Gender: Male

Kit: Eldritch

Location: New York City, New York


Alignment: Villain

Team: Brotherhood of the Beast


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: weak (rank 0)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: superior (rank 2)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 220

Personal Wins: 22

Personal Losses: 17

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Nelo Magne was born a small kid, frail and near death, his twin-sister Alexis seemed to inherit all of the health and beauty of the family. Even as a babe he was an ugly child, a runt - his family treated him as such, a labor mule, someone to kick and taunt. He lived off alone, no friends to call his own as his family were already far from civilization, easily considered 'hillbillies' though they had their reasons for living off on their own in gypsy like trailers, they were surrounded with animals, his mother an avid collector of strays. Rumor had it they were her familiars, sacrificial pets and travelers who got too close to their home. Nelo was oblivious to any of this, he lived in his own mind... he loved the wilderness, he roamed it playing fantasy games in his head pretending he was a champion, knight or a hero saving damsels in distress and defeating vile dragons.

It was upon the approach of an outsider named Simon that things would change. This young man enthralled several of his sisters, wormed his way into their hearts and even his mothers blackened rotten core. Nelo was envious, jealous and oddly enamored as well... this youth was an amazing creature unlike any they had seen. He was glowing and his smile made you want to run headlong into the devil's maw for him. Nelo hated him. His hatred grew to the point he lured the golden boy out into the swamps where only Nelo knew how to move around, into a bog trap that would surely kill him. It worked, someone followed him... unknown to Nelo his twin sister would be tricked into doing so, hidden in a large hooded coat Simon had given her she followed her brother whom without word, told this was a game she and their visitor were to play.

The cries were heard and Nelo found himself filled with mirth, he was triumphant and his hated enemy had been dealt with, from curiosity he found himself coming to see what he had done only to find himself dumbstruck, stunned and lost, his heart sunken as he saw the hand of his sister Alexis jutting from the murk her limp hand curled at the air, recognizing her delicate fingers and the ring she bore. As he was creeping forward trying claw her from the earth that golden haired smiling Simon would appear, behind him his eldest sister. In horror she shrieked and ran to find their mother.

Nelo begged for forgiveness and tried to put the blame on Simon, whom turned it back around on him, his mother was furious, raging she began to speak words long forgotten in a tongue Nelo had only heard bits and pieces growing up. Two of his elder sisters joined in as he began to writhe upon the ground, clawing at the air as his tears for the loss of his sister and his own self pity were eaten by the ground. There... transformed by the fell magics of his sister Nelo became the monstrous being known as Troglodyte.

Troglodyte hated his family after this, he ran away and hid in seclusion for years to come. He would later be found by a small group of aspiring heroes and vigilantes who took him in. Troglodyte's new powers would prove useful but a more sinister aspect of Nelo still lurked, his years alone had given birth to insanity and visions of his sister whom he called 'The Red Lady' babbling about her at times. A second voice to the monster that would mock him, taunt him, he would be found conversing to himself on constant occasion. This worried the rest of the team whom already had reservations about the man.

It was during a failed attack on a known super-powered drug-dealer that things would turn south. In attempting to save the rest of the team Troglodyte would turn on their de-facto leader, his mind having been poisoned with another of his team-mates, a super speedster known as Transonic. Both he and Transonic launched an attack and despite being teamed up were soundly defeated. Transonic hospitalized and Troglodyte left to lick his wounds alone, outcast.

No longer harboring the dreams of becoming a hero Troglodyte fell into drug-use and villainy, hunting down his mother he murdered her. Learning some bit of magical lore from a previous team-mate he believes if he kills his mother and the two sisters who cast the spell he may be free, as per some magical 'rule of three'. So that is what he had been doing with his time, but by now his morality is blurred, the voice and vision of the Red Lady, his own guilt and self-pity have pushed him to the brinks of insanity. A member of the Fallen named Perish recently has found Troglodyte and employed him with promise of aid in his grand journey, Troglodyte has no real idea how very much like the hated Simon - Perish truly is, to him Perish is the greatest thing in the world and his new best friend. He will do anything for his fellow villainous Fallen brother.


Nelo "Troglodyte' Magne is a demented, angry, self-loathing and bitter creature. Full of hate for himself and others, he grew up mistreated and neglected, he has no understanding on social interactions. He is learning from Perish on how to mask this to some extent as such he has learned to be quiet when feeling his darkness rising. To at least pretend he likes someone when he doesn't. Which generally involves being silent around them namely other members of the Fallen.

When it comes to people he believes are his friends he takes quite the turn around almost like a puppy, eager to please and gain their recognition. He will sing praise to them, compliment them constantly, talk them up and speak as though they are the greatest thing to touch existence, which he truly will believe. There is a string of sensitivity and gullibility in Nelo that makes him the perfect patsy... but this also makes him incredibly dangerous, he can become possessive, jealous and a force to be reckoned with if his 'friends' are harmed. Beauty is something he both loves and abhors, known to collect things that are pretty or become a 'stalker' of attractive women though he has never harmed any, just watches, lurks, breaths into their phones, writes poetic letters in childish scribble, torments their boyfriends/lovers/husbands. He also suffers from delusions, he sees the Red Lady constantly especially in times of duress, she taunts him, puts him down and mocks him, yet at times has shown him love and comfort. Truly an unpredictable creature who is very much a product of his twisted up-bringing.


Some odd facts:


*Troglodyte has a misleading soft and gentle sounding voice and is quite the singer when alone or serenading one of his 'love interests.

*Troglodyte's visions of the Red Lady are actually his deceased sister but he has not connected this. Whether she is a ghost or psychotic episode of some sort has yet to be seen.

*Troglodyte has an extremely addictive personality and smokes a lot on top of habitual drug abuse even though most do nothing for him.

*Troglodyte is a huge fan of Metallica and System of a Down.

*Troglodyte is an avid collector of figurines, images, trinkets and pictures of angels, pixies, princesses, fairies and anything considered a fantasy theme attractive female. Still even at times pretending to be fighting monsters and dragons and saving princesses in the hidden recesses of his sewer caves.

*Through use of his Troll's Breath he can create his own visual 'stories' in the air. Much like shaping clouds into imagery.

*Troglodyte sheds.

*At times he will speak with M'lord, M'lady, Thou, Thine, etc and old TV/Book style Medieval English, believing that's how knights and such spoke back then.


Troll's Breath

     Eldritch Energy: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker


With the powerful magics his sisters and mother bestowed upon Nelo he can project an Eldritch breath of mystic gaseous green fire like substance that he's learned is manipulate-able. Able to corners with it, coiling and striking as long as he can hold his breath it will project out and attack, it can strike out and hit or explode on impact into a radius. In addition to it's lethality it also is said to 'reek' and he will hork disgustingly quite a bit after to sometimes during it's use. The ability to hold his breath is something he's learned to do quite well, Troglodyte has a rather impressive lung capacity.


Mystical Restoration

     Regeneration: superior (rank 2)


Cursed as he is to forever be a hideous wretch, he renews himself from wounds. They heal shortly after suffering them - his age also seems retarded to that of a teenager though he looks nothing like one any longer. Injuries tend to knit up and repair leaving behind no scars.


Monsterous 'Guise

     Armor: standard (rank 1)


Troglodyte's flesh is disgusting and discolored, folds, lumps, boils, patches of hair all add to his grotesque appearance. Unmentioned is also an durability and stamina that comes with his mystical ailment a combination of his regenerative abilities and natural armor. His claws and teeth are also jagged and sharp but show no special ability to hurt or harm.