Reina In'Sane


Gender: Female

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Hong Kong, China


Alignment: Villain

Team: Hell's Gate


Strength: weak (rank 0)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 6

Personal Losses: 15

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Reina sat in the cage for another day. Constantly remembering what the villagers in her town did to her friend Aurva. Burning her at the stake for coming into contact with Reina, the demon witch of their village. Today would be the day that she would be executed after they finished the ceremony. The first year caused her to become bitter and cold as apposed to how she used to be happy. This year would be different.

"I won't allow them to do this to me anymore...." She began to cry. "Aurva.....why couldn't I protect you.....why....."

She began to sob more until she couldn't hold it anymore and let it all out in a howling cry of pain and suffering. Not but an hour later, the village elder came in and spat in her face.

"You worthless thrash, you should have been killed years ago. But we still had our uses for you." He smirked at her as she just sat crying. We came here with one last offering for you my dear." He said sarcastically as he chuckled under his breathe.

Reina, fearing the procedure and her death afterwords, backed to the very back of the cage. The elder grabbed her hair and pulled her through the cage and onto the altar.

"You won't escape you hear me? You deserve this sin you monster!"

He slapper her and hit her with his cane, she cried more and just took the beating. Hours passed as she lay chained to the altar as the elder went to prepare for the ceremony. The sadness deep inside her heart rippled, causing a surge of dark evil energy to make itself present in her heart. This evil presence didn't seem to possess a name but had the same goal as the rest. To serve Ezuma Revtami, Goddess of Chaos and Misfortune. It altered her mind and made her half sad and half insane. Another hour passed and the ceremony was starting.

"Are you afraid my dear?" The elder said as she held her chin so she would look him in the eyes.

"I am sad that you are doing put me through so much torture is just cruel." She said crying before he put a gag in her mouth to stop the screaming that would come from her being water boarded.

"Now lets see how much you can take before you pass out, maybe more then last year?" He said as he put a towel over her face and poured the water over here.

She cried and screamed in anguish as the elder went on doing this for several minutes before stopping. He then took his cane and raised it above her and said a prayer.

"Now take this evil into yourself and wallow in filth you blasphemer!" He slammed his cane down on her mid-section, causing her to cough and have the air forced out of her.

The blow would also cause a dark cloud to arise form her chest and engulf the sky. Reina lay silent, lifeless on the altar for a few more moments before her body began to twitch violently as the music from a music box could be heard playing from inside her head.

"What......makes you are better then me?" She said as she twitched and finally sat up.

The elder was surprised that she could use such a tongue against him.

"YOU! How dare you talk to me that way! I am an elder, a man of the gods! You will serve your purpose as our sin bearer and like it!" He yelled at her as it began to rain.

A single drop landed on the elder's head and a few moments later his body split down the middle from head to toe. Blood flew everywhere as Reina began to cry, turning herself to water and escaping the chains she was bound to on the altar. Her tears caused the rain to fall harder and made the rain drops sharper. Her mind had been consumed with thoughts of revenge against her oppressors and the ones who killed her poor friend Aurva Uliota.

As the night went on, Reina materialized a crescent moon shaped cleaver which she named Aurva. The cleaver cried along with her, as water leaked from its blade.

"Aurva.........I'm sorry that humans are so ignorant and oblivious to others feelings. But, I promise you......I will make them understand how it feels to be ridiculed and treated like insects. I shall kill them all for you Aurva." She hugged the cleaver as more people screamed out in pain as they were impaled repeatedly by the falling rain.

Before the night was over, the entire village had been torn to shreds and it's people minced to meat and mush. As the girl who was once Reina, vanished from existence, the girl known as Reina In'Sane would rise to take her place. Though her memories and thoughts were still in once piece, her view on humanity had taken a turn for the worse.

"Humanity is beyond saving. It will be purged by dark punishment. Thus I shall take on that task." She said as she began to sing the song that Aurva and her used to sing to each other.

She walked off into the night searching for other beings that would aid her in her quest for humanity's destruction as the rain of death followed closely behind her, killing anything that got in its path and would continue to do so for the next five thousand years.


"NOOOO STAY BACK, MO....MONSTER!" A man screamed as Reina slashed him in half with a surge of water.

"My tears are my calling, may they be your death. I have spared you from a worse existence, be grateful." She said as she walked off leaving the man's bleeding corpse lying on the ground as she cried and sang the music box in her head playing the song that her and Aurva used to sing together.

"My life is but a little drop of water, in the river that constantly torments me. Yet I persevere and......" She cried some more as she walked off into the night as a group of storm clouds followed close behind her.


Body Of Water

     Transformation: superior (rank 2)


In modern day Hong Kong, China, Reina found herself being cornered by thugs with guns. Her eyes poured out tears of sorrow but her facial expression said she was emotionless.

"You picked the wrong town to come to little lady I am afraid that you will have to leave." One of the thugs said as she pointed at her with his gun.

"I go where I want to go, I don't need an insect to tell me what I can and can't do." She said with an upset remark, still the tears poured from her eyes.

"Well, I guess we will just have to teach you a lesson then won't we boys?" The thug leader chuckled with a response.

"Yeah lets kill her." Another said.

They pointed their guns at her and fired. Their bullets pass right through her however as her body turned to water and had no affect. The thugs gasped and looked at her with wide eyes of disbelief.

"You, can't kill me with such primitive weapons. Why would you even try to kill me......I never did anything to are bad people." She said covering her eyes with her hands and crying more as she fell to her knees.


The Tears Of The Damned

     Weather Control: superior (rank 2)

  • Area Affect
  • Super Area of Effect


As Reina lay there crying the men shot at her again, and again the bullets went right through her liquid body and had no affect. They all got angry at the poor girl crying at their feet.

"You.....tried to kill me are really bad people after all............" She kept crying and then stopped lifting her hands from her eyes as her eyes grew wider and stared up at them. "I think you need to be punished." She said as a rain cloud formed above them, as she kept on staring at them with a creepy stare.

"What you are going drizzle on us? Come on give us a break. We will just douse you with oil and light you aflame if we can't kill you with bullets." The thug leader said as he was soon silenced by a rain drop hitting his hand, severing his hand from her body.

"AAA AAAGHHHHHHH! MY HAND! MY BLOODY HAND IS GONE!" He screamed in pain as he fell to the ground as more rain drops fell, hitting his colleagues in various places and either killing them instantly or fatality wounding them.

Their screams were silenced by the rain and when it was over, Reina lay on the ground splattered in blood before washing it off of her with her own rain.

"Your sadness is my ecstasy, your death is my desert." She said to the dead chunks of meat that lay under her and around her as she got up to walk away.


The Music Box

     Emotion Control: standard (rank 1)

  • Multi-Attack


Reina played the music box in her head to listen to Aurva's song one more time as she sat in a town surrounded by people. She listened to it play as her eyes glowed a light blue, causing the sad song to enter the minds of the people around her making them weep and cry in sadness.

"Aurva so many people like your song. I love it too." She cried more and buried her face in her dress as the song also affected her but not as badly as the other people.

"Why am I crying, why can't I stop crying!" A man yelled as so many others began to claw their eyes out trying to get the tears to stop flowing.

Reina sat up and walked away as eyeless people lay on the ground around her bleeding out their eye-sockets.


Aurva's Soul

     Slashing Weapon: standard (rank 1)


"Aurva, I miss you so much.....I wish you were still here with me." She said as her cleaver cried with her before a woman walked by her, creeped out by the sight of a girl hugging a sword.

"It's okay Aurva, she didn't understand our love, lets make her understand together okay?" She got up and walked after the woman.

She transformed her body to water and chased her on the ground till she got in front of her, where she re-solidified herself and slashed her weapon at the woman's head.

The woman barely let out a scream before her head fell from her body as Reina stood over her body crying with her cleaver in hand.

"Now she can understand our pain Aurva, she is where you are now I am sure." She walked off under the rain and out of town.