Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Supreme

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3

Mr. Kite

The Infinite Die had become a central part of geekdom nation wide. It had no idea why it did this, feeling no true emotions, but it figured the money was nice. So, it appeared at Cons, and let others gaze upon it's marvel of design.. It had produced an overly successful webcomic, "born to die", now releasing his 4th book, which sold well. Die had no true expenses, besides a lot of polish - this paid enough for that. The arena of Khazan was truly a festive ground for geekery, and a giant, infinite-sided die could do nothing but benefit from this. On the other side of town, Jennifer Monroe smiled at latest piece of artwork. "Genius!" elated the snooty businessman. Sure, right now she was a starving artist, barely making it between shoes, but she was catching on. Having a painting go for $1000 was nothing to scoff at. Her pieces were varied works of conceptual genius. Modern Art with her own twist, as she so liked to think. The years at art college, through which everyone shouted their deploring remarks - especially her parents, who had so hoped she would be a dentist like her mother, and had almost been so - would be subsided, soon enough she figured. And things, for her, were going well. Extraordinarily well. But, be it karma, universal atonement, or just another one of those ironies of Khazan, her luck was about to change. Back to the Die, for this is where the story truly begins. It was a beautiful spring day, but Die didn't understand it. He didn't understand humour for that matter, but he could produce it fairly enough. When infinite possibilities lay before you, such things as "understanding" were useless. As for why it did these things, it hadn't a clue. It could materialize money on a whim, of course. And it's not like it truly made a lot of money. No, maybe it was just busy work, and... Die never got to finish this train of thought. Odd circumstance it was, someone had let loose a large patch of oil in the road - just a passing car, that upon hitting a curb, had spewed forth it's contents, as it lurched on, and sat just a while down the way - and it slipped. Die had no way of regaining from this fall. It tumbled down the street, rolling over and over, finally coming to a rest against a house. But, unwillingly, it had just rolled itself. And on that singular face which was aimed towards the heaven, was nothing but a picture of Jennifer. And then, the die became hollow. Not that it had anything in it before, but it was just lifeless now. No thought process, no, that had moved. The Die had passed Go. Jen stood in mid-sale. The connoisseur had been talking for a while, and she hadn't been paying attention. Suddenly, cold eyes flicked to life. "Hello?" he asked, "I asked, when can I pick it up?" She just stared at him, dimly. Her eyes looked like she was deep in thought, suddenly, "Tomorrow. Tomorrow's fine." And she smiled, visually forcibly. The man just left quietly. Something was obviously wrong, he would pick up the painting tomorrow. It would be a nice addition to his collection of "unknown" art. Quite the ice-breaker at social gatherings. The die just looked at the hand before it, mesmerized. This was getting interesting.

Two in one and one in two. God, I hate these riddles....


     Illusion Creation: Ultimate


Jennifer shook her head. Where was she? The world before her was an infinite stretch of black. Then, she was in a gallery. Her gallery. But it wasn't her normal work, oh no. Her MEMORIES were on display. Framed and ready for the general public. The first time she saw death. The first lie. The first time she...this was not the sort of thing that was sold. And, they all had ridiculously high price tags. A man in a long, black trenchcoat, dark wrap-around sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed black hat walked by, then saw her. The crowd then disappeared, there was just him. He felt like she was consuming her, though how...she screamed bloody murder. Suddenly, a wall jutted out in front of her. Three more, and she was enclosed. These walls didn't have that eerie, creepy feeling the room had had. No, this felt home? No, she had been here millions of times before.


Finishing Touch

     Matter Animation: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only


The room took the shape of her first bedroom. The one she had lived in till she was eighteen. Right down to the stickers on her desk. But...they didn't seem real. She reached her hand out. First, it rippled, and she drew back. But on the second touch, it sat there. She picked up an object sitting on her desk. It was a magic eight ball. She had lost this long ago. But, it felt different. Still that 8 was on it...but as she picked it up, the words "ultimate possibilities" floated through her mind. She held it for a moment, and then asked "Where am I?" The ball became cloudy. Then, a triangle appeared, reading "You are here." Creepy. She didn't remember eight balls doing that. But this wasn't an eight ball. Eight, somehow, was too small a number.


Terrain Familiarity: Hall of Mirrors

     Terrain Familiarity: Standard


There came a knock, lightly against her door. "Hello in there, Ted here. I saw you at the gallery...could you come out now please? I'd like to discuss something with you, but I need to see you." *Where am I?* She muttered hazily. "Come on out and I'll explain what happened. It's quite simple really." He replied. Some rudimentary danger sense - maybe intuition - flashed in her head. Don't go out there. *No, I think I'll stay in here, till someone else arrives* She said calmly. She didn't feel like being calm. Far from it. *Let me IN!" He shouted. Still in a dry, matter-of-fact tone, but this time angry. *If I go out there, something horrible will happen, won't it? I'll be swept up, right? Where am I?* "Why, the most dangerous battlefield of all, sweetheart. In your mind."


The Implications

     Smoke Screen: Superior

  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker


*What?* She asked. Shocked. Amazed even. "Strange circumstances have brought us here, madam. We are to share one mind now* She ran to look out the window. It was like looking out of her eyes...but she was looking out of her eyes, looking out a window, looking out her eyes. The concept made her dizzy. *I don't think you're here on good terms, are you?" She asked. "No," he replied, "You got me." He sighed. "I'm here through circumstances beyond my own control too, you see. I'm so used to control on reality. But, not even control of the being that I have taken host of? That's almost ludicrous." He stated. There was no emotion in it. Maybe he never had them. And right now, she had a heavy feeling of claustrophobia. And she wanted out. Oh, did she EVER want out. But that being was on the other side. And he was out there... How could be there and here at once? He just was, as she always was before. He's powerful. If I go out there, I'll be sucked up. Pulled into an abyss, and it'll just be him there. With my assortment of memories, he'd just walk out, and people would think he was me. *I'm not coming out. And, no, you can't make me. I will not be so easily moved." And with that, the battle for control of something she had taken for granted for her whole life began.


Removing waste

     Weather Control: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker


Jennifer woke up in a deap sweat. For a while she fancied it had all been a dream, and she was back home. Infact, the room had changed to meet this perception. The room was her apartment bedroom now. Her bed with the plehtera of pillows and so many layers of sheets she used for decoration, but honestly had no care for. Her TV, which could pass for antique with the bunny ears and aluminum foil. The dresser, the closet.... Any thoughts that said she was safe were dispelled when she turned on the T.V. It merely had a picture of a die. The old device blurted "come on out Jen, it's nice out here..." which was all it needed to say. She clicked the TV off as quickly as she had turned it on. She went to look out the window, which was now a view of the normal city street, blanketed in a thick layer of snow. My, it was so warm in here. It felt like...110. Was it this hot when she woke up? *My, it looks so cold, I may as well just open the, that's what he wants. You're not bringing me in that easy!* She screamed in her mind. The temperature continued to rise.


More human than human

     Animal Transformation: Standard


*I'm not leaving, you can't make me." She said, caring less and less for the parasite that was infecting her and draining her of her life. "GET OUT NOW DAMN YOU!" It screamed, from the other side of the door. What was that? An emotion? "WHY WON'T YOU GET OUT, YOU LITTLE BASTITCH?!" He screamed. *Hey, that's my curse, I made that when I was 8, you can't use that!* "I...I what do you mean?" *Ooooh, I get it.* "Get what?" "I'm not telling.* "Come on, tell me!" was sounding less and less like a cold, heartless die, and more and more like a whiny child. Of course, she knew what this was. *You're becoming human, aren't you?* followed by a long pause. "" *Yes, you are aren't you? When you think of yourself, aren't you...a little less white...and maybe...a little Do you have appendages now? Do you?* "I will not tolerate this! YOU are MY SLAVE!" He screamed. The wind in her room howled. The temperature was unbearable. The humidity...but it was worth it to listen to him squirm. He seemed to be...enjoying the emotions, too, as he pounded on the door and screamed violently, he held nothing back. He was sucking up her emotions like some adict. *You like these emotions, don't you? You wanna be human, huh?* "I want you dead!" he hissed. She wondered how long the door could take the beating. Was her psychic barrier that strong? Then it totally shocked her. It, it couldn't be....but it was. It was crying.


Ted Monroe

     Self Duplication: Standard


The winds stopped. The blazing heat subsided. The Infinite Die, who once controlled the univese with a single movement, had overused these human emotions, and was crying. "Who am I?" It said in a small, boyish voice. Jen stood by the door, and just listened. *No, it's a trick." she told herself, but the crying continued. This wasn't fake, sounded like it was just a boy. She mustered up all the courage she had within her, and opened the door. Space. She fell from the door into quiet, black, empty space. There sat a young, crying boy. *...are you...are you alright.?* She asked tentatively. "...what am I?" He asked. At once, she understood. He had never had these emotions before, and suddenly, he must be finding himself confused and alone. He looked up, tears running down his eyes. She didn't even think about it. She leaned over and hugged him. It was the only thing to do. They sat like that for what felt like hours. Finally, he said "I want to go home, I don't want to fight anymore..." He stood up, walked a few paces back, and...smiled. The light was blinding. For a moment, she couldn't see anything, and then...then she was home. In her real bed. For so long now, she had been trapped in that room. She walked outside for what felt like the first time. The birds chirped. The air was crisp. The sun felt warm against her skin. And, a little boy walked up to her. "Hi, mom!", said Ted Monroe. Thus was The Infinite Die, a being of greed and want dead, and Ted born, a blank slate for the world to write on. Though his powered remained, he had changed. Was this the will of some god, to give him a second chance at life? Or, was this just sheer luck? He didn't know, but he had never felt happier.