Herodotus Niketas


Gender: Male

Kit: Divine

Location: Greece


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: superior (rank 2)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: superior (rank 2)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 7

Personal Losses: 12

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Blocked


500 B.C. The Trojan War. Warriors had been training for years, bleeding, sweating, surviving. Men were pitted against each other showing who's skill in combat surpassed the other, each man striving to attain the title of general. Day by day, the strongest of warriors had been taken away for training of a higher caliber. This force of men was lead by the warrior Achilles, who's skill in combat was unmatched. Training was more intense bringing the weak to their knee's and left behind to die. Achilles had zero remorse nor sympathy for the weak, he demanded men to be of the greatest skill, strength, and discipline. Fifty men remained, an insignificant amount of men to even be recognized as an army. Achilles had this to say, "The size of our army matters not, but the heart and souls of each individual fighting alongside the other with a flaming passion, to attain Victory." These words hit one man in particular, striking his heart with such pride that he had completed his training and been accepted into the ranks of the most honorable army of Achilles, he had felt no such honor before in his life. Herodotus Niketas was ready, to fight alongside his fellow comrade, in the Achilles Campaign.

This was all too real for Herodotus, the boat was not even 40 yards from shore. Not one soldier made even the most insignificant of sounds, each knowing when they step onto land, the battle had officially begun. Thirty of the best men that Greece had ever known were to raid the outlying cities of Troy, cutting off communication to Allies. As they neared the small city of Lyrnassus, their army made no hesitation and charged whom they had already discovered was the enemy. The Fifty men did not waver as they knew their training had prepared them for what was to come. Each of the fifty men had slain their way through three or more men, each aiding the man next to them. Herodotus felt the excitement of the battle, each movement he made was flawless as he ducked and weaved his way through the attacks of each man, slaying them with precise and accurate cuts. The fifty men were split into squads of ten men to search and eliminate the king called Mynes. Herodotus followed his companions into a large building, it was dark and quiet, it was as if the walls if the structure were watching and listening to each movement of the men. "Halt!" A commanding voice echoed through the massive hallway, each warrior startled lowered their shield, a flickering was seen in the dark as it had approached the squad. "So you've come for my city. You've come into my home in search of me?" It was no doubt Mynes, the man we had been searching for. Alongside him were atleast forty men, his personal escort. The men said nothing but knew that what they must do is fight knowing very well that their deaths would not be in vain. Herodotus had watched his allies fall to the spears of the enemy letting his blood lust carry him forward. Spears and arrows tore at his flesh, more of his own blood staining his skin than the enemies. He knew what he must do, slay Mynes. He pressed on as more and more injuries are inflicted upon, he slices through four men. His vision begins to darken and his body grows weak, the passion never ceasing to leave his heart. Using his last ounce of strength he jumps over the men blocking his path to Mynes bring his blade down upon the shoulder of Mynes, dropping his lifeless body to the ground. The spears of the enemy find their way to piercing through his back. Herodotus knowing that him and his allies had accomplished their mission, he falls to his death, as life faded to black, with a smile of accomplishment.

"Herodotus..." he opened his eyes and saw nothing but bright light, blurring his vision. He blinked madly trying to regain his sight. "Herodotus..." There it was again, now he could make out three figures standing in front of him. He hesitated for a second thinking back to what just happened, he was killed was he not? "Herodotus it is I, Athena." Could this be? Was he truly in the presence of gods? His mind was running a million miles an hour trying to answer this puzzle. He did not understand why the gods would speak to him, he immediately took a knee in front of the wise and powerful beings. Athena approached Herodotus and pulled him out of the kneeling position, "I know that you are wondering why we are here, speaking to you. We have come bearing a message to you." She paced back and forth, obviously weary from restless nights. She was wearing her battle armor which means that something had been going wrong in the afterlife. "Hades has sent an army from the underworld in an attempt to overrun Zeus and become the King of Gods. We have seen what you can do, your ferocity and determination in battle are unmatched for a mortal being." Herodotus felt a massive wave of satisfaction and pride from this statement. He sat down with the gods Athena, Hermes, and Hephaestus and listened to the briefing of the mission. They had brought him here to command a portion of Zeus' army. "Hephaestus has forged some arms for you Herodotus." She handed him a gigantic sword, it appeared that he needed to grasp it with both hands but when he clutched the handle of the blade, it felt virtually weightless. "This sword, Justice, is forged from the lightest and most durable of metals, and has been enchanted in the fires from the core of the Earth." Herodotus thrust the sword and practiced shortly with the blade until he swung the massive blade sending a blast of fire from the blade. He now knew what the enchantment had granted his blade. "Before you go, we have one last gift forged again by Hephaestus. It is a shield, Salvation, with this you will protect yourself as well as the men fighting by your side." With that he grabbed his new arms and walked over to Hermes. He was to be escorted to the battlefield by him, and they were off. Herodotus still fights to this day and is said to have been witnessed within battles upon Earth from time to time.


Before the events in the afterlife....

"You're worthless!" The Captain struck Herodotus to the ground. It was mid-day and the army was being trained, tested in secret. Herodotus had committed his life to wars and training in the military. He had been practicing swordsmanship since he was strong enough to lift the blade. "Come at me, with the intent to kill." He charged his captain startling him and slightly taking him off guard. The captain ducks the strike landing a blow to the kidney of Herodotus dropping him again to the ground. The captain spits on his body as his fellow warriors watch the training battle. His pride was too great to give up and he attacked the captain over and over never ceasing to give up his intentions. "That is it boy. I've had enough of kicking your ass for one day." Herodotus cleaned and bandaged his wounds, to shortly after continue his training. Blistering hands meant he was working hard, the sore muscles meant that he was becoming stronger, and the pounding heart meant that he was doing what it took to succeed. Most importantly, after twelve days of training it was time for the sparring match, and his body and skills had been honed to new great lengths. "You again? You're that stubborn fighter aren't you." The man was cocky, big and skilled in the art of combat, but again, cocky. "C'mon, I don't have the time to watch you stand there all day." Herodotus smirked and charged the man, the Captain could see the fire in his eyes and knew this would be a battle. Their swords clashed and the captain having obviously the more strength pushed him back and swung his sword. Herodotus in a serene fashion dodged the blade effortlessly countering the man by smashing the butt of his blade into the captains gut, the impact from this knocked the wind out of the man and this ending the sparring match. Herodotus put his blade away and walked out of the ring with not even a sound coming from his mouth. He heard the mean speaking his name has he left the crowd, and knew that he had the respect of his peers..


Justice: The Burning Blade

     Slashing Weapon: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Long Ranged Attack


Herodotus took his blade Justice in hand, feeling the grooves of the swords hilt. He has grown accustomed to the blades light weight metal swinging it almost effortlessly, yet causing the same amount of destruction upon his enemy. The battle in the afterlife was the most ruthless of wars he's witnessed. It was his night off to finally relax from the slaughter and death of the war. Herodotus got in the bath, thinking to himself when the last time he had been able to relax this way. The night was still and Herodotus could relax. What was that sound he thought, it sounded of a woman wailing for help. He wavered this thought from his mind, that is until he heard it once more, this couldn't be all mental. He dressed in his clothes, leaving his armor, taking only his blade. As he exited the halls he saw the army from Hades ravaging his outpost in the afterlife. He ordered his mean into action as he ran beside his fellow warriors, a fight was something that he could not miss, armor or not. Midway through battle as Herodotus is removing his sword from the chest of an enemy a messenger grabs him. "Herodotus! Come!" Unknowing of why this man has come to him he follows reluctantly. Opening the doors to the royal quarters he rushes in to see one of the Underworld generals, a woman in hand. "I've come for your woman General!" Herodotus lets out a battlecry and charges at the man, he is stopped shortly before reaching the enemy has he is hit in the back by three arrows dropping him to his knees. The enemy general laughs at the pitiful attempt at a battle charge. Herodotus turns to the archers swinging his blade knowing full well that they are 30 paces away, but the men combusted into flames, the sound and smell of searing flesh fills the air. The enemy general stares in horror at his mean burning to death and flees the scene. Herodotus follows jumping out of the window he sees the man fleeing and smirks swinging his blade in the same fashion, in the distance more than 100 paces away, the sight of a bright flame is scene, and a body dropping as well.


Salvation: Shield of Protection

     Armor: standard (rank 1)


Herodotus was prepared for battle. Sword and more importantly shield in hand. His fellow warriors by his side. They stood in line staring at the approaching enemy some distance away. Each man feeling of anxiety, a pre-battle experience that one will never cease to have. It seemed as if the enemy's numbers far out numbered the size of his own. This had him thinking back to what his past general Achilles had once said to his squad. The sides charged into battle, Herodotus had his hands full with some enemies already when he was struck from behind by something obviously blunt and heavy knocking him to the ground. He turned around finding that his enemy was a giant ogre. He picked up his arms and ran the other direction, putting some distance between him and the ogre. It clearly had its sights set on the demise of Herodotus. He stopped running and faced the creature, he jumped in the air blade in hand, the ogre reached out and grabbed Herodotus into his palms. The warrior plunged the sword deep into the right eye of the best as it threw him away, trapping his blade within the beasts skull. The ogre was enraged and grabbed a two handed axe in one hand swung at Herodotus on the ground, it looked like the end. Herodotus opened his eyes, saw that the axe had been blocked, but by what? A light was flickering around his body as well as nearby allies. They were completely invulnerable! The slaughtered the ogre and many more enemies, the retreated and Herodotus retrieved his sword from the beasts skull. He turned raising his shield into the air as the men cheered for the victory, and Salvation.


Achilles Training: Live By the Blade

     Weapon Master: superior (rank 2)


Before the Trojan War...

Each day was made more tiring and grueling than the last. Wake up at Sunrise, Sword training shortly after for two hours, strength building for three hours, sparring for two hours, eat lunch quickly, more sword training, more strength building, dinner, sleep with your sword, repeat. Training brought out the weakness in people, those unfit for the endless training were broken down quickly. Very few men had the mental capacity for the training under Achilles. He wanted the best, and nothing less than perfection. Herodotus struggled for many days, Achilles watched waiting for the warrior to break. Everyday he was there in the morning for sword training, doing extra repetitions in the strength building, sparring the strongest win or lose, it did not matter as long as he knew improvements were being made. Herodotus sweat and bled on the training ground more than any of his comrades. Achilles came to Herodotus at night in the mess hall when the men were feasting on dinner. "Come with me lad." He took Herodotus by the should and he knew not to say a word but go with his leader. This was the first time he had spoke to Achilles, or even been in his proximity. He could feel the power emitting from his body and felt pride that he would have a private session with him. They stopped at the training ground he was confused. "Pick up that blade, and show me what you have." Herodotus did as he was told and attacked Achilles, he was dropped in seconds. Herodotus got off the ground and came at Achilles from a different angle, repeating the same results. This happened three more times before Achilles stripped the blade from his hand stabbing the ground near the head of Herodotus but missing with skill. Herodotus felt much dishonor, not even able to strike his leader. "You have great skill with the blade." He had his back turned to him, Herodotus was confused, he had not even come close to hitting him. "You have passion, you never quit, and fear not even death. A warrior of your stature presiding within my army fills me with great pride." Herodotus felt an unbelievable amount of pride. Coming from such a fierce warrior meant the world to him. "You have an extra two hours of sword training." Herodotus nodded and began his repetitions, he was sore, felt great amounts of pain, and was exhausted beyond his own capabilities, but he did as he was told. Before Achilles left he turned back and said one thing. "Live by the Blade, and your skills will be unmatched." He left Herodotus, they never spoke again.