Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Syndicate


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Weak

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3

Captain Moltar

The heavy wind in the air tossed and twirled Dr Devia's long blue hair behind her, lab coat flapping similarly, as she watched out over the mountain landscape before her. "Interesting," she remembered herself saying in conversation with the Spirit of the Air. "One of your own, the Spirit of the Earth, has gone off her nut and has started transforming everything before her into Stone. This, of course, has weakened your own resources and many of your compatriots, and currently only your fellow councilor, Fire, is able to take up the pursuit. But you have doubts about whether Fire can succeed, and there's far too much riding on the outcome to take any chances. Which has brought" When she had decided to meet the spirit, she chose a place where strange meetings are an everyday occurence, and could be ignored, but the place *was* a bit over the top, The Maudling Caper, what could only be called a strange mix between a coffee shop, a pub on the docks, and a techno dance party club. It was one of her girls favorite hangout spots, but the austere Spirit was obviously out of her to speak. "A...most charming locale, doctor, but the matter is quite critical, and I need to know if what I heard about you is true. Can you...?" "...Can I help you? Help you defeat and possibly capture a renegade element spirit, before irreversable damage is done and she becomes unstoppable? Before your lovely balance is disrupted and things go completely out of whack, risking the life of your precious Father Gaia? For shame that something like that could happen..." The spirits wispy features narrowed. " aren't taking me seriously. It was a mistake to come here..." She had tried to get up and leave, but Devia was able to put her hand on Airs arm as easily as if she were mortal, and pull her back down in her seat. The very fact that this woman was able to touch her that easily beckoned extra attention. "I'm taking your situation quite seriously, and I can, and will help you. It will surprise you to hear that I have been monitoring Earths progress for quite some time, and that I may have more information regarding the power of the Elements then you do. I will create a warrior for you for certain considerations...primarily free, unharrassed access to all portions of the elemental planes for study, and other minor favors...and my newborn fighter will grind your mighty Earth Spirit down to a pebble, and bring her back to you in her pocket. Her name shall be Wind, and she will be made of your own strengths, all encompassing Air, but she shall be the finely honed edge of a world sized tornado, cutting down anything that comes within a breezes length of her. Believe me, you went to the right person for this job, you will not be disappointed by the results..." That meeting was only days ago, and now she was ready for the next step. Devia stepped down out of the wind and into the interior of the stone castle she had acquired for the activation of Wind. Normally she did all of her work in her lab, but the limitations of that place would prevent her from completing what she planned. The Spirit of Air couldn't have imagined how much the Doctor really knew about the source of the elementals powers, but then, she doubted even the Powers That Be knew that either, or else life would've been far more interesting for her lately. For the moment, she had her role to play, one she would play twice in this presentation, and take full advantage of both ends of the equation. Some time later, she had all but a few of her tougher girls leave the castle to prevent them from getting hurt, and she herself started the process of activating her new doll. At first, the mechanisms and runes acted just as anyone would expect them to, pumping life into the angelic masterpiece, slowly making her stir, until what she was waiting for happened, and the power involved jumped through the roof, the lights and equipment exploding in showers of sparks, a powerful vacuum drawing winds from all directions into her delicate creation, the few assistants remaining ducking for cover. Then there was stillness, and silence, for but a moment, then Wind took her first breath, and the castle surrounding them simply shattered like glass, disappearing in shards no larger then toothpicks. Wind slowly righted herself, stretching her wings in the newly made clearing, golden hair floating like a dream behind her. While her assistants dug themselves out of the rubble, tending their wounds, Devia went to her. "Oh, Hi ma'am!" chirped Wind. "Wow I feel great! This is going to be some fun, isn't it? I can't wait to get out there and get to work!" Wind powered down and went to walk away with her creator. Devia smiled and laughed playfully, "Baby, it's your world, I'm just having fun with it... C'mon, I've got someone to introduce you to, and it won't take more then a couple minutes..." The two walked off into the dark, a strange calm settling on the freshy flattened castle...

"Dear Heart Shaped Diary - The day has finally come, and both of my new creations are ready for their grand debut. Where Amoeba, the Glutton, is raw voracious appetite in a massive and grotesque form, Wind is high, magnificent power crafted to a fine, killing edge. Wind...I knew that if the true power of the air were to manifest as it naturally would, it could've very easily covered this entire nexus in terrible storms that would annihilate the population and all it's civilization, which is highly unacceptable at this point. After setting up appropriate motivation for my creation by linking her with the current plight of the lower elementals, I set about making Winds body...truly she is my Frankensteins Monster unlike any other, and I don't just say that because I used a creepy, disposable castle to activate her instead of my more precious central lab. Her powers, her abilities to fly and manipulate unspeakable winds, and their special features were my design, but I purposely left her underpowered originally when I went to awake her, because I knew Wind's namesake could not pass up such a perfect and pleasing receptacle, and she was brought to life by it, surging with as much power as I had hoped. Now, this powerful embodiement of the most all encompassing and fickle power in the universe is effectively my child, ready and willing to please...Winds nature is playful and innocent, usually fickle, but very dedicated and excited at the concept of a fight. To her, a target in a fight is of no more importance then a mouse is to playful cat...she will fly up, masked and invisible in her winds, a vague, well protected threat, and without warning will pounce with an overabundance of attack power, obliterating all in her path, giggling lighty as her living opponents are bounced and shredded in her winds, until less then dust remains...and like a playful child, she immediately wants more..." -- Dr Devia

The Aeon Sphere

     Damage Shield: Ultimate

  • Area Affect
  • Double Damage to l1v:Empathy


"It is difficult to quantify the unfathomable power beneath the wings of this apparently innocent looking young girl. When Winds raw power was infused in her by it's true source, it was looking for a portal to pour through enough wind to decimate an entire world in a moment, to shred Khazan into confetti under it's whirling might. Instead, I bottled it, compressed it around Wind in a controllable form, and in doing so made it far more devestating then I could've hoped. This aura of destruction, this sphere of annihilation, can either be kept small around her, turned off, or it can be made to stretch out as far as she can see. Although the reality of it is even worse then this, the terrible might of these winds is thus: Every inch travelled through her Aeon winds at full power is like spending a decade under the assault of the greatest tornado ever seen. Normal winds can wear a mountain down to a nub with gentle effort over thousands of years...I have seen Wind fly through a mountain and easily carve it to dust without pause. This warped manifestation of millenial winds has an unexpected side inflicted upon those trained to examine things with their minds, mentalists. While Winds sphere churns, some minds instinctively sense it's true potential, and their bodies and minds go in denial before it...if motion is related to the mind, then this proves the link. I have seen psionics tremble before even knowing of the winds existence...actual contact with the winds for this sort could only be described as mind shattering."


The Winds of War

     Energy Sheath: Ultimate


"When I designed and laid out the manner in which Winds powers would work around her, I made sure to make it capable of providing awesome defense as well as terrifying offense. The mighty winds within my lovely Frankensteins Aeon Sphere doesn't just shred and cut, but crushes with sheer pressure as well, in calculated waves of awe inspiring force. Explosive attacks are playfully bounced back from the edges of Winds high pressure defenses, focused attacks blown and deflected away in a dramatic arc, people trapped within it are crushed like egg shells before they are shredded to atoms. This Offensive/Defensive system enhances the already excessive force and range of Winds Aeon Sphere, enabling her to spread this combined wave of destruction out for miles, reaching from the arena floor to the tops of the heavens."


Sylph's Wings

     Flight: Standard


"As expected, Wind is a natural born flyer, her wings almost glowing they're so white. She drifts and floats playfully at speeds far superior to what is normally seen in Khazan, and is capable of frightful charges and dives when in battle, directing her terrible winds to their targets without hesitation or pause. Flying to and fro, her aura of winds loose to whatever distance she desires, hitting her from range is a snipers nightmare. Flight is her natural state, she does it as casually as normal hominids walk about on two legs, and breaks out in a run just as easily as they can. Even I can feel envious of her freedom of spirit, her total innocence and purity. It is a purity that should be feared as well as envied, for as she drifts and wafts calmly like the wind over a peaceful meadow, when she enters the battlefield, she becomes the embodiement of the winds of war."


Initiative in Flight

     Super Speed: Standard


"Instantaneous acceleration and deceleration is the only way to accurately describe how Wind can move. As soon as she has a target in sight, she can bring her awful winds down on them before the moment is over. I knew that Wind, as an element, would naturally be at an advantage in large open spaces while being slowed down in more cramped areas, so I made her body capable of flying and navigating tight turns like a fast mouse running a maze. Wind is as much a threat in complicated arenas as in the wide open sky, and can cover the length of the battlefield, winds blazing about her, before her opponent can take a single breath...a breath that rightfully belongs to her."


Immunity: Phasing

     Immunity: Standard


"Of all the elements, it is wind that is associated with motion first and is the underlying force behind all things that are not static. I made sure that Wind would not be outclassed in her own arena, by those beings who could easily move their substance through other planes or filter their being through anothers. What I told the Spirit of Air was true, I *do* have knowledge of how the elements really work, and I know how to shut them off. Anybody who relies on multidimensionality, whether only under emergencies or as part of their life process, is in real trouble facing Wind, as she is capable of simply denying others this ability with a mere thought. There are few ways to escape Winds touch."


Sylph's Invisibility

     Invisibility: Supreme


"Wind is a mighty force, quick, resilient, enduring, powerful, inescapable and invisible. This applies both to the element itself and this, my youthful creation. With the slightest of effort, Wind can make herself completely invisible to normal means of detection, and further masks her presence by using her far flung winds to blow up debris and send air whistling past the ears and into the eyes of opponents, malforming her usually circular wind power into something more vague to make it quite difficult to determine where she may be within it. In other circumstances, she holds her offensive capabilities back and moves silently, letting her opponent reveal themselves and get close enough to completely ensnare and encompass her prey in her devestating winds, revealing herself only when close enough for an immediate and total kill."


Immunity: Mind Control

     Immunity: Standard


"After continued observation of Winds progress, I thought it was time to bring her in for a more detailed examination, and a few alterations. Once I had her in, I had her take a little 'nap'...I needed to put her normal functions on hold while I looked into her inner workings. While I had the opportunity to add improvements to Winds design, I decided to turn some of my attention towards righting a serious weakness in her design...she is free of spirit and intention, this is her nature, but this also made her quite susceptible to others who could bend will's to their own designs. I could not add the mental fortitude she would need to actively fight off these would be controllers...this could involve a long term period of readjustment for her, and such a pause was unacceptable. In the end, I had to inject a bonding serum into her nervous system, that would permeate and encase her 'wiring', keeping her decision making systems in a vacuum of sorts, unalterable by any alien will or intelligence. Of course, I made sure that none of *my* control over her was hampered, but that's another issue altogether..."


Stun Feather Flurry Attack

     Paralysis: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Auto-Hit Attack
  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose
  • Weakness: Limited Uses - One Use
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Jungle


"After her last battle in the Endless Caverns, Wind banged up her wings, and came to me to make them her mother I reassured her and set her to sleep, so that I would be able to 'make them better' by the time she woke up. This I did, and a little more. When she awoke, she found her wings not only healed, but with an added layer of feathering, undescernable from the rest by appearances alone. Now, however, she has a special new attack, one some of the more senshi-like girls around the lab have dubbed the Stun Feather Flurry Attack. These new feathers, which will eventually grow into her system and allow her to use multiple or even indefinate times in battle, can be launched from her wings in a single flap, and each fly, self guided and at incredible speed, to their required target or targets. Once launched, they go slightly out of phase, to avoid most defenses, and at the last moment perform an 'energy-melt', allowing them to fuse with the basic makeup of Wind's adversaries, slowing tougher ones, and completely stopping those of more average endurance...making them easily dispatched targets for Winds more devestating Aeon Sphere and Winds of War attacks. There is a minor flaw in the design, though, one I haven't had time to work out yet...the dense and concentrated life found in the jungles of Khazan can cause this attack to lose track of it's target, most often missing it's intended completely. This problem doesn't seem to occur elsewhere, though, but it's still a bug I'd like to get out during Winds next upgrade..."