Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 4


Death. Faced by many, different for all. An end, a beginning, or a change. For the InverShryke, it was but a change. Outgunned, dying, the alien bioweapon withdrew into a dormant state, so weakened it could not even dispel the two alien minds it had acquired during its initial activation. John Marik, Michelle, both were wrenched from their new body and plunged into the silver hell of the core InverShryke program. Michelle was insane, unsalvageable. John and the InverShryke... talked. Just as InverShryke had neared repairing itself and strengthening its link with John, it was partially reactivated, thrown into battle with the sentient black hole it was created to destroy. It won, almost at the cost of its own life. More damaged than it had ever been, it retreated once more, to the source of its power, an exploded white hole. The source had changed, and the InverShryke's link to it was stronger than it knew. It merged with the source, dormant again as it sought understanding. Again it healed. Soon it was ready to return, called by something it could not name or comprehend.

Energy Conduit

     Energy Conduit: Standard


The white hole was changed, a new universe formed within the structure of the multiverse, the Integrated Universe. InverShryke had become a part of it, now an extension, channeling its energy through his body.


Veil of Madness

     Closed Mind: Superior


Since John and the core program have become more closely linked, the homicidal tendencies of the program have come under control, while John is now more devoted to the cause of eliminating the enemy of the bioweapon. Michelle is no longer able to exert any control, but her demented, incomplete personality still exists within the total being that is the InverShryke. He has been able to isolate her so that her madness acts as a barrier to mental attacks. In spite of everything, she continues to create an undercurrent of instability in InverShryke, and he still exhibits certain eccentricities because of her.


Razor Field Mutable

     Energy Body: Ultimate


Still appearing as John Marik when not in battle, InverShryke's combat form now has the capacity to change shapes at will. Most typically he assumes a form similar to the aliens which created the bioweapon mixed with terran features. He continues to inflict damage via entropic manipulation, seemingly covered in glowing crystal spikes, which gently sway at his every movement. He no longer has visible eyes in this form.


No Conception, No Design

     Martial Arts: Supreme


The core program now has enough reserve power to unlock its extensive files on combat. Since InverShryke has the ability to take any shape he desires, the program has created a shape-shifting specific combat design, pulled together from any number of diverse sources. InverShryke does not merely incorporate his shape-shifting into an existing combat style. His mutability is his combat style, inseparable and unique. Instead of focusing on his existing form, he focuses on having none, free to take what shapes and movements are dictated by the needs of one moment to the next. The core program has downloaded several other terran combat styles, in the event InverShryke is confronted with a situation which renders his entropic fields useless.


Anti-Entropic Quickness

     Super Speed: Standard


InverShryke is still able to generate a limited anti-entropic field. It allows him to think and react faster than an ordinary creature. It makes his shifting combat style especially effective, allowing him rapidly to adapt his form to suit a situation, a fluid transformation from attack to defense, where both are one in the same, to him.


Anti-Entropic Tunneling

     Teleportation: Superior


The full anti-entropic field is still beyond InverShryke's reach. However, he is now able to create a limited anti-entropic tunnel. The time it takes him to charge through a zero entropy tunnel is so brief is to be virtually nonexistent. He has now developed the ability to use the power an indefinite number of times, and over much greater distances. The longer tunneling cannot be achieved regularly, but requires a charging time. However the shorter distances, in combination with his more simplistic anti-entropic quickness, can be accomplished regularly and rapidly.


Combat Program

     Tactician: Standard


The core program has a special combat simulator, another feature it has been able to activate with its newfound power. Although it is a good simulator, it is only that, and hardly infallible.


Traces of Cancer

     Telepathy: Standard


The cancer invariably leaves traces of itself wherever it is or has ever been. The InverShryke can sense its presence and, sometimes, determine if another person, creature, or thing has been affected by it, scanning their minds. The InverShryke often eschews ordinary verbal conversation and addresses the mind directly. He is able to pick up surface thoughts of weaker minds, though they are of little interest to him unless they concern the Outsider. Nonetheless, in combination with his internal combat program and other abilities, these stray thoughts occasionally prove useful.