Gender: Male

Kit: Super

Location: New York City, New York


Alignment: Villain

Team: Brotherhood of the Beast


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: superior (rank 2)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: superior (rank 2)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 165

Personal Wins: 21

Personal Losses: 19

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Kicked from his family as a teen Shea Padraic grew up on the brutal streets as scrapper he learned to get by with acting as tough as he could. One could say his bark was worse than his bite... he suffered countless beatings at the hands of others until soon he was a laughing stock. Revenge fueled him and the desire to be seen as more than just some 'punching bag' he began to get more daring, pushing himself harder and harder, this gained him a bit of rep and he fell in with the Irish Mafia, he figured he had found his place only to realize they were using him and he would never be more than a patsy, irritated with this Shea formed his own band of criminals and began leading them.

This was a short lived run, Shea encountered something entirely new. Superheroes... with his crime spree being ended abruptly he found a new way to gain fame, recognition and reputation... by becoming a hero. It was through his half-brother Vincent he would hear his step-mother's company was developing some form of bio-weaponry. He figured getting his hands on this would be his sure shot to glory. Breaking in one of Ray Industries experimental facilities he got his hands on their prototype design the transonic accelerator. Unsure how to use it he stole it anyways and brought it home, it took days of tinkering with it and finally giving up until it mysteriously began to work. When attached to his flesh it could accelerate him to beyond human capable speeds... his first step had been attained, he now had a super-power and began calling himself Transonic.

This would lead him to try and join another team, a team of existing heroes that a being known as Troglodyte was already a part of. Shea was rough around the edges and on the side of lazy, he also had an ego and a penchant for not working well with others but he made friends with Troglodyte who seemed to look up to him. This began to influence on one another, soon he was becoming annoyed that he was not getting any of the glory he figured he was entitled, it went to the team or others. Shea began to become disenchanted with being a hero, it wasn't what it was cracked out to be so he started stealing again, the only person who knew this was Troglodyte.

Being caught out he was warned to quit or he would be removed and imprisoned, this had an adverse effect. Transonic sought out one of the many arch-enemies of the hero team he was part of, struck a deal and set up an ambush. Then proceeded to inform Troglodyte of his plans, both men would come to an agreement. Later that night they waited for an opening and attacked the leader of their hero-team trying to kill him, underestimating the man both were badly beaten, Transonic's accelerator was destroyed he was hospitalized and arrested for past crimes and connected to the villain he had tried to set them up with (who ultimately betrayed him). Troglodyte meanwhile vanished into hiding.

Years in prison would sour and harden Transonic, without powers he was at the mercy of several criminals already behind bars he had helped in putting there. Having lost contact with his old team and the two within it he considered friends he fell into depression. This made him an easy target... one night when being assaulted he decided to fight back in an attempt to push them far enough they would kill him. When he went to defend himself something happened he was a blur of motion again, his assailants were all down bleeding on the prison floors. Transonic's powers had returned, without the use of the prototype. Now he would bide his time.

Recently he received letter telling him he would be free and there was a place for him, all he had to do was wait. Which he did... his escape went smoothly two forms greeted him inside a get-away car, "Greetings Shea Padraic, I would like to introduce myself... I am Edward, your new employer... you may call me Perish. I imagine you know our esteemed colleague in the back seat?" A familiar hideous face would smile it's rotting yellow teeth towards Shea." Tis good to see you my friend, I hope thou are prepared." Shea Padraic grinned as a mask was handed to him, pulling it on, "No Trog, I hope you are ready, Transonic is back."


Shea is a man who seems forever envious and possesses an over-exaggerated sense of self-entitlement. His ego is so large he feels what others have, he deserves, nothing ever seems to be good enough for him, this leads him to excess in many avenues. He is constantly pushing for more, faster, brighter, everything. This makes him a womanizer, an abuser, a compulsive liar, a bully and a pessimist - the most important thing in the world is himself. He likes Troglodyte when around him but will constantly talk smack about him when they're nowhere near each other, Perish he respects but doesn't trust and goes along with the man because he's always got a plan and seems one step ahead of him. Glory, reputation, money, women and fame are what fuel Transonic. This leaves him to make mistakes, he'll showboat and botch on occasion.


Some odd facts:


*Before he was super-powered he spent over 3 hours in the bathroom in front of a mirror in one go, now that he has super-speed he only spends about 30 but does so more frequently.

*Transonic is a fan of Sublime, Bloodhound Gang, Nelly and the Beastie Boys.

*Transonic is balding and is extremely vain, he is always wearing a hat when his mask is not on. Removing his hat can throw him into a rage.

*Transonic loves baseball and will catch every game the Yankees are in.

*He is frequently wearing too much cologne.

*Secretly Transonic has a thing for big-girls.

*Talking to Transonic for prolonged lengths has inspired others to claim "Tt feels like talking to a motor mouthed salesperson." and what he is trying to sell, is himself.


Human Bullet

     Super Speed: superior (rank 2)


Transonic once could move/react/run faster than he does now when he had the actual accelerator attached to his body. After it was destroyed, however, he had lost its full ability but later learned it was still part of him now as a natural power, Transonic can run up to speeds estimated around 150-170mph.


Accelerated Reflexes

     Reaction Speed: standard (rank 1)


Thanks to his 'advancement' his reaction times are superhuman, his muscle twitch reflexes, dexterity and in general timing is that much faster than a flat-scan human.


In the Blink of an Eye

     Danger Sense: standard (rank 1)


This ties in with the accelerated reflexes and super-speed of course. He can sometimes perceive what is going on before anyone around him, an attack coming in will readily be responded to, his motor skills and nerves super-charged to react within an instant.


Go Speedy Go!

     Acrobat: standard (rank 1)


All once more due to his enhancements he has no previous ability in gymnastics or acrobatics but with the heightened agility and speed he has a new flexibility and grace that gives him talent where he had none before.

His durability and stamina has also adopted to his powers resulting in a 'superior' stamina.