The Big Boss


Gender: Male

Kit: Alien

Location: New York


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Syndicate


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: -25

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 5

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Being a kid in the slums of New York City isn't easy, especially when your mother is an alcoholic hooker, and your father is god knows where. And that's exactly how Salvatore Zambini grew up. Poor, abused, and all around pathetic, this is what he had to deal with for nearly all his life. Often teased about his weight, Sal was reclusive, and spent most of his time at home studying. It wasn't all bad though, as he had a very close relationship with his mother. Her life wasn't easy either, her boyfriend got her pregnant and then ran away, so she was forced to do anything for money. And by anything, I mean anything. She was a hooker, working for the mafia. The Capello family, they were the biggest mob in all of New York, nearly everywhere in that whole state was their turf, so it was inevitable that Sal would end up working for them. But we'll get to that in a minute, first, we need to discuss something else. Something before. On an average night, well, average for where he lived at least, Sal heard a knock on the door. It was 2 A.M. and his mother was... at work, so he was alone. Sal looked through the peephole and saw two cops. But in this neighborhood you can never be to careful, so he put on the latch before opening up.

"Can I, umm, help you?" Sal asked meekly, his Italian accent very apparent.

"Can you please open up the door son?" One cop asked. Sal got nervous, his mother had always told him to never open the door, but these were cops. He didn't know what to do, and started to get nervous.

"Hey, kid, open the door." The cop said.

"M-my mom says to never open the door..." Sal says awkwardly.

"Listen kid, something happened to your mother, can you please open the door?" The second cop suddenly said.

"Wha-m-my mom?" Sal asked. He didn't wait for a reply as he unlocked the hatches.

"What happened to my mom!?" He practically yelled. The first cop just stared at him for a moment.

"Eh, listen kid, Sal-"

"How do you know my name?" Sal asked, now getting more confident.

"Salvatore, listen, your mother...she was-" The cop just couldn't bring himself to say it.

"Tell me!" Sal nearly screams.

"Your mother is dead, her body was found a few hours ago." The second cop said. Sal just stood there for a moment to let the words sink in. Dead. She was dead. Then, Sal fell to the ground, in a heap of tears. He started crying, wailing, swearing that it couldn't be true. But it was, as he would realize a little bit later as he saw her dead body.


Sal stayed with one of the cops that night, the nicer of the two. His name was Terry by the way. Officer Terry Bowles. Terry insisted Sal not go to school for a few days, but Sal said his mother always wanted him to have an education, so he wanted to go. But maybe that was a mistake...

"Hey fatty!" Came a voice as Sal exited the school bus. Sal ignored the comment and just continued on.

"Hey where ya going fatty? Off to study? Heh, of course you are, your nothing but a fat nerd!" The bully said. A few other kids started to come by, and they enclosed Sal in a circle.

"Can I please just go?" Sal asked meekly.

"Go? Go where? Were just getting started!" The boy says as he pushes Sal down.

"Come on fatboy, get up and fight!" The boy yelled. Sal scurried across the ground for a moment before getting up.

"P-please, just leave me alone!" Sal yells. The boy doesn't respond, he just sucker punches Sal across the face. Sal falls to his knees as blood starts dripping down his face.

"HA! What a wimp! Is that all you got fatty? Nerd!" The boy yells. Sal starts feeling his face, and his hand gets wet. He looks at his hand to see it covered in blood. Now at that moment, with all the kids chanting insults, his face in much pain, and his mother having died just the other day, something snapped inside Salvatore. He couldn't take it anymore. He wasn't GOING to take it. He slowly got to his feet, and looked the the bully.

"Oh my god! Look at your face! Hahahaha! You're such a wimp!" The bully yells. Sal clenches his teeth, and in one swift motion, he pulls his hand back, and hits the bully. The bully fell to the ground, with a newly broken nose. Everyone that surrounded Sal immediately stopped laughing. Sal just stared down at the bully for a moment, before looking at everyone surrounding him.

"GET AWAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!" Every kid runs as fast as they can to get away from Sal. Later that day, Sal expected to get scolded by Terry, but instead, Terry didn't seem to even care. He understood what Sal was going through, and couldn't care less about the boy with a broken nose. Terry even said it was good his nose was broken, he deserved it. Terry was really starting to like officer Terry now. Over the next few days, arrangements were made for Sal to be taken to an orphanage. But then something that he never, ever would of guessed would happen,have happened. Officer Terry, actually offered to adopt Salvatore himself. Sal agreed completely, and a few days later, after all the paper work and whatnot was worked out, Sal moved in with Terry. Sal still missed his mother more then you could imagine, but he figured living with Terry would be better then an orphanage. So years passed, and Sal was never bullied again. After what he did, people seemed to be afraid of him. And with good reason to, as what happened that day wasn't just a moment of rage, something did indeed snap inside Sal that day. Maybe it was for the better, as he is now much more confident, but maybe it was for the worse. Before that happened, Sal could never ever even imagine working outside the law, especially since he was living with a cop, but after that day, he didn't see what was wrong with it. He took jobs working for the same family that his mother worked for, albeit a different line of work. He sold drugs, and though he had to give most of the money to the higher ups, he did get to keep enough to live a decent life. Terry of course never found out, Sal convinced him he worked at a Mcdonalds. So everything was going fine, until that one day. Sal was now 17, and when Terry came home, he had some news. The case about Sal's mothers murder was dropped years ago, due to lack of evidence. But today, one cop by the name of Officer Burns was working on a completely different case. Someone reported that their car had been stolen, so Burns went to check it out. After a few days and a bit of detective work, Burns picked up the theives trail. He found the thief at his home, with the stolen car in his driveway. The idiot never even bothered to change the plates. There was plenty evidence to put him away for the car theft, but inside his house, police found even more. Drugs, illegal guns, all kinds of stuff. But perhaps the most notable thing, was the dead body in the closet. This guy was going away for a long time, provided he didn't get the death sentence. So, the crook was offered a deal. In exchange for a lighter sentence, the guy, who was suspected to work for the Capello family, was to give the police evidence against the head of The Capello family, Tony Capello. The crook did this, and was lucky enough to not get the death sentence. One such thing the guy admitted to, was the death of Maria Zambini, Sal's mother. He said, that Maria was caught stealing money from The family, and Tony Capello ordered a hit on her. The hit was carried out, and Maria was killed. The cops had enough evidence to put Capello away for a long time, but it wasn't that simple. Capello had money, he had connections, and he was smart enough to use those things to his advantage. The crook who gave evidence of Capello's illegal activities was bailed out of jail, and found dead the next day. All evidence of Capello's involvement in anything soon disappeared afterwards, and soon, Capello was as clean as a whistle. But Terry knew other wise. He knew what Capello had done, and he was angry. He was angry that there was nothing he could do about it. He was furious. Sal on the other hand, took this news a different way. He knew who was responsible for his mother's death, and instead of crying about it, he was gonna do something about it.


Not an average mind

     Tactician: standard (rank 1)


Sal just stood there for a moment, to let it sink in. He was working for the man that killed his mother. An average mind would think that was horrible, but Sal wasn't an average mind. He was a superior mind. Instead of seeing all the bad, as an average mind would, he saw all the good. But first things first, he had to take care of Terry. Sal couldn't give Terry any reason to be suspicious, Terry was after all still a cop. So, some whimpering, and a few forced tears later, Terry was none the wiser. Now it was time to actually get to work on the plan. It took him only seconds to come up with idea's about what to do, now all he needed to do was turn those idea's into a plan. He was going to make his way through the ranks of the Capello family, and kill Tony Capello. He detailed every little thing in his plan, he had a plan A, plan B, plan C, plan D, and a plan E all before the month was over. It turned into an obsession, to continuously top his plan with a better plan, then make several backup plans for that plan, before coming up with a new plan to replace that one. He spent nearly every minute he could at his desk, drawing up plans. Making contingency plans for those plans, and thinking of every possible thing that could go wrong, and then solving that. All the while, he was getting closer and closer to Tony Capello. It didn't take long to go from pusher, to pimp, to hit man, all the way up, up, and up. It seemed everything was going as good as it possibly could of, until Sal came home that one day...



     Berserker: standard (rank 1)


Sal was nearly there, his plan was nearly ready. Well, to be honest, it was ready months ago, but it wasn't good enough for him then. It needed to be perfect, no, more then perfect. This was Sal's only goal, and he wasn't going to mess it up by rushing, even though his plan was already perfect months ago. But perhaps, he should have been a little quicker, because as Sal opened the front door to his home, he found Terry's limp body on the ground. Terry was dead, shot in the head. Sal was dumbfounded, he didn't know what happened. He looked around the house, and started to panic. He didn't know what had happened. Terry was dead, Sal swore it was a dream, but it wasn't. He looked at Terry's body, and saw his mother. He dropped to his knees in a heap of tears. He kept asking himself what happened. But inside he knew. Terry had launched a solo investigation against Capello, and he had evidence. Somehow he found something against Capello, but Sal didn't know how, or when. He didn't even know what Terry found. Terry tried to tell him, but Sal let his own obsession with revenge get in the way. He didn't care, he ignored Terry, and now he was paying for it. While at "work," Sal had over heard people talking about some cop who had supposedly dug up evidence on the boss. Sal paid it no mind however, as he was always to busy scoping out the building set up. He was given so many chances to catch on, yet he never did. He let his own obsession get in his way, and now he was going to pay for, no he wasn't gonna pay for it. Capello was. Sal searched through Terry's pockets and uncovered a pistol. There was no extra ammo. He then stood up, and walked out. He was going to initiate the plan early. He wanted-no he needed to have his revenge.


Careful aim

     Marksman: standard (rank 1)


Sal jumped in Terry's car while re-thinking his plan over. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen, his plan was flawless, but he still wasn't ready. He needed a few more things first, mainly his plan required getting close to Capello and killing him then, not running inside his house shooting everything that moves. Regardless, it only took Sal the 10 minute drive to modify his plan. It was by no means perfect now, but with some luck, it would work. He stopped the car in front of Capello's house, outside the gate. He checked his gun one more time, then got out. He had picked up a brick from the street before coming here, it was vital to his plan. As was the wick, lighter, paper towel roll, and empty wine bottle he also picked up. He opened up the gas tank, amd stuck the wick in. He then lit it with the lighter, and quickly placed the brick on the pedal. The car sped straight through the front gate, and kept going, eventually crashing through the mansions wall. Sal could here screams and swears, then a big boom. The gas tank was ignited, and blew. Sal ripped a several paper towels, rolled then up, and stuck them in his pocket along with the lighter. The gun was in his right hand, and the bottle in his left as he made his way inside. He crept through the hole in the wall, seeing the ground littered with bodies. He heard voices coming from the top floor. He looked up and saw a door swing open, and several armed goons ran out. Sal aimed his gun and took them all out in 3 seconds. 12 shots left. Sal took cover behind the destroyed car as more goons ran out. They didn't see him yet, so he took the chance to pop out and kill 3 more. 9 bullets left. There were still 4 left, and they started shooting at the Sal, or the car rather. He was safe for the moment behind the car, but it wouldn't be long before someone pulled of a good shot. Now it was time for the bottle. He took out the napkin and stuck it in the bottle, then lit the napkin with the lighter. On his way here, he had filled the bottle with gasoline, effectively making a molotov cocktail. Sal threw it, and was quickly greeted by screams. The four guards were on fire. Sal took this opportunity to run to the staircase, and run up. He kicked open the first door he saw, it was a bathroom. He kicked open the next, bedroom, but Capello wasn't inside. He heard footsteps, and turned to his right. More goons, they opened fire on Sal, terrible aim. But even so, one bullet went right through his shoulder, and another went through his leg. But he didn't even notice, he was still angry. He was enraged, he couldn't get the image of Terry's body out of his head. His anger was his greatest asset, as another bullet graced his arm, which he ignored as well. He took aim, and fired. The guards all fell, but not before he was shot straight through the foot. 5 bullets left. Sal turned and ran to the next door he saw. He kicked it open, but instead of Capello, he was greeted by more guards. Before they could even react, Sal had shot them. 3 bullets left. Sal ran to the next door, and kicked it open. It was his lucky day, as Capello was visible sitting at his desk. Unfortunately, there were 3 guards with him as well. Three guards, three bullets. They were on the other side of the room, the very large room. Sal concentrated, and took careful aim. Time seemed to stop as he moved, and no one else did. Sal pulled the trigger, then again, and again. The three guards fell to the ground, limp, there heads gushing blood.


Police training

     Martial Arts: standard (rank 1)


Sal started panting as the bodies fell to the floor. His gun was empty, as was his adrenaline supply. He hadn't even noticed his wounds before, but now the pain was setting in, both physical, and mental. Slowly, Sal realized just how big of a mistake he's made. Rushing inside the house of the biggest criminal in the entire state, armed with one handgun? Sure, he took a few guards out, but now he was out of ammo, and Capello still had plenty of guards. PLENTY, of guards. Sal knew he wasn't getting out of there, he already heard the footsteps of more guards coming. It wasn't long before he heard guns cocking, many guns cocking. Sal slowly turned around, and was met with dozens of fully loaded machine guns. He just started at them, still panting. He didn't know what to do.

"Stop!" Came a voice. Sal turned around and saw Capello, still sitting at the desk, as calm as ever. With everything that just happened, Sal had actually forgotten Capello was right there. Capello stood up, and walked over to Sal.

"Boys. Leave." Capello ordered his men. Hesitant at first, the guards reluctantly left the two alone. Capello then turned to face Sal.

"Well well well, Salvatore Zambini. You were one of my best boys, and at such a young age. So why on earth would you go and do all this?" Capello asked. Sal tightened his fists as he remembered Terry's body, then his mothers. He couldn't take it anymore, he reeled back, and tried to punch Capello. Capello easily redirected the attack, and countered with a hit that knocked Sal down.

"GOOF!" Sal grunted as he hit the floor hard.

"That's not a good answer, now tell me! Why would you do this!?" Capello asked.

"Because you killed everyone I ever cared about!" Sal yelled as he tried to kick Capello from his position. Capello grabbed his foot in his hands.

"Ah ah ah, you shouldn't be so rash." Capello said.

"Now, to make sure you don't do that again, HRA!" Capello twisted Sal's ankle.

"GAH!" Sal yelled as he pulled his foot back, just before to bone completely snapped.

"Now what are you talking about? Who did I kill?" Capello asked. Sal slowly got up to his feet, nearly falling back down when he put weight on his foot.

"You killed my mother!" Sal screamed as he attacked. Terry had trained him well, Sal was an exceptional hand to hand combatant. Terry had learned Karate, and Tae Kwon Do, among other things, and trained Sal in all of them. But Capello was still better. After blocking a few hits, Capello grabbed Sal and flipped him over his back.

"OOMF!" Sal grunted. But that didn't stop him, he quickly got back to his feet.

"And Terry! You even killed Terry!" Sal's adrenaline was coming back. He attacked Capello again, this time the old man had to give it some effort.

"GAAAAAH!" Sal screamed in anger as he tried even harder. He surprised Capello with a spinning backfist, then he followed up with a hammer fist, knocking Capello to the ground. Sal then repeatedly kicked Capello in the stomach.

"You've taken everything from me! EVERYTHING!!!" Sal screamed. Capello managed to hold Sal's kicking foot just long enough to punch the previously injured one. Sal fell to the ground as every fiber of his being was racked with pain. Now Capello was on top, and doing the kicking.

"You think you can come in here, and try to kill ME!? Me, Tony Capello!? I own this town punk! I don't care if I killed anyone close to you! I don't care, because I'm willing to do whatever it takes, to be The Big Boss of this town!" Capello yelled. Sal made a grab for his leg, and managed to pull Capello down to the floor. The two rolled around hitting each other fiercely, blood coming from each of them. But even though the old man took some hits, most of the damage went to Sal. He was well above average in terms of fighting skills, but this old man knew what he was doing. He was far more skilled then Sal, but Sal wouldn't give up. He was taking most of the damage, but he kept on fighting. Punch after punch, Sal just kept going, until, eventually, the old mans stamina wore out. Sal had the upper hand now, he grabbed Capello, and lifted him up into the air. That's when Capello got a look into Sal's eyes. He would expect sadness in those eyes, he would expect them to look just about ready to burst with tears. But no, there was no sadness, only anger. Fury. Salvatores eyes burned with fury as he through the old man all the way across the room. Capello hit his desk hard, and then rolled over it. But it wasn't long before Capello got back up, with a gun in hand, which he received from inside his desk.

"Now...its over!" He yelled as he shot. The bullet passes right through Sal's abdomen, and he falls. Capello smiles as he walks towards the fallen enemy.

"Heh heh heh, and now its over." Capello laughed. His left eye was damaged, and he had thought that might hinder his aim. Luckily for him it, apparently didn't. He limped over to the fallen enemy, his eye bleeding, his ankle sprained, is nose probably broken, but even with all these things, he couldn't help but feel happy. He had won. He kneeled down to check Sal's pulse, smiling all the way. But his eyes went wide as something completely unexpected happened. Salvatore had a pulse, he was alive, and still kicking. Salvatore instantly opened his eyes, the fire, rage, and hate still in them, and grabbed Capello by the neck. Capello sat there, scared out of his mind. He looked deep into Salvatores eyes, those terrible eyes, and all he could think about was fear. He tried to tighten his grip on the gun, but grabbed nothing but air. Soon, he felt the gun again, but it wasn't in his hands. It was to his head. Salvatore had grabbed the gun, and put it to Capello's head. Then, without any hesitation, without any last words, Sal pulled the trigger. The bullet broke through Capello's skull, went straight through his brain, out the other side, and kept going, all the way through the wall. Goo from the small hole in Capello's head poured out, as did bone fragments. Shooting someone in the head from point blank range sure was a messy sight. But nonetheless, Salvatore didn't let go. He just held Capello tighter. He had thought this would be it, he thought killing Capello would bring him piece. But it didn't, it did the opposite. Sal was even more angry now, he gridded his teeth, and with a guttural roar, he threw Capello across the room. He couldn't get the image out of his head, the images of Terry and his mother. This man had killed them, but now he himself was dead. Why wasn't Sal happy!? What else was there to do!? He didn't know what to do next, he had accomplished his goal, what was left to do? He just sat there, for a long time, thinking. Then, he eventually got up, and left the room.


The Big Boss

     Commander: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack


That was 13 years ago. Since then, Salvatore had taken over Capello's gang, and expanded it. He made it bigger then Capello could ever dream. The gunshot he received from Capello missed his organs, but it still left a scar. A premeanent reminder of his past. Salvatore sat at his desk, looking out the window, once again thinking. Then, there was a beep, someone was calling. Salvatore picked up the phone, and answered with a "Hello".

"Boss! Boss! We got some bad news!" Came the voice of Salvatores caporegime, Donny.

"What is it?" Salvatore asked.

"The job! Y-you know, the job, there was some trouble, we were ambushed! Some guys came in and shot the place up, they took the money and the drugs!" Donny said.

"Relax, I have this covered. Do you have any idea where they went?" Salvatore asked.

"Me and Mario tailed em to the old warehouse off 32 Street. Were outside now, there still in there, but we need some backup!" Donny said.

"Relax! I'll have the boys over to you in 5 minutes." With that, Salvatore hung up the phone. He then pressed a button on the intercom.

"Luigi, you and your boys get over to 32 Street now, Donny's waiting for you there. He'll fill you in."

"Got it boss." Replied a voice. And, with that simple call, a dozen armed goons were on there way to the warehouse.


The armory

     Piercing Weapon: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack


But first, they needed guns. Luigi led his boys through a few rooms in the very very big building, and they eventually came across a locked door. Luigi entered a number in the keypad, making sure no one saw what it was, and then the door opened. Inside, was a stash of weapons so large that it would make the pentagon blush. There was everything ranging from handguns to large machine guns, and even a few rocket launchers were visible. Luigi sorted through everything, and pulled out a Remington 11-87 12 gauge shotgun. Then he produced a Glock 17. He handed both of those to one of the goons. The next in like received an AK 47, then the next guy got a SMG. Next up was an Uzi and some grenades. The next guy got a Marlin Model 336 sniper rifle, this kept going until everyone had at least weapon. And even with all these guns taken, there were still enough left to start a small war. This was the life of Salvatore Zambini. The biggest criminal in the entire state, and one of the biggest in the country. He had potential to be something else, he could have helped the world. But instead, he chose a different path. Just goes to show, not everyone can be the hero.