in his fey form. Salamanders are the fey elementals of fire. He was to be the inheritor of that line's noble house in the fey courts. He gave it up all for love. But despite his sacrifice, he still retained his heritage. That heritage still lies in me. I can awaken that fey blood in my veins, and erupt in a burst of fire. The fire burns in a most pure form, and anything of a technological nature burns even brighter in its wake, as its impure nature is burnt from reality. I may be a mere whelp in the lines of the fey, but my powers do still retain some of their majesty.


The Scent of Glamour

     Hyper-Senses: Standard


Another fact that I must teach you before my time comes. No matter how alien, nor how bastardized something is by mankind's technology, everything still has the residue of fey Glamour within it. However faint, it still resides within every living thing. All Glamour has a particular scent to it, a scent that is nothing like its naturally occuring scent. I can smell this residue with remarkable accuracy. You, Annalise, smell like peppermint. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, at least you don't smell like something wretched. Sacriel smells of exotic spices, while Jembres... ironically he smells of tobbacco... ok, ok, I'm joking about that one. Its just hard to catch onto his scent with all of that cigarette smoke...


A Simple Gift

     Pistol: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose


Jembres claims to love me. He claims to be devoted to me with all of his heart, despite his more than fickle nature with women. He claimed that this was the only way he could really express his love. He gave me a pistol. Custom built for me. A single rose etched into the ivory hilt. pure silver for the body of the gun. Beautiful in its attrocity. I've never been forced to kill with it... yet... I hope I never have to betray its beauty by doing so. Hey kid, get off of my case, will you? I do not love him. He's just my good friend...


Unseelie Birthright

     Weather Control: Supreme

  • Area Affect
  • Multi-Attacks


Ashamed? Yes, I am ashamed. The beauty of my wings have finally revealed themselves. A beautious evil. Velvet black wings. A mark of evil they say. Am I evil Annalise? Do these midnight wings mark my soul? They are the wings of a creature from the Unseelie courts of the fey, the dark ones who have given up on all of the beauty and pagentry of their fellow fey. Does this mean I, too, will eventually cast aside all of my cares and hopes to become a creature of base pleasure and gratification? What do you think Annalise? Do these wings make me less the person that I was before? Their power... their terrible power. They breath winds of ill regret, Annalise. They summon forth the horrors of the dark court into this world. The turmoil, the chaos, the destruction. Will I too bring about destruction? Will I too simply perpeptuate our turmoil-- your turmoil? Is all of this just a sham? Is all hope lost? Is our lost hope embodied upon my back? What do you think... Annalise?