Ophelia Bleedout


Gender: Female

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Beijing, China


Alignment: Villain

Team: Hell's Gate


Strength: superior (rank 2)

Agility: weak (rank 0)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: weak (rank 0)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 13

Personal Losses: 26

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Ophelia dew on the walls in her cage with a piece of old charcoal she found lying around.

"This way, you will always know that I love you Lemi." She drew a big heart with herself and Lemi on either side of it. "But I fear my time has almost come. I will be brought to the altar by the elder of my village."

As she turned around she saw she was right. The woman grabbed her arm and pulled her close to the cage door.

"Today is your last sacrificial offering. After today you will be burned just like your stupid sister Lemi." Ophelia looked up at the elder with a smile.

"Today might be my last day of life, but Lemi was never stupid. She was a kind and gentle person, someone to look up to. Yet you burned her, and I am satisfied that you will burn too for your crimes when your time comes." She said with a pure smile on her face, while the elder looked at her in disgust.

"HOW DARE YOU! You have the gal to tell me that I am at fault here?! Well, when we are done with you....you will ish we had killed you sooner my dear."

She left the tomb to go prepare the altar for that night. It would be the last time Ophelia would get to experience life and she smiled at her fortunate life how she was able to live with her sister till now.

A few hours later a small boy ventured into the tomb, seeing the girl lying on the ground.

"Are you okay?" The boy said with concern in his voice.

Ophelia looked up with a smile. "Yes I am okay. But that's okay you do---"

She felt a sharp growing pain in her heart. As if a giant wave of electricity had just shot through it. This was due to the demon of reincarnation and bloodshed entering her heart while she was vulnerable. The demon thought, "This girl would make a wonderful means of serving Queen Ezuma Revtami, Goddess of Chaos and Misfortune." As the demon altered her personality her outer appearance changed slightly too. Her hair turned from a midnight black, to a brownish orange. Her eyes began to glow bright red orange and she looked at the with delight.

"Would you please be a good little boy and open this door for me please?"

The little boy did as she asked, not knowing that the Ophelia that sat in front of him right now, was no longer the sweet innocent girl that the villagers had imprisoned.

"That's a good boy. Now come closer so I can give you a treat heh heh heh." She laughed slightly as he walked in closer to her.

As soon as he was within reach she grabbed his leg and ripped it from his body.

As he screamed in pain the elder came back in, horrified by what he was seeing.

"Wh-what have you done Ophelia?!" She screamed at her. "YOU KILLED MY GRANDSON!!"

The elder shook with anger and screamed in anguish as she rushed forward to run Ophelia through with her ceremonial sword. Ophelia didn't bother to move as she continued to eat the boy's innards with a delightful smile on her face. As she was impaled by the sword, she coughed up blood and died. The village elder, seeing her bleeding out just stared at her before looking down at the mangled mess that was once her grandson and remembered what Ophelia had said to her earlier that day.

'....and I am satisfied that you will burn too for your crimes when your time comes.'

The elder shook with fear as she turned back towards Ophelia who's eye were wide open, smiling at her with a toothy grin. Ophelia opened her mouth to reveal multiple razor sharp teeth ad the elder managed to let out a small scream before Ophelia bit into the top of her head, ripping the very top of her skull off creating a blood bath of wonderful red color. Ophelia broke the sword and slid off of it as she knelt down to lick the elder's blood.

"So sweet, so sweet! Ahahaha. So red, her red stuff is pouring out of her like a fountain hahahaha!" She laughed and the village guards that came to find her became pale with fear at the orange eyes staring at them from the dark as she licked the blood.

She walked out of the tomb, her feet leaving bloody footprints as she walked towards the guards, laughing maniacally.

"This is so much fun!" She yelled.

The guards rushed her, forgetting their fear, and Ophelia ripped their heads from their bodies as she grabbed them and pulled their heads in the opposite direction.

"Hehehe their red stuff tastes better then that old ladies." She said as she licked the blood from her fingers before chomping down on one of their heads, the sound of awful crunching of bone and tearing of tendons and muscles could be heard.

She swallowed her meal and walked out of the tomb towards the cliff edge of the village.

"This life, was given to me, to correct the mistakes that you humans have made. Lemi, I hope I can create a world that you and I could have lived in happily together."

Her eyes glowed and a large mansion produced by her psyche began to form in front of her.

"This will be our new home, Lemi. Together, forever." She stepped into the house as it vanished from sight.

That night as the ceremony took place to honor the dead who perished that day, Ophelia emerged from her house with a group of demonic spirits at her command ad she began to enjoy her time killing and eating everyone she got her hands on. She walked up to the alter where she was to be given the last offering and then burned. She sat on top of it rubbing the stone structure tenderly.

"It's been a long time since I was imprisoned. And yet here I am, free from their chains." She smiled as she punched the alter, causing it to crumbled into a mess of broken stone.

With her demons she returned to her house and she left the village behind, satisfied at how fun killing her oppressors was and smiled as she formally changed her last name, to Bleedout. As the house vanished from sight, the screams of the remaining surviving villagers that she had taken inside her house of horrors could be heard all throughout the night. She would start a journey that would span five thousand years, searching for others who could keep her company inside her lonely house.


Ophelia ran into a nearby house and smiled her devilish toothy smile.

"Anyone want to play with me? I am bored....oh and hungry too heh heh."

She smirked as she walked towards the terrified people huddled together in the living room, her orange eyes staring at them.

"Should I start with the child, or maybe the mother? Or maybe I should start with the family pet."

She smiled and took the cat into her hands and tore the poor creature in half at the middle. As it twitched in pain and died the older sister rushed at Ophelia and knocked her over.

"Hey!!! You made me drop my lunch!" Ophelia got angry and puffed out her cheeks. "You know it's not nice to interrupt someone when they are eating you know."

She bared her teeth at the girl who pushed her over and before the girl knew it Ophelia had punched a hole through her stomach with her fist, pulling out her intestines and nibbling on them.

"You seem much tastier though so I will have you for lunch." She said as she hummed a tune, the sounds of meat being chewed filled the house as she hummed as the girl moaned in pain and began to cry.

"I.....don't want.....to die." She said as her family looked on in horror unable to help her.

Ophelia looked at her and just laughed as she continued eating.


The Pit Of Hellfire

     Illusion Control: superior (rank 2)


"In my house I have lots of things. Such as demons, ghouls,........dead human corpses." She giggles. "But not so much fun if you no one to share it with. Thus I go and search for people to invite into my house, though they don't really enjoy their visit, I should really clean up when I have guests. Oh well, stop by my house if you want to get lost in a maze of pure evil and have some fun with me. You will enjoy your stay I guarantee it." She said with a wide smile and eyes glowing bright as thousands of glowing eyes stare at you from behind her.

She laughed as the door to her house closed slowly and the chilling sounds of people screaming could be heard all through out the house.

-Ophelia's Slaughter House, Where darkness reigns over light.


Ophelia's Machete

     Slashing Weapon: standard (rank 1)


Ophelia just kept hacking away at her victim, his screaming filling the air as he felt his limbs get chopped off one by one. Her machete became covered in blood and bits of meat as she continued to hack away at him.

"It's so red, so red." She licked her fingers and moaned at the taste. "It's sweet too, sooo sweet."

She became caught up in her excitement as she laughed.

"Hahahaha Hahahaahaha Haahahahaaaha..........I'LL KILL YOU!" She said as she buried the machete deep into his skull, killing him before helping herself to a snack of his entrails.


Body Reconstruction

     Regeneration: superior (rank 2)


"My body is so amazing, It can regrow itself as many times as I want it to. But I do have my limits. I can't keep regenerating forever, it takes a toll on my stamina. After all just because my body reconstructs itself doesn't mean I can't feel the pain of being killed. It hurts, quite a lot I might add. Hold on a second, I seem to have a hole in my head." She regrows the section of her head that had a hole in it.

"See, I can even regrow vital organs if I have to. It's no big deal, just don't make a habit of making me to show you too many times." She said to the poor policewoman who's bullets didn't seem to be killing her, even though she was shooting her vital areas.

-Body Reconstruction, the power to cheat death.


The Greater Demon Ophelia Bleedout

     Necromancer: superior (rank 2)


"Question, what does a demon look like? The answer is simple, you are looking at one. I am not just any demon though, I am a Demon Lord. We pride ourselves for being in charge of the lesser demons down below. Take Uura here for instance." She summoned Uura to her side where she pet him on the head.

"This is an example of a lesser demon, he has no mind of his own sadly. But he is great for having fun with. If you come visit my house you will get to meet him, I control many types of demons. Most of which are spiritual though. That is okay, they still fulfill their duties and I am proud to call them my children heh heh heh. The demons I have range from ghostly ones, physical demons such as Uura here, and possessive demons that take you over and toy with your minds before I find you and slaughter you myself muahaha." She chuckled slightly.

"Please play with my demons, they are quite lonely for attention from you, I promise they won't kill you......much." She laughed evilly as she sent Uura after three people inside the house running in fear of her harbingers of pure evil.